Really??!! Get your ass in the kitchen, lol.

Is cooking really that difficult??!!! Some people seem to struggle with the most simple dishes…

I saw a woman on youtube struggling to make a salad and she asked if she could microwave it, LMAO.. ..who microwaves a salad. Salads are suppose to be cold. I know quite a few females that don’t cook at all and some men.. Everything is in the microwave. I don’t see how someone cooks rice in the microwave ?!! Or pizza, lol?? Pizza stores don’t deliver microwaved pizzas so why are humans doing it… How you put dough in the microwave???!! I feel like microwave instructions should be banned from labels because some people literally take it to a whole new level.

They want to use it for everything. Microwaves kill food. I can see if you have to use one, for a minute or so like at work but still.They sell those toaster ovens that can heat up your food. That’s just lazy. A guy asked me how do you cook franks, lol. I saw a commercial talking about, you can bake a cake in the microwave. OMG, Really, I thought it was very comical. I bought a toaster oven at this job I was at and my boss reimbursed me…lol… (People putting their smelly food in the microwave.. I usually bring food that requires no heating but thats just me)  Microwaves are making people lazy…  When I see a persons cookware and its all scratched up I’m like ok, you don’t cook do you, lol. A $15 pot set is not going to produce quality food. Cooking is fun and creative, you get to put a lot of love in it.

You can even get romantic while cooking. It can be sexy and fun with some music..(insert sexy grin) You can bond over food. You can’t bond over a microwaved meal or take out…or even a meal at a restaurant… It’s to noisy… I would really like to know why people are not cooking nowadays.. Some may not agree but when I see a woman in the store, buying everything thats microwaved, I have no respect for that. Those poor kids or child, who have to eat that. As a woman with or without kids, you should be able to feed yourself and your child..

When my niece and nephew were young and they came over, I always cooked for them, even when they wanted fast food. I just gave them that look like, “I don’t think so, lol…. give me that look all you want, it’s not happening, lol”  I don’t cave into a child, I’m the adult and a lot of women do…. But once the food was done they enjoyed it. I love how they remembered the food I cooked for them even as teens.. Its all in how you raise your child. I never bought them take out or fast food. I was told by a family member that if I ever had kids, they would suffer, because I wouldn’t let them eat crap or have fun, Really!!! I let them have doritos, thats it, lol.. but not junk disguised as food. I gave them granola bars as a snack at times and maybe some ice cream but thats it, lol.

I’m not spending $10-$15 on fast food when I can buy food with that, and make the same thing even better. Who knows how long that food has been sitting out or where it came from or what’s in it. If one is to busy, prepare your meals in advance. When I see the amount of money people spend on food at a restaurant or fast food joints,. It’s a total waste of money… I’m like really get your ass in the kitchen and stop being lazy.

It takes forever for me to order when I’m out, I need days in advance to prepare, if I know someone is taking me out to eat, lol… I take so long because I don’t eat out… I like my food cooked a certain type of way. A restaurant is not going to use white wine to cook my rice or red wine with my BBQ sauce or agave nectar…. Yummmm, I feel like cooking now :), lol…They are not going to put that much love, attention or detail into my food.. I’m not saying there are no good restaurants, but I don’t know where they are, lol.. Don’t ask for a recommendation…. you’ll hear birds chirping, I’ll look at you like you’re speaking another language, lol…I couldn’t recommend anything, but I can tell you where to buy the food and ingredients at 🙂 Or I just might cook it for you.

It’s the same with juice, I don’t buy juice I make it. If I don’t buy it, I drink water…. I’m not spending my money on pasteurized killed juice… We really need to get back to fresh food and juice and real stoves with gas, not those electric wire ones, those things should be extinct. Why do apartments even have those??? What year is this???  Back in the day our ancestors didn’t use microwaves. We need to get back to the original… I feel the same way about music, wheres the real R&B at ?? All these crappy ass artist…  oh sorry, lol.. I went on a rant….lol…thats another topic, lol…back to what I was saying…..If you love and care for someone, cook for them 🙂


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