Is Identity Really Important?

Here is it 2015 about to be 2016 and people are still having race/identity issues. This is one thing that will never go away, it doesn’t matter what year it is. When we all perish, the new generation will inherit the racism we left behind.

I never understood why people saw color and if you were someone else of a different background you received hate. People have lost their lives over being different.

I remember I went out with a co worker of mine and just because he was a different color. The guys that ran into us, said, he’s taking one of our women. We were literally scared walking down the block and hopped into a taxi. Everywhere we walked, people were staring. I simply went out with a friend of mine. Thats all it was.

Its crazy how people will treat you different based off the language you speak and where you were born. I find it very insulting when they call people not born in the USA, immigrants or aliens as if they are not human. A person can be born anywhere, that doesn’t mean they are the language they speak and country they were born in.

Language is not the same as race. Anybody can learn a language.

When people hear me speak in a different language, automatically my whole identity changes. Even with the music I listen to. People treat me different. They even treat me different if my hair is a certain color and my complexion. They automatically think I’m from where they are from, based off the above as if no one can dye their hair a certain color.

For these very same reasons, I don’t tell people about who is in my family and where they come from, because automatically they will tell me that I am not a black woman. To be honest, I hate labels. I’m a human being, I’m Gods child. I’m a woman. Does it really matter where my parents are from or where I’m from?

Then if I don’t mention the people in my family its like I’m ashamed. Then if I do mention it and immerse myself into the culture, I get told I’m not black or why am I trying to act this way and that way. So either way I don’t win.

Whenever I listen to music that is not english, I see the stares and to be honest, I do it on purpose sometimes. This lady said to me, I see you fool a lot of people. How?? I only fool a certain type of people because they view me as a black woman, but as soon as I speak their language, they want to act nice to me.

I like when people can’t figure out my background because I’ve caught people talking about me and as soon as I say something in their language, they look at me like I got five heads, then they want to apologize.

I personally choose not to speak in a certain language in front of people who don’t understand because I think its rude.

I know who I am and where I come from and its nice that my family is blended, we’re all different and should be accepted but some of us still have a long way to go. If you don’t like someone based of off their skin color or the language they speak, that says a lot about you not them.

If you don’t understand the language, learn so that way you don’t have to feel so insecure and think your being talked about.

A lot of people could be missing out on the love of their life and being around good people, because they refuse to accept people for who they are and it’s their loss. This person can wind up helping them with something they need in life. But all they see is color.

Were all different and there is nothing wrong with that.


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