Keeping The Romance Alive

Sometimes we can get so caught up in life, that we can forget to keep the romance alive when we are in a relationship. We forget to desire one another as much as we use to. I personally think there are ways to keep that spark alive, regardless of whats going on. A simple touch, look or compliment can make you and your partner feel good.

People claim they can’t find time to be romantic with their significant other. Bullshit!!!…. Yes you can! While you’re cooking, you can throw on some soft music and slow dance with each other. Make sure you keep an eye on your food though, lol. You might end up being dessert 🙂

We all love those hugs from behind that are out of nowhere. Women love those kisses on the back, of our neck and shoulders. People really do underestimate the power of warm embrace and touch.

If your man is watching t.v. simply take off your clothes, lol. Trust me whatever he’s watching is not that important, lol. He’ll put it on pause and handle you, lol. You can always shower with each other, do what you did when you first met .

Never forget to date your significant other. Couples think once they have each other, all the romance stops.

Stay sexy for yourself, first of all and let your significant other reap the benefits. Sometimes we think that our partner is suppose to love us no matter what weight. Lets be real, you fell for your S.O because you were attracted to them, physically. I’m not saying starve yourself, but keep it sexy. Everyone’s weight fluctuates but confidence is key.

Everyday all day…..start setting the mood from the moment you wake up…and keep it going throughout the day until you get home, send a sexy text…romance starts in the mind… feel sexy in your mind…..think about what you wanna do before you get home… let the anticipation build up… don’t act prudish when you read this.

I saw this guy on tv, complaining his wife was always in the mood… dude really?? You know how many men complain, that their wife is never in the mood and comes to bed with that rag on her head and fully dressed at that. I personally don’t know how people sleep with clothes on….doesn’t your skin feel suffocated? lol Anyway, how you shower and put your clothes back on?

Some people claim they can’t be naked because of the kids.. well what about when they go to bed??? (so glad I’m single, lol ) sorry I had to revel in that for a moment, lol haaaa haaaa.

Don’t forget to fantasize!

Anyway, always be in the mood when you can.. you can always cuddle if you’re to tired, lol…and just stare at each other…keep giving each other those bedroom eyes… I’m sure something will go down :), lol.

I’m not saying you have to get it in every day, but there are other ways to make love without actually making love…

Let that marinate!

The thing about foreplay is that it can go on for days if you’re creative 🙂 Whether its verbal or silent. It’s all about communication.

There’s nothing like a man who takes pride in being a great lover, and can just look at you, and know what to say and know how to touch your mind, without saying a word.

(One day he’ll appear in my life, lol but for now its in my mind). Until then that’s what music is for 🙂


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