Men You Have Been Looking For Women, In All The Wrong Places

Ok, so this is suppose to be a humorous post but I find it to ring true. If you already found love then this doesn’t apply to you. But for those of you that are still looking. Pay close attention! This is life altering vital information, LOL!

If you read my previous blog about men saying that women don’t cook. I’m going to give you some valuable information. You are clearly looking in the wrong places. The best way to find women, that have the qualities of what you are looking for in a life partner. Is to frequent where they are.

Thats the valuable tip!!! You see how easy that was??

(I should be getting paid for this!! Dr. Phill does, LOL. and countless others… Hmm I wonder how much money I can make, off of common sense???!!! I accept Visa, AMEX, Discover, Debit cards…LOL…Oh back to what I was saying, LOL)

That’s what women do, LOL. But some women are a bit more materialistic then men, In my opinion. A friend of mine told me, that if I wanted to find a man, who had a house to go to Home depot. LOL.

What kind of advice is that?? (insert confused emoji face) First of all I’m not looking for a man who has a house.

Every man doesn’t have a home, there are renters you know. Not only that, I’m not looking for a man. LOL. I’m not a hunter, the right man will show up when he shows up.

I’m looking for friendship, not to be somebody’s significant other right away. Now if somebody can tell me, where I can go to find some friendship, then that would be great, LOL! Point me in that direction please….

Men if you are looking for a woman who cooks, go to events/places surrounded by the theme of cooking. I was at Barnes and Noble the other day, and I was the only woman in the cookbook section. Some guy walked up to me, and said hello, I spoke back. And he said “so this is where a man goes to find a woman who likes to cook?” I said excuse me and just laughed.

He said “I’ve been looking in the wrong places”. I’m like “Yeah maybe you have, the best way to find a woman, who shares the same interest, is to go where they are”. So he sparked up a conversation with me asking me about food. And some men are so indirect with me, I’m used to it.

(God please send me a direct and consistent man) Oh sorry I had to pray for a moment :), LOL.

Especially when they want to find out if you have a significant other. So his next question was. What type of food does your husband like? I said I’m not married but my boyfriend loves Italian. So I shut that down, LOL. with a smile!

Judge me if you want, I really don’t care, LOL. But I just wasn’t interested and the best way to let someone down is to have a quick comeback. Yeah it may sound like “lying” but it’s the best way to get out of an awkward conversation. Plus he looked creepy, lol.

I don’t like men being pushy, and when I tell men I’m single, they want to take me out and marry me, in the same day. (I sometimes wonder where these men are from, where they think marriage is that easy after a couple minutes and a few days. Where do they do that at???) When they clearly see I’m not interested.

I use this approach at times, when I compliment a guy. Some men just can’t take a compliment.

They think a compliment is an invitation for sex. I complimented this guy on his shirt and he tried to hit on me and my next thing to say was, “what size is that shirt? My boyfriend would look great in that shirt. Have a nice day”.

He clearly was not amused, LOL. I don’t know why he couldn’t just say thank you and keep it moving??

I see that men really don’t get compliments or feel appreciated by women, so when it happens, it boost their ego in some way and they just take off with it, like they are on a football field.

I compliment both sexes but with men, its different. Men are all about their ego.

Why men are indirect with me, I don’t know. I’ve approached men before and I’ll simply ask, do you have a girlfriend?? I don’t care about rejection. Or how it makes me look or feel. And I’m only asking because it would be great to have a platonic friendship, a nice conversation and company with a mature male adult.

Do you know how many men are on this planet? This is why I don’t understand women who fight over men and talk about that male:female ratio, or women who share men. I never worry or plug myself into that equation.

But anyway, if you guys are looking for a woman, that will share your same interest, either ask first or go where they frequent. Don’t assume all women cook, because they don’t. I’ve seen several women, clueless in the kitchen, they act like the stove was just invented yesterday LOL. I know some of these women and they get the side eye from me.

Also its sexy when a man cooks too or wants to learn :). Food is a very intimate thing. It should be approached with love and care and carefully thought out. Food is suppose to heighten your senses and nourish your body. Well, at least thats how I see it.

For future reference guys, instead of the whole dinner and a movie thing, go to a cooking class, where you can eat afterwards. I would love that, (you hear that universe, love gods, romance angels, oh sorry I was praying again, lol) because this woman right here, does not like to eat out! If I do go out, and eat something good, I will be replicating this at home and modifying it to my taste.

Also you can meet women at a cooking class too, it’s not just for a spontaneous date. You can also meet women at the supermarket. I get excited going to the market! I love going food shopping, the way some women love to shop for shoes. I’ve noticed several times, men staring at me, while I’m shopping. They’ve even looked in my cart and asked what I was making.

You can try Home Depot, Loews, if you spot a woman looking at a refrigerator or anything home related, you can believe that she likes to cook and keep her home nice.

So there you have it men, forget online dating and blind dates…..go to Barnes & Noble and go to the cookbook section, Home Depot or Loews and you never know, you just might find the type of woman you are looking for and Love! 🙂

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