A Little Less Control, Less Planning And More Faith In 2016

As 2016 approaches.. I have a little advice for you. As humans, we want everything to go our way, in all areas of our life. We like to be in control. We feel if we are not in control, then things will not go our way and that we are failures. We are control freaks! Even if we won’t admit it.

We forget to live in the moment and enjoy the journey.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having goals, dreams and creating the life that you want. But let me let you in on a little secret….Ready?!!

Everything is not up to you…I know that’s a hard pill to swallow….Sorry to burst your bubble… but it’s not! I say this with love 🙂

You don’t get to have control, over every area of your life. God does! As much as we try to control, every area of our lives, sometimes it backfires. When we don’t get what we want, in our own timing, we get upset, we start to blame ourselves and even God.

Thinking that he hasn’t heard our prayers, that he forgot about us or that we are being punished. We’re not! It’s all in our heads.

That guy/girl you like, that never called you, trust me it was for a reason. That job you wanted that you felt so qualified for, but never got. It simply was not meant for you. What God has for you, is perfectly designed for you and only you. Just believe!

A NO from God is not a rejection, that God doesn’t love you. It simply means I have something better for you and to trust me… Like really trust me. And its simply a NOT YET.

I don’t know about you, but when things haven’t worked in my favor, I’m grateful and I say thank you, many times over. Because I’ve dodged so many bullets it’s not even funny.

Just the mere thought of it, I’m thanking God again as I write, lol :). When I felt something was off, it was and that was God talking me and I listened.  I’m not going to get into what happened, when I didn’t listen, lol. We all do that. We’re human!

I’m here to tell you to relax!!..Yes me :).. We are all teachers in our own spiritual way. We are all here to learn and share lessons with one another.

Whatever it is that you are working towards, just work towards it and if it’s what your heart truly desires. God will deliver it. It will be yours. Regardless of what it is. If you change your mind in the process  and decide you want something different, that’s ok too.

Sometimes we feel like when we give up on something (or someone) and walk away. We think that is a sign of failure. It’s not! There is strength and courage knowing when to let go. It’s simply not for you and you can let go.

You can be creative, you can change your mind and grow, you can evolve.

It’s all about surrendering. There is beauty in surrendering. It’s a sign of love and that you know you need help. Some spiritual assistance.

A weight is lifted off your shoulder. Your heart seems lighter. Ever notice when you have tension and you get anxiety?. Thats a sign that you are trying to control everything and your brain is in overload and you really need to power down.

God knows your heart! Believe that!

God wants us to have what we want, He wants us to have the life we want. The relationship we want. The job we want. The house we want. That book we’ve been meaning to write. That invention we’ve been dreaming about. It’s ok to dream and to dream BIG! But we have to work towards it, be patient and wait on his timing and we have to have faith. No matter how long we think it might take.

We need to stop worrying about, time age and when its going to get delivered to us. That’s not our job. That’s not going to get us anywhere. I can count on both my hands and feet (and I may need a few of yours lol) of how many people I know, that rushed their life, simply by their age, time and fear, when it came to having a baby or two and getting married.

Now they are rueful. Important life decisions like that needs to be planned and they will happen in Gods timing. You can’t just have a child on purpose, by the first man who says “have my baby and marry me”. But you live and you learn.

What is this rush for? Why do we feel the need to get ahead of ourselves?? I started to come down on myself, and I stopped… because I was in the process of wanting to make a move and it didn’t happen, when I wanted it to and there were some other important factors, standing in my way that needed my attention.

As much I wanted to pack up and sell all my things and move over five thousand miles to the west coast. And just be on the beach.. It’s simply not the right time, it doesn’t mean thats it’s not going to happen. It can happen at any time. But I can’t be hasty no matter how much I want it.

Hasty moves are like a quick rush of adrenaline, they only last for a moment and then you come down off your high. Certain things that you do want have to be plan, especially when you are relocating.

I know that I have to wait on God, to tell me when to move and for the right opportunity. What I’ve been working towards, that has taken years, never the right timing, obstacles in my way at every corner, can happen at any moment when God says, ok now GO!

A very important lesson that I learned from my mom before she transcended, was that it is never to late. Regardless of what you want.

All of this trying to control an outcome, all that is going to do is drive you crazy. You’re insecurities will come up, if something doesn’t happen at a certain time when you want it.

You’ll see the rejection as failure as if you didn’t try hard enough. I’m not going to do that myself in 2016 and beyond. And neither should you. Allow yourself to get excited about what you want, even if you don’t have it at the moment.

Send that signal out to God, to the universe. Just think about how good it will feel when you finally do get what you want? The love you want. The perfect career?! That house or condo that you’ve been dreaming about buying. Your ideas coming to fruition. Revel in the thought of it!!!

I used to look at my dream home all the time and I finally decided to go see the model and fell in love with it. After all those years of looking at it, I was finally able to go visit. It felt like home when I walked in.

I have never seen anything more beautiful in my entire life. The first place I went to was the kitchen. Took me a minute to get out of there, lol. I could see myself preparing meals for loved ones. It brought a smile to my face. I allowed myself to just dream and be in the moment. No doubts or insecurities or the price of it.

The pictures and videos online simply did not do it any justice! I was in that model for over an hour. I just couldn’t bring myself to leave. As I was there, I just prayed and asked God for what I wanted. As I was walking around, the realtor came out and started asking me questions and I asked her about additional add-ons since I built my floor plan online.

Some other people entered the model, at the time when she told me the price. I noticed they walked out. I told the realtor please do not tell me how much this house cost, I know how much it cost. In the past I let the price of something, stop me from having what I wanted.

Usually when we hear the price of something and we know at the moment we do not have it. It can deter us away from getting what we want, because we think, damn a million dollars?! I don’t have that type of money!

That’s because our minds can’t conceive if it. That’s to much money for us, so we think. We limit ourselves and our thinking, and we think how am I going to buy this house, when I live paycheck to paycheck?? We need not worry about that.

If you go within and you want whatever it is that you want. Trust me you’ll find a way to be creative and the money will come. Just do what you love. If other people can buy homes, that cost millions of dollars, why can’t you have the home you desire?? You’re in your own way. God never said No, you did.

All I know is that, that house inspired me to dream. Yes!,.. It is a big house and maybe one day I’ll have a family in it,  maybe I won’t because every room will have a purpose. Who knows?!… But all I know is, that it is definitely possible, with a little less control and more faith!




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