Ladies Please Let Your Man Breathe

You know… theres nothing wrong with wanting love but when you get it, don’t be clingy. Some people know they are being clingy but then yet they call it love. Your man can’t be with you all the time, especially when he has free time.

This lady on T.V. was complaining her man wanted to hang out with his friends… What marriage manual was she reading that said just because she got married her husband had to stop doing this and that. Especially hanging out with his friends.. A lot of women really think that, when that ring goes on their finger, that automatically they have a puppet.

I’m like damn, find a hobby… he can’t be up under you 24/7. Even in a relationship, you need time to be apart…you need time to miss each other so you can anticipate one another…. Marriage is not about being joined at the hip all the time. A relationship consist of two people, not one. It’s work.

This goes both way… your spouse is not your servant. People need to really think about why they want to get married. Some people literally just want to possess you in every way.. I hear all the time from women all the time, I thought he was going to change and do this and that once we got married. You tolerated it before… A ring is not suppose to change someone into what you want them to be. It sure isn’t a magic genie… So many women have their heads in the clouds, from the stories they were told as a child about marriage or being a princess and these bullshit advice books.


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