I’m Always Being Told I Think Like A Man.

I honestly don’t know what that means, but for the sake of playing the devils advocate, lets say I do think like a man.. I guess its a good trait to have. I think a lot of women can learn a lot from men and how they communicate… I try not to put a sex stamp on things, like this is male or female, but you have to sometimes and not all women think like me.. I was taught to think for myself…. When someone comes to me with anything,..or even things in my personal life… I’m always preparing for a solution to fix it. I love problem solving, I believe all problems have a solution, you just have to use your brain.. Some men operate in fixing problems. You come to a man, he’s not going to get emotional and make it personal, like your girlfriends do, this is why some men do not like staying in the friend zone department. That’s another topic, lol anyway…

Complaining gets you nowhere and lets face it. Women do that more than men, I have met men who need to vent but they need to find a safe person to do it with. Men don’t always want to vent to their friends. Men venting to other men, is shooting pool, playing a video game, drinking or smoking something with very few words in between, lol…(c’mon you know its funny, lol ) I find that most women, when a man comes to them, they make him feel bad and emasculate him, for having real feelings and showing emotions. This is why some men don’t express themselves and it comes out in certain ways, with their behavior like cheating or shutting down. Men are not emotionless creatures. Men are sensitive and have emotional needs…but it takes an intuned woman to recognize that and not see it as a sign of him being weak. Women try to get men to see things their way and they will, just not how you want them to.

The majority of men that cheat, its not always about the physical connection, its about the emotional connection. How the other woman made them feel. Men are taught from when they are little “don’t show emotion, don’t cry, you’ll look like a girl, don’t feel, be a man, man up”. When a man cries, what is the first thing that both sexes say? Stop acting like a woman or a little b***h.. Men shut their emotions down from a very early age, only way its acceptable is when they’re a baby, lol…It takes a real man to show his true emotions. This being out of touch with ones emotions needs to be unlearned. If not it shows up in other areas of ones life. It’s the same when a man can’t provide.

Women make men feel like crap, all those marriage vows go out the window. Some women, will not hold their partner down until things get better. They feel the pressure…I say to myself hmmm, this is the same pressure the man feel to take care of you. Doesn’t feel so good does it???? It’s just handled different. A woman will be ready in a hot minute, to leave a good man over money. (Some women have no idea the pressure they put on men and some don’t care.) Women feel he is less of a man because he can not provide. That man in return will feel a certain type of way, meet someone who doesn’t judge him. Then next thing you know, there is an emotional affair going on. When men feel connected, they want to express that physically.. we all do. but men thats how they express themselves.

How many times do you hear men complaining about how their significant other will not have sex with them?? Or after they got married the sex stopped. Women know this is true. (Men are always ready to have sex, they have an insatiable hunger for it…. they’ll have it everyday if you let them, lol…not women) If a man stops having sex or is not in the mood, its usually because he’s depressed about something, money, bills etc… but women will think its another woman, men are providers by nature and when they can’t provide they feel inadequate. This is why some men will not be with a woman who makes more money than he does…, he thinks its a blow to his male ego and men are all about their ego. You bruise a mans ego, that hurts him to is core , especially the men that love hard and will do anything for their woman or family.

I think if most women look at it from a logical POV instead of a emotional POV, then they would understand men, its not about babying a man or being docile, its about understanding how they think and what they need and how you communicate with them. How many times, do we get emotional and people don’t hear what we said, they hear how we say it??? People have to stop making it about them and the battle of the sexes and get down to the root of the problem.

I know that if I really need to vent, if I’m feeling hormonal, lol… I can vent to a female.. but if I want a solution and I need someone to balance my feminine energy and with some logical sense, then I will go to a man for his masculine energy. I guess its not so bad, thinking like a man, whatever that entails..atleast I’m not taking on the traits of them.. You know those women that morph into men. You have to know when to tap into the masculine energy but still be feminine. In order to do this, you have to know yourself and know that your true feminine self is to be feminine balanced with masculine energy. The two need each other. I can’t be around to much estrogen, lol. I need some testosterone in my life, lol.


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