Angels Disguised As Human Beings

Do you believe in Angels? Did you know that angels can be disguised as everyday people, a perfect stranger. Would you recognize one, if you met one?? Well I’ve had several encounters with angels. I’ll share a recent one. maybe it will give you hope to believe in love again and that god sends people in your life for a reason, no matter how long they stay.

In order to recognize an angel, you have to believe in them and have a open heart. Regardless of what religion you subscribe to, god talks about angels and they are there, when we need them and god will also use human beings to convey a message to you. This particular angel, god sent to me was online. Once the mission was fulfilled this person simply disappeared. 

I was up one night, listening to music, writing like I usually do and this particular song, reminded me of my childhood. I was a bit overwhelmed by it. But it also reminded me of the love that I never had, and the love that I want one day. This song is playing and as its playing, tears start rolling down my face out of nowhere. I’m thinking I’m just a sensitive cancer, it will pass but it didn’t. The more I tried to stop crying, tears just kept running down my face I said to myself, I should have never played that song, knowing how it makes me feel, why did I do that to myself. 

Even after I turned it off, the lyrics just kept echoing in my head. I go to sleep, wake up the song was still there. I was thinking to myself, why does love elude me? Just when I think something is real or I’m open, the other person drops the bomb on me and they have a whole cemetery in their closet or they just disappear. I’m like ok god, ok angels, whats up? Why do these people keep coming my way? Why can’t I meet someone like the music that I listen to?? Can you just send me a sign or a person to give me hope. It’s clear my prayer was answer. 

I go online to see if I could find other music lovers  and I came across one and we shared the same passion for music. As we started talking about music, the conversation spontaneously turned personal about relationships. Something that I said, in reference to me wanting to be single, loving my freedom and just wanting love on a temporary basis. By me saying that, led this person to ask me, “what has happened to you in your life, to make you want love on a temporary basis?” I really didn’t want to answer,.lol. To be honest, I felt it was to personal. 

I was stubborn about not being vulnerable, but then I figured what the hell. I can answer this, it’s not like this person asked me for a kidney, lol. I just simply said “because men keep trying to trap me and I just don’t think love is in the cards for me. I said I want what I hear in music, but haven’t had any luck in that department” So I just saw it as a sign that I wasn’t meant to have the love that I want and that I was destined to be single. I guess this person knew that what I said, even though it was my truth at the moment, it was pretty much a bunch of bull, lol. 

The more I tried not to get all in my feelings and feel anything, it was this invisible force getting me to open up. The only reason why I was able to change my mind after a few conversations, over the span of a few weeks, was because this person was being open with me as well and just listening and not judging me. By this persons outlook on love, after being hurt, and how positive it was made me say ok. 

I guess I can be a little more open to love again. This person just reassured me with comforting words to let me know, not to harden my heart because of a few bad relationships and told me some nice things about myself, even though this person did not know me. It made me feel like this person knew me in some way. This person told me that god has somebody for everybody and to just be open with wanting love again. 

Its been awhile since I’ve spoken to this person. I reached out but silence no trace. I got a little worried thinking maybe something happened. But then a calmness came over me to let me know. This person is ok and was just sent to me because god heard me and sent an angel my way. This persons mission was to get me to open my heart. God wants us to have love and to hold out for it. 

Maybe one day I’ll hear from this angel again, maybe I won’t but only time will tell.


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