The Things You Effortlessly Do And Think About Constantly, Is Truly Your Calling.

Ok…. I think, I’m a bit to domesticated lol…  now before you laugh, and wonder what I look like and get ready to go ring shopping..slow your roll alright, lol…. pump your breaks, lol… Let me explain.

As I made a green smoothie this morning with excitement, I thought to myself as I always do, thank you god for making these amazing things for us to eat and nourish my body with. That the kitchen is the heart of the home… I started thinking about when I had home economics, in the sixth grade and the vital life skills my mother taught me as a child back on the island. And some very happy memories came to mind.

Since I know myself, I pay attention to my thoughts and everything that I do, regardless of what it is. I asked myself, why do I love and enjoy this? Why do I have a passion for whatever it is that I like. The answer is always inside, it always links back to a past memory with my mom and friends, when it comes to being in the kitchen. I’ve been cooking since I was little for my family and friends. It kind of came naturally to me, since I’m a cancer…

When it comes to cooking or the domesticated life. I realize I’ve always been this way, even as a child. I can remember when I was five, reading home magazines..getting excited about going to the grocery store with my mom…. When I got older, I knew as a teen and even as an adult, why this was so…its because I wanted to create the home life never had. I wanted to share my love of food and loving your home with everyone.

The first thing when I got into someone house is, I assess their kitchen. That will tell me everything I need to know.

This has always been my true innate organic nature. It doesn’t surprise me that my first job, when I was 10 was at a supermarket. I always enjoyed grocery shopping with my mom. I was always fascinated how she would by dry ingredients and make them into an amazing meal. It tasted so good and had a lot of love in it.

My mom taught me how to respect and love food and not to waste it, since we didn’t have much. She always made us clean our plate, and if we didn’t finish it, no matter how small, to save it for later. I’m still this way as an adult. It always bothered me when I see people throw away food, just because they were full. Knowing that there were people out there starving and not knowing where their next meal was coming from.

Not only that, it’s a waste of money, whether you’re eating out or preparing it. It’s something we should think about the next time we throw away food. When I prepare a meal, the last thing I want to see, is someone walking over to the garbage can throwing out my food, that I bought, that I took time to prepare. I don’t care if its one grain of rice, I don’t want to see it in the trash. A clean plate is a sign you enjoyed my food and that makes me feel good 🙂

When I wake in the morning (and even before I go bed) food is always on my mind. I’m always thinking about what I’m going to prepare the next day. I’m always thinking what ingredients and spices would go together. When I’m relaxing, I’m always in the kitchen conjuring up a new meal or watching cooking shows and looking for new recipes to try to tweak to my palate.

Some times I think I’m a food groupie. LOL… Ok that sounded funny in my head. lol… When I see food and juice demos at whole foods, I’m right front and center, wanting a free sample LOL (don’t judge me). I remember shopping one day and saw a girl that I subscribe to, doing juice videos and took a picture with her. We winded up doing a juice cleanse together :). Whenever I’m in the store, I always get caught talking about food, then a crowd develops around me. It’s the one topic besides music, that I can talk about for hours and never get tired of it.

I get excited going to the grocery store and no matter how tired I am, I can not wait to get in the kitchen and nourish my mind, body and soul with a home cook meal. Home is where we all retreat, after a long hectic day and cooking should be the one thing that calms us down. That should rejuvenate us. We all love home cooked meals, right!

It’s been a minute, since I had someone else’s home cooking besides my moms. Peoples idea of feeding me a home cooked meal is taking me out or ordering some greasy ass food. I respectfully decline. I figure if I cook for you, you should cook for me too, but not everybody likes being in the kitchen.

I thought about the people I know both male and female and how basic life skills are not being taught at home or in school. I seriously think that home economics should make a come back into schools. I would defiantly teach if there was an option for it. I’m seriously thinking about trying to get a bill passed, because young men and women are not being taught these vital life skills at home.

If it’s not being taught at home, it should be taught in our schools. It’s crazy that schools are the first to get rid of music, the arts, cooking and physical education, knowing we need this. Creativity is what makes us well rounded adults. It’s what makes our souls come alive.

The things that you think about, that you find yourself doing, whether it’s in the morning when you wake, the evening and even at night. Are the things you should try to make a living at. As it is truly your calling. Things that come so effortlessly that bring you joy, that you speak so passionately about, should be the very thing, that breathes new life into you.

When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

It’s no mistake that these things keep popping up in your brain. That really is God talking to you. God blesses us all with gifts and talents, and its up to us to make use of them while here in the physical world. Someone needs what you have.

People have said to me countless times, you love to cook, are you a chef? What are you a Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray?? I thought they were just being funny and sarcastic, but I’ve been hearing it a lot lately, when I talk about food. People (well men) seem to be amazed that I enjoy it. I realize a lot of people ( I know and don’t know) cook but they don’t enjoy it. They just do it because they have to or they leave it up to take out to feed themselves.

I was watching Steve Harvey’s wife talk about fashion on todays show and the first thing that popped in my mind was, where is the cookware and home goods, LOL.. I’m like ok girl you are a bit domesticated for your own good. I really couldn’t understand the whole fashion and sunglasses thing. Even the pajamas they gave away, maybe because I don’t sleep in that. LOL. Theres nothing wrong with looking nice, but clothes and shoes were never my thing. The whole segment. I was kind of disappointed but this is not the Food Network or HGTV.

I realize I clearly think about my home and food to much, LOL but thats a good thing.. and this got me to thinking, that I should really do (not try) my best to make a living at something that I truly love. I always fantasized about having a food product in stores and even owning my own catering business. I catered for a while, but its hard to get people to live a healthy lifestyle. I know God will make a way for me and my gift. I think I had enough of corporate america … Being this way has attracted the wrong people. Read my latest blog on being a “simple woman”, you’ll see why, lol

But besides that, every one has to eat. Everyone should be taught basic life skills in the kitchen and in the home to be self sufficient. I got my start when I was 10, my mom sent me to the supermarket and it was the beginning of a love affair, I developed with food and shopping. The day she sent me there, I got a job, lol. Being able to help my mom buy food brought me joy.

One day I guess this will be vital, if I ever had my own family but until then I can feed everyone else, lol…. I love it and I think everyone should get in the kitchen and create some love and memories with food and music. It really is a rejuvenating experience. THANK YOU MOMMY!! 🙂



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