Ladies…. Be Proud Of Your age.

I notice a lot of women don’t like it, especially when a man ask them their age. They’ll tell anybody else but when a man ask. FORGET IT! They are ready to kill him, they get all sassy real quick and say “ You know you are never suppose to ask a woman her age right” ??

Before a guy ask me my age, I can hear the reluctance in his voice. They always start off with “If you don’t mind me asking, but how old are you? It’s clear every woman before me, gave them hell for this question, so they think, every woman is like this. I’m very proud to say my age. I don’t have a problem with being 35. Nor will I have a problem when I get older. I”M GRATEFUL WHEN I WAKE UP EACH DAY! I would really like to know who the person was that started this. (I’m pretty sure it was a woman).

Also society spreads this B.S too. Women think that when they are approaching their late 20’s, 30’s or even 40s that they are OLD and this BULLSHIT NEEDS TO STOP!! I know someone who rushed to have a baby and get married and the girl was only 28 at the time. She was starting to think she was old, who was going to marry her and have a baby, her whole identity was tied to what a man wants and her age. (This is her mothers fault and she realized it). Why do some women let age run the course of their life? Or what they think a man wants from them. I keep hearing about this biological clock.

God controls the clock. If he wants to bless you with a baby, thats his decision. Relax and let nature take it’s course. Women with kids are always telling me to hurry up before I get old, before my eggs dry up and I can’t have them. I’m not trying to have them, lol. But who knows…. who knows what god has planned for me. I may meet someone and fall in love and we may bring a life into this crazy world, but that’s not up to me. God is in control. I’m not letting my age push me into fear to have a baby or get married. There are other things in life to look forward to then having a baby and getting married. That’s not a goal of mine, like some women. People also assume that when they see you with a child, its yours, ask me first. Don’t assume all women have kids.

When I hear some of the reasons why women want to have a baby and get married, not once do I ever hear about love. Its always about their age, and how men don’t want an old woman, what the doctor said and oh I don’t wanna have my kids old, and I wanna be young when I have my kids, so I can run around. Well s**t… if you take care of your body and keep it in optimum shape you will be able to run around, lol. Be good to your body and it will be good to you.

I honestly feel like women should stop fretting over their age. If a man ask you, say it and be proud. Stop looking at him like he got 6 heads and getting turned off by the question. How come you want to know how old a man is, but he can’t ask you??? Suppose a man said, don’t ask me my age? You would probably hire a P.I or do a background check on him and wonder what the hell he’s hiding, lol… You know I’m right, just admit it and laugh lol.

What I do take offense to, is when people say, for a 35 year old, you look good. First of all WTF is that suppose to mean? I heard the same thing when I was 27…Really!!.. What does a 35 year old look like? Or even someone who is 40? Can someone please show me a book and let me know what a 35 year old woman is suppose to look like. Or even in a certain age range. I never hear men, say this, its ALWAYS, ALWAYS women. Some women in their 40s and up can give these young women a run for their money.

Men may not want to age, for whatever reason, but they are more forthcoming with telling a woman how old they are. For the men that are proud of how old they are, I salute you. I love me a older man, all that manliness, maturity, wisdom and sexiness. (Good laaawwwd, Oh back to what I was saying, I had a moment. lol I just love men( Anyway, some men just get sexier with age. Like fine wine! And some young men prefer older women. It’s all about preference and maturity.

Life is a gift from god. Keep fretting over your age. You just may not wake up the next day. We do not know our exit time. There are souls who come into this world and they live for a few minutes, a day, weeks, or even a year or so. Some people go in their sleep. There are so many things in life that need your attention. Not how old you are and how much you weigh. Stop being so superficial. God made us to age, we’re not immortals. This is not some hollywood movie with vampires, lol… GET OVER IT! YOU’RE AGING. BE GRATEFUL YOU WERE BORN. ENJOY LIFE!


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