Should You Hold Back Who You Are When You Start To Date?

I don’t think so…When it comes to dating and getting to know someone, how much should you reveal? I feel like the only way you can feel like you are saying to much, is if you are attracted to that person and you see that person as a potential partner.  So you start putting all your eggs in one basket.

You have men and women that when they go out on a date, they are so focused on thinking that this person is THE ONE. What they are saying is directed towards the person they just met. Instead of just enjoying the date and having fun they are already planning ahead to be at the alter.

I have met men, whether they took me out or not, as soon as I say something that they want in a woman. They are literally ready to proposed to me and its only been a couple of minutes. These men (and even these women) move so fast and they have no qualms about it either. They feel like there are no better options out there and feel they don’t want to waste their time. I’ve heard time and time again, wait to reveal this and that side of you after you get to know him.

But whose time frame is that? Everyone is different. So pretty much this sounds like, don’t show him/her who you really are until after a few months. Don’t be yourself… Then who should you show them then?? A representative?? This approach and this time frame does not work for me at all. With me, what you see is what you get.

If I’m having a casual conversation, I shouldn’t have to feel that I should hold back, about things that I am passionate about or love doing for fear of how it may be received. Why does having a casual conversation about life have to be taken so seriously. It’s just a conversation. A person can want all they want. Doesn’t mean that I’m the right person for them.

Just because I mention something I love to do, like cooking… doesn’t mean that I have to do it for the person that I’m on a date with. Men seem to want a woman who cooks and is very domesticated. I want the same thing, as much a I love to cook, I’m not going to be in the kitchen 365 days of the year cooking for you nor am I a maid. I believe both parties should contribute when it comes to cooking and chores. But these men feel thats what a woman is for.

When someone mentions to me, what they love to do. I’m not looking at that person trying to figure out, how my life could be better since they do this and that. I’m not an opportunist. Just because someone has qualities that you like, doesn’t mean that they will make a great partner. People have things in common all the time, it doesn’t mean that you are compatible.

How many times do we get upset when we find out, the person we were seeing, was not who we thought they were. Then we say, they should have just been themselves and been honest in the beginning but they weren’t. When it comes to dating, it really all depends on your approach and you should focus, on having a great time and becoming friends, if you feel there is a connection.

When it comes to relationships, some people are really just looking to get some type of want and need fulfilled. Some people don’t care if they are compatible with someone else or not. They are just like do this and that for me and give me this and that. Relationships like this are doomed for hell from the start.

When it comes to dating, just be yourself and if your qualities and the other persons qualities match and there is some compatibility and chemistry, it just might work. But there needs to be common goals in mind, there needs to be a plan. Be patient and what you want will come to you.


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