Cancer Female Personality Traits

7418b458cabb0926b051f33a16d90f59Cancer is the most nurturing sign on the zodiac. Cancers are the MOTHER sign of the zodiac. They are homebody’s too, cancers love to cook and shower you with love. When you are around a cancer, they will make you feel at home, sometimes its hard to get people to leave their home because they feel so comfortable around them.

Cancers symbol is the crab. They have a tough outer shell but inside they are sensitive, warm creatures. Ruled by their emotions, cancers tend to be very psychic at times. They have a heightened intuition that guides them with everything they do. It’s really hard to fool a cancer. You might have to plan in advance to trick this sign, because they can literally see right through you.

Their memory goes back to when they were a child, even a past life. Since they have a deep connection to the past, they can recall dates and times. People wonder how they are able to do this. It is a gift. They wonder how come other signs are not the same. Cancers have a heart of gold. They will give you the shirt off their back, food to eat and shelter when you come to them. When you need them, it doesn’t matter what they are doing or what time it is, they will be there for you. Cancers are always feeding people. You will never go hungry around them.

Cancers are givers and nurturers to a fault. They can get easily hurt when they feel taken for granted, since they have a kind heart and give without expecting. This sign is very big on trust and loyalty. When you betray a cancer, forget it. It takes them months even years to recover. They will retreat to their cancer shell and not come out for what seems like an eternity. Cancers are very quiet at times and not argumentative.

You will rarely ever catch them arguing with their mate, family or friends. This a very sensitive sign so watch what you say if you’re about to quarrel with them. Make sure your criticism comes from a loving place. If you catch a cancer arguing and using foul language, chances are it’s something that has built up and really pissed them off. When this happens, get out of the room quick, run for your life, they can have sharp sarcastic tongues and their words will cut you like a razor.

Hurt somebody they like or love, even if they don’t know them and they will rip you a new one. This sign is not to be messed with, one minute they can be very sweet, but if you hurt someone or talk about them, they will protect and defend them with their armor. Cancers hate injustice of any kind. Cancers tend to give advice a lot, people always come to cancers to dump their problems on them. But cancers rarely ever get this in return.

They will avoid, if possible not to get hurt in a relationship. If they feel they are giving more and not receiving, they will slowly back away and out of your life. This sign is a very passionate sign and sometimes their greatest passions brings about drama, as people tend to use what they are passionate about against them. If you are passionate about something, a cancer is also fiercely passionate as well, maybe even more than you are.

When they say they love some one, that is an understatement. This sign loves hard and sometimes it can be too much for other signs. For example, Libra, Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius is not the best match for an emotional cancerian woman. They need someone who is just as equally passionate as they are but don’t fret, whatever you lack they have. Cancers make great life partners, they are not the type to bail on you, even though they should if your hurt them.

When they say they love you, they mean it and are fiercely loyal. They will put their needs on the back burner. They love helping people as they feel it will help them. They get great pleasure from seeing others reach their potential. When they believe in you, they believe in you and will go all out. If you are passionate about something or have idea and goals you want to see come to fruition, get a cancer on your team, their imagination is literally out of this world. With a cancer there is no, “No” or Can’t”, just “not yet”.

If you plan to date a cancer, be consistent with this sign, if you go days and months without talking to them, don’t plan on returning to their life. Keep communication open with them. This sign hates when you take long to return a call or email. This is a sure-fire way to push them away and is a red flag with them when you can’t be consistent. They don’t need to hear from you everyday, they just like to know, you thought of them as much as they thought of you.

Acknowledge their communication, because cancers are very big on communication. Cancers are very emotional and moody, that’s because they feel so deeply. Even love songs make them cry and they cry when they are happy too! This sign loves all things metaphysical. Cancers are very spiritual beings and rely on other unseen forces besides what they can physically see. You will find them delving into astrology, numerology and metaphysical sciences. Religion does not do well with them.

To many rules and cancers hate rules. Cancers don’t follow what everyone else is doing. They are leaders, but most like to lead from behind the scenes. They rarely ever like attention. which is an oxymoron because you have a lot of cancers that are into the arts. They love to express themselves but if they end up in front of the camera, trust me it might be an accident because they do not want to be famous. They love their privacy. Disturb their home and you have a problem.

People have a tendency to call this sign perfect. They are not, they just have loving hearts and treat people, the way they want to be treated. You will know you are around a cancer, by the warmth of their spirit and their soft-spoken voice. Their eyes are usually almond or cat shaped and slanted. Cancers women are very shapely and proportioned. Their hearts are deep as the ocean. Cancers love their home and their family.

When a cancer has children, they can spoil them and make it very difficult for them to leave home, not because the mother doesn’t want them to, it’s because the child will cling to them. Cancers are career driven, this can be a struggle because they are also ambitious and need to find a balance if they plan to work outside their home while they have kids. Most cancers do well with working at home. Home is everything to them.

Their home is their safe haven, they can be borderline hermits and it will be hard to get them to come out, you might have to trick them. They love being home, cooking, reading a good book, listening to music or snuggling with a love one. Home is where the heart is with cancers. They also like to be left alone a times. They are not as clingy as one may think. I’ve actually been told I can be aloof at times. I love love, not to be smothered.

Cancers do not like loud environments or a lot of people. It drains them. Their circle is tight. Most of their friends are childhood friends. if they make new ones, consider yourself lucky. Most cancers are introverts. This is an in-depth sign so make sure you are one too. Especially when it comes to conversation and music. Be direct with them, they hate when you beat around the bush. If they feel you are playing with their emotions, they will call you out on it. Amen!!

When it comes to money, this sign is very frugal, they are not frivolous with money, they will save and only spend when necessary. The things they do spend their money on, have meaning to it. You will find most cancers in creative fields such as a chef, musician, writer, actor, painter, sculptor, interior designer, inventor. Everything they do and say has meaning, they feel everything. Some cancers tend to be empaths, they absorb other people’s energy even when they don’t want to. Cancers are one of the cardinal signs of the zodiac. They take action instead of just talking.

Talk is cheap to this sign. When dating a cancer, please give them space. They love hard but need their independence and can’t feel smothered. Some cancers tend to attract psychos and needy men. As they feel very comfortable around them really quick. They will try to trap a cancer and cling onto them, for life support because of their nurturing ways. Men tend to fall quickly for this moon goddess. Love is best given in healthy doses with this sign. Do not cling to this sign as they are very detached at times.

Cancers are very romantic and sensual, so if you plan on dating one and marrying one, you’d better up your game because this sign, will be romantic everyday if you let them. Cancers are very affectionate. They will always show you that they love you. Spoil them with love, emotional security, thoughtfulness. This is a simple sign, they’d rather you make them a card then buy it. A home cooked meal, means more love than a restaurant meal.

Cancers love to cook, you’ll know you’re in the presence of one when they ask you are you hungry or they’ll just get up and cook for you. This sign loves to be by the water, if you plan a date, take them on a boat ride or to the beach. Water calms them. Sing them a love song or slow dance with them and you just about won their heart. This sign is a passionate music lover and they feel very connected to the artist that they listen to. If you are looking for a life partner, try dating a cancer.

This is what I know to be true of myself. My words verbatim.


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