What God Has For You

Will be… Let the holy spirit lead you… no this is not about religion. I don’t subscribe to that. So many times, we think that we have to do certain things in our life, by a certain age and time and life doesn’t work that way. In any area of our life. It’s ok to “bloom late” sorta speak…. In life. Things happen right on time, when they are suppose to. You really just have to surrender and have FAITH! Miracles happen all the time. We have an awesome god, that loves us and will give us what we NEED, what we want and who we need to be with in the right time. Enjoy the journey… So many of us focus on the end result… And we miss everything in between.

As humans we can be control freaks…Its ok to set goals but its also ok, not to beat yourself up, if it doesn’t happen on a specific date and time. It doesn’t mean you are a failure or didn’t try hard enough. Be realistic with your goals. Give yourself a certain time frame.. but don’t be so meticulous about it and get ahead of yourself. I know it can be frustrating, we want what we want. Thats the flesh… The spirit know different… The more you try to control the outcome, It will blow up in your face.. Set aside your ego mind.

Relax! Get centered….Breathe….Life is happening exactly as its suppose to, even if we can’t see it. Nothing bad last forever. Make sure you have the right type of energy around you and people who love and support you, even if its just one person. Time knowing someone means nothing. You can meet someone today that can help you change your life and you change theirs as well…. Miracles and angels disguised as humans happens all the time. Just be open, have love, show love, be love and most of all have faith!


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