Distinguishing The Human Being From The Artist

When it comes to artist in any field of entertainment, It seems like people have a hard time distinguishing, the artist from the human being. A lot of people fall of in love with the image they see, thinking that they are in love with the actual person when they are not.

There is nothing wrong with showing your favorite artist some love. But some people really take it to the extreme. They tend to forget that, artist are human beings. Instead of loving the art and supporting the artist. They want to be with the artist and they form this fantasy in their mind, about what it would be like to be with that particular artist. This obsession is so unhealthy on so many levels.

I’ve witness and observed first hand, how an unhealthy obsession, towards an artist could be, when I was targeted, by a fan of one of my favorite groups. I felt so bad for this guy because when a person is obsessed with someone and they want to be with that person, there is no telling what that person might do.

I like many people, have my favorite entertainers that I absolutely love and support, because I simply enjoy their art. But I recognize that they are just expressing themselves and they should not be idolized. I have met some artist and they seem like they were more happy to meet me, as if I was the “celebrity” LOL.

I’ve had some weird “celebrity encounters” with artist that furthermore lets me, really realize that they are human beings. Some of these artist tried to use their “status” to get what they wanted but when they were rejected. Then they act like I was the one with the problem.

I guess they were used to the groupies and pretty much women throwing themselves at them and here, they meet me, a regular fan and I make them feel real regular in a minute. LOL.  People in the industry don’t impress me. Yes ,their life is public and thats pretty much about it. But I don’t get involved nor do I care about their private lives.

I don’t know these people personally and neither do fans, but they seem to think they actually do. Unless I get to know a person, I’m not treating you special, when you are a human being just like me. Artist, go through the same thing that other people that are not in the public eye go through.

Being in the spotlight gives the illusion that this artist is larger than life. Even some artist tend to think so too, when they are treated a certain way. We’ve all seen how artist get special treatment just because of who they are and some of them use it to their full advantage.

You have a lot of people that want to be in the industry just because of that recognition. They feel the only way to be important in society is to be famous. They see the entertainers as gods, they associate that with living the good life. When artist that used to be at the top of their game, are no longer at the top. It’s a big let down.

They struggle to get back on top and to be recognized again. Some never make it and their world goes spiraling out of control, they end up doing drugs, getting arrested, some even commit suicide from the pressure. Fans and the media start to treat them like a “has been” They feel “washed up” which is an awful way to be and feel.

People in the industry have a hard time, adjusting to the real world at times, because its like their gift is a blessing and a curse and they never know, who’s real and who wants to be with them for who they really are. Love seems elusive for most artist and forming genuine friendships. Leechers and opportunist come out of nowhere, they can even be related to them.

Fans really need to recognize that artist are human beings. They have to leave this earth one day too! They are not immortal. I love Michael Jacksons music, just like the whole world but when MJ transcended. People act like it was never going to happened. I was shocked and saddened by his passing but the only thing I could do, is thank god that he gave him to us and that he left an amazing body of work behind, for generations to come.

There will only be one Michael Jackson, just like there will only be one, of each and every one of us. We all have something to contribute to this world and being in the public eye is not the only way. When I observe peoples behavior and read comments that they leave about artist on youtube or social media.

The only thing I can do is shake my head and say damn!….because these people, really think they know these artist and they want to know everything about their life, just because they support them. An artist personal life should not be a factor when it comes to album or movie sales.

Artist are human beings and they should be treated as so. Artist need loyal fans who support what they do. Fans will never really know who an artist is on a personal level and how they are. That private part of their life is reserved for someone special who will love them for who they are. That person will be able to distinguish the human being from the artist.


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