What Is Happening To The Fan-artist Relationship?

I notice that a lot of women, in particular, have a problem when they hear, that their favorite entertainer or actor is no longer single or has a child or two. They immediately, want to know what their significant other looks like.. My question is.. why do you even care about this artist personal life? This is another human being that deserves to have love in their life and a family if they choose. An artist can not say single, just because you like them and you put them on a pedal stool with your fantasies. Just because you support an artist artistry, doesn’t give you a right to delve into their personal life or affairs. These are human beings just like you and I. They deserve respect and privacy.

Buying an album or a ticket to see their movie doesn’t mean ok, now let me in your life since I spent money on you. You are a fan. Stay in your lane!! A lot of women were upset when they found out, Omari Hardwick was married and that he had a child. The same thing with Michael Ealy. Women were upset, especially when they found out that both actors, were married to women that were not african american. They lost followers. They received all of this hate and racial slurs, on social media and started calling his wife ugly. Are you serious?? Again, my question is, why do you care?? Why you act like you were next in line to be with him? Whats up with all this thirstiness over a man you don’t know and the attack on his wife for? Only women behave like this.

He found love, be happy for him. As if, he wasn’t single, that you had a chance. What kind of fantasy world are you living in? Why does an artist having someone change how you feel about them?? Are you telling me that you can only support an artist if they are single, no kids or wife? The same goes for music artist. Why are their album sales declining because they found love? Why are they no longer attractive to you, after you hear they have someone? Is it because of this fantasy you have, and now there is someone else in the picture. But you were never with them in the first place nor will you ever be. You can still have your fantasy if you choose. You can still support them. Your level of attraction shouldn’t determined whether or not you will support them.

If an artist decides that they want to share a part of their life with you. They should be able to and not feel like. Damn, if my fans know I have a woman, are they going to buy my album or see my movies??? Are they going to attack me, if I date outside my race? If you can post on social media and share how happy in love you are. Why can’t they??? But these women hating, they are single and probably can’t get a man. This is probably why. This is definitely not acting like a classy lady. This just shows how ugly and immature their spirit and character is. Human beings that have public careers and that share their gift with you. Have a right to be happy and in love. I just think that some fans forget that, artist are human beings too!


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