I’ve Been Hearing A lot Lately From Men, That Women Are Not cooking…

Or taking care of their household.

Some women might get upset at this. But I’m going to have to agree with the guys on this one and heres why…..

I’ve been noticing this too. Not recently but for years, I know some of these women. Anybody who knows me, knows how I feel about cooking and taking care of your home. I just feel that as a woman and especially if you have kids, you should cook for them.

I don’t believe in take out or microwaveable meals. I wasn’t raised that way. My mom cooked every single day and she cleaned and that was instilled in me. I’m not sure why these women are not cooking or cleaning but seeing how they were raised. It’s their mothers fault.

Their mother don’t cook or clean. So now, they are raising young women, who don’t cook or clean. No Man wants to be around a woman who has a filthy home, unless hes that way too.

I know women, who step out their house looking nice, drive a nice car, very independent, make good money, but their house looks like a bomb hit it. And they act like they don’t see the mess.

I had to stop going over to these peoples house because it was just a mess all the time. I couldn’t even sit down. I was asked to spend the night. Which I said in my mind HELL NO!! LOL

I’ve been invited over to these peoples house on the holidays and there was no food to be cooked. This happened to me, during christmas.

I’m not sure why women are being lazy, whether they are single or not, whether they have kids or not but I clearly do not have respect for peoples who keep a dirty home.

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing dishes in the sink. I can’t stand it! I’ve seen women who keep dishes in the sink for months. Someone I knew never had her significant other over, because she didn’t want to clean. Her previous relationship ended because she was so messy.

Men are not excluded from this, lol. My ex was lazy. Amongst other things, thats why he’s an ex. I had to get on him for not cleaning when he was in my apartment. I got upset when I came home after a long day and there was nothing to eat and he was home all day. #hehadtogo but when he came home their was a meal waiting because I cooked.

But back to the women….

These men that are saying this, are looking for potential life partners.

When men are ready to settle down, whether they can cook or not themselves. They want to know that the mother of their child(ren) Is going to be able to take care and cook for them. It’s a sign of nurturing.

It’s what they look for. I’ve met men that, because of this one trait that I mention, they wanted to marry me and they didn’t even know me., lol. As soon as I said I cook, they were ready to buy me a ring and wife me up within a matter of minutes or days, LOL.

Some men are just old school, they believe that the man should work and provide and they want a woman who can cook and hold down the house why they are working. Theres nothing wrong with that. If you are a stay at home mom, why aren’t you cooking or cleaning??

When I see women not cooking or caring for their homes, it’s just a sign of neglect. They’re being lazy. I worry about their kids. Their children are not being given proper nutrition. When these kids grow up, they will not have, vital life skills that they will need in life. It all starts at home.

I’ve seen on recipe blogs, women asking if a meal is microwaveable or not. Anything to avoid actually cooking. I know a lady, who does not cook at all, if you saw her kitchen and the lack of cookware she has. You would shake your head. She puts everything in the microwave. I mean everything.

I saw this lady struggling with how to make a pie and rice. She act like the stove was just invented, LOL because all she does is reheat stuff and order out. She served me food one time and it all came up. It was bland and nasty and I couldn’t even stomach it.

A microwave meal is not a home cooked meal nor is take out.  I don’t understand how people go through life not cooking or cleaning.

I really don’t like to eat out, peoples idea of cooking for me, is taking me out. I’m always cooking for people when they visit. I’m very hospitable, but I don’t get the same in return.

I get it, life gets busy, but the one thing, that we all do every day is eat. Kids shouldn’t have tot suffer because their mother is lazy and don’t want to cook.

You can create fond memories of cooking with your significant other and your children. Cooking should be approached with love. I have the most fondest memories, of my mom when she was alive of us being in the kitchen. It’s the reason why, I’m in the kitchen pretty much everyday.

Women complain they don’t have time. This is where meal planning comes in. There are a lot of things that are in supermarkets that you can make yourself. You’ll save money too.

Plus with all the new cookware they have out, like a slow cooker. It does all the work for you.

Bottom line, at the end of the day, when a man comes home after a long day, he wants a hot meal. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

If a man is looking for a certain type of woman, that he wants to marry or have as a life partner and raise kids with, this woman is going to have to get her ass in the kitchen, LOL.

Women want a man who has a good paying job, a degree and they want him to be about something, with a whole list of unrealistic standards. Well men want the same thing, especially when it comes to a woman who cooks and cleans.


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