Terms I Prefer Not To Use When It Comes To Relationships

When it comes to relationships and love, there are a few terms that I prefer not to use.

“Fallen In Love” and “Settling Down”.

Words carry energy and some never stop to think, that maybe the reason why they haven’t got what they wanted, when it comes to love and even life, is because of the words they choose to use.

I, for one never like the term “fallen in love”.

Think about it… when people fall in love, they go crazy, their emotions get all twisted, they have a battle between their heart and their mind. People do crazy things just because they fell in love.

I’ve been in love before and I prefer to use the term “Ascend in love”.

Love lifted me higher, it opened up my heart chakra, It healed past wounds. I saw my future, my vision was clear and most of all my heart was open to love the person I was with.

Love is suppose to lift you higher, make you a better person. Complement your life and all other things that are good.

When two people understand love and understand how love works. They do everything in their power to nurture that love.

It’s not to say that problems wont arise, but when they do, they will respect and love each other and know the best way to handle whatever comes up because they will approach the situation with love.

To many people are “falling in love”, changing who they are, doing things they wouldn’t normally do, just because they “fell in love” with someone. Some people are really just infatuated.

Even the term “settling down” people use this term loosely, thinking they’ve come to a point in their life, where they want kids and marriage and they literally settle down. I know plenty of women who just wanted to get married, just to get married and settle down, because they felt, ok, I’m 28, let me get a husband and kids. So the first man that said, marry me, they said yes.

Then after the quick wedding and baby, and only a few days and months into the marriage, they are thinking they’ve made the biggest mistake of their life, all because they literally “Settle down”.

They didn’t take the time to fully get to know the person. They ignore all the red flags just because they wanted a ring so badly.

When it comes to love and relationships, no one should settle. Sometimes we settle and don’t even realize it. We see it as just loving the person for who they are. Accepting the good and the bad.

It gets disguised as compromise but deep down we know that we are not really happy and settling.

When it comes to wanting love, just make sure you use the right words to attract the love, you want in your life and continue to use the right words and actions to sustain it.


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