Sensitive soul

Sometimes I feel like I’m to sensitive. There are a lot of highly sensitive people in the world….Maybe because I know how it feels to be bullied and slandered…yes I do have thick skin…some people don’t have thick skin… but it’s just hurtful when people say things on purpose and its like where is this hate coming from?? People are human and its just not right….

Whether people want to admit it or not, words do cut deep, its the negative energy attached to it…Words can be damaging…you can move on, you can forgive but you can never forget…some people have even sued for defamation of character……I saw how damaging the things my father said to my mother, how it killed her spirit. She said to me, one time, “she would rather him hit her, then say the things he said”….  When you have someone saying the most disgusting words day in and day out, all day every day for years…the emotional scars no one sees…

The person thats bullying someone doesn’t care…the things that were said to me, its like how does someone say that to their own child. Even though you know its not true…. and you know you are not what they say, its like why are you saying it in the first place,…. over and over again. Words can echo in your head when you least expect it. And you have to hurry up and replace it with something positive..

Some people have even taken their own life or went into total seclusion from what others have said. When you have people bullying someone and it gets to that point. Something is wrong with our society and people should be held accountable for it. Especially if it resorts in someone losing their life.

I thank God I didn’t let what was said by anyone, break me…This is why I’m careful with my words and think before I speak.

If I don’t have anything nice to say or encouraging, then I will not speak at all. I’m always trying to lift peoples spirits when I feel they need it. It would be nice if it went both ways….A kind word can change how people see themselves and the world. It can give them hope if they know someone cares and loves them. Theres to much judging going on in the world and its uncalled for.

You can’t recover words once they are said. I’m not into arguing with anyone, I don’t feel theres a need for it or raising my voice and cursing. Some people try so hard to get a rise out of me and I simple ignore them. Eventually if someone is arguing with themselves they will shut up if you say nothing, lol.

I read comments that people posted about this artist I love, these people are suppose to be fans and its like real fans don’t say things like that. I did my best to flag as many as I could and respond with love and indirect shade. Then I wind up getting flagged.. REALLY!!!

There’s should be laws about what people can post. I know on my blog, I have to approve the comments before I allow them to be posted. I like to keep it positive. All websites should follow suit but thats just my wish.

Social media and these blogs people just revel in gossip and they don’t even know this man. Nor do they care if he has a family…or his reputation or career. With social media, if someone is looking for something on you, eventually they will find it. The majority of peole tend to believe what they read. Which is sad! What people say, says a lot about who they are. Not the person that they are talking about….Its really a reflection of themselves and how unhappy they are…

No one is perfect but its just very hurtful when people say stuff thats uncalled for and they don’t even know a person. It just makes me sad. If they would just focus on the music and see how beautiful it is, the love thats in it… they would see how much of an amazing artist this person is.

Call me sensitive, I don’t care, at least I know I have love in my heart for others. The world needs more people like me 🙂


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