When You Have Peoples Attention

The public eye could be a great platform, if you know what to do with it. So many people want to be famous just because.

When you have the publics attention, what are you going to do with it? When people are watching you and listening to everything you say and taking your word, as if it’s the gospel.

That can be a lot to handle. Even social media is powerful. I recall I responded, to a post recently.. my response was for women to learn to love themselves and be self sufficient and to not think that….anything is wrong with them if they are single. And just pretty much not depending on a man, the minute they leave home. It got over 1000 likes within 1 hour. When I logged on and saw all those “likes”… I couldn’t believe it. It was longer than that, but thats the short version…

I was like wow are you serious??? Because society makes it seem like if you are single, 30 and above, no kids, no man, never married that something is wrong with you… so women take that mind set, they look for any man to propose to them, get the ring, marriage a baby and a house etc. or whatever order they choose. I know people that on the first date this was a discussion. Putting all of their eggs in one basket over some dude they don’t even know. Children can be a blessing but they cost and they need constant attention….

Their whole identity is tied to this…. so many women were responding to the post and emailing me, telling me thats what they did because everybody else was doing it. The pressure from family, friends and society as a whole. This is wrong on so many levels. A lot of these women were still babies themselves…they haven’t even experienced life yet or had their first job. The only reason why I feel so strongly about this is because I’ve been on my own since I was 14. I’ve always worked. Nobody took care of me. I mean NOBODY!!!!!!! I had to work and go to school.

Women that have kids or they are married make single women, feel like aliens living amongst humans….The stares women give me and how they talk down to me because… I haven’t had a child or two.. I’m tired of society making it seem like a 35 year old woman is 100 years old. Who started this rumor??!!! They need to get their ass kicked!!! One lady said she got pregnant because her parents kept asking for a grandchild. So she got pregnant by some guy she barely knew…. Wow is the need or urge that strong that some women will get pregnant on purpose??? That’s deep!

So when I hear women talking about what a man should have, money etc…how they are going to have, this baby and get a ring after a few months of dating…. I have no respect for that at all…. I’m sorry…. So many women kept thanking me, because, they made a bad decision… they felt trapped, some of them were left, they got divorced… cheated on and then they had no way to support themselves. They thought once they got all of the above.

Life would be sweet because this is the fantasy that they were sold. They all confessed to love their children but they would have waited until they were emotionally, financially and spiritually prepared before they had kids. And most of all knew who they were sleeping with and married. Some of these women are finding in their late 30’s 40’s and 50s, things that they would have love to do…. years ago but thought motherhood and marriage was all there was to life and nothing else.

People think I’m against marriage, babies and that whole lifestyle.. I’m not.. its just that if you don’t know who you are,..if you don’t love yourself and why you want to be with someone, or where you are going in life… if you’re not prepared for it and you go into blindly, and to appease your family and friends, you are setting yourself up, for one hell of a ride. All I’m saying is… know who you are, love yourself and know what you want out of life before you complement someone else’s.


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