Feelings And Love Have No Time Frame

When you get to know someone…..You can’t put a time frame on your feelings, as much as you would like to… when you feel something, regardless of why, you just do. So many times, we say this is wrong, its to early and doubt and fear creeps in, we start saying to ourselves, I’ll wait until this day, this year and this time to know for sure. Really!!! What are we catching up to? How can you be so sure when this day comes, you may feel the same way?? You may meet someone else and not even feel for that person anymore. Do you even know if you will be alive or that person, when that time comes? That’s just reality…. Since we put a time frame on love and feelings, when did we become psychic, when did we become god??? Last time I checked we can’t see into the future.

A person can not hear your thoughts if you do not offer it to them….Emotions fluctuate…You have your own mind and you know you. All you have is now. Why is it so hard for us to be present and to just be in the moment and surrender to our feelings? These feelings could possibly lead to love. When we don’t surrender, this is why we feel love is elusive. It’s like we plan and try to control all areas of our life and we do the same with our feelings. Sometimes we treat our feelings and love like a business transaction or decision when its neither. We don’t trust our intuition at all.

Sometimes when something is to good to be true, we should just leave it at that….Let it be good… We always expect the worse but never expect the best. Is it because deep down inside, we don’t think we deserve to be happy?? We question why is this happening to me? Something must be wrong? But isn’t this what you deeply desired? Didn’t you ask god for this man or woman?? Whenever we feel something and something good happens to us but the timing, (so we think) is all wrong, we get all discombobulated. We start to question it. What we are really questioning is god and we don’t even realize it. We are saying god I don’t trust you, to give me what I desire. Our insecurity sets in.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you try not to feel something, the more you do? It just keeps resurfacing, until you deal with it, no matter how good or bad it feels. Just when you think you’re over something, you’re not. Once you sit with it and feel it, instead of fighting it. Your soul will let you know whether to embrace it or let it go. We have feelings for a reason. When we avoid our feelings thats when regret sets in. How many times have you wished you said something to that man or woman, you like or love but felt it was to soon?? Then years later you keep beating yourself up about it, because you felt you let that person get away. Who’s fault is that? Yours, you should have said something, but you wanted to avoid looking thirsty or for having emotions and being human.

I’m sure you can relate…you meet someone, you start talking, things are going great, then all of a sudden the communication stops, someone starts being inconsistent. You reach out but emails,text and calls go unanswered…..someone starts playing the “busy card”….when in reality, if they wanted to talk to you or respond they would have…after awhile you start to feel ignored…so you back track…and you read something they wrote or replay a conversation in you’re head. Someone started to feel you and backed away, why?? The uncertainty of their feelings.. no one wants to put their heart on the line but at the same time they want love…bit of an oxymoron….but instead of this person being direct they say nothing…maybe they want you to come after them, maybe they are leaving the cards in your hands.. I can’t play cards by myself. Nor do I want that pressure to make a decision by myself. Two people have to agree to date.

Clear communication has to take place…but their is a bump in the road….Either way someone is not surrendering to their feelings and being honest and direct. When a person does this, they are pretty much letting an opportunity to have what they want slip away…. Sometimes you don’t always get a second chance. No one wants to play that game of, you-go-first-then-I-go. How is anyone suppose to know, you liked them when you go days/weeks without any communication?? Don’t give me that busy shit either, when you wasn’t before or you made time to talk before…. if you wanted to call you would have. Life doesn’t wait for you to sort your feelings out, nor does it care. While you’re sorting your feelings out and weighing your options, that person that you claim you like, that you’re so interested in, you just gave them a free pass to walk away.
Feelings have no time. You can be with someone for years and not know them as much as you thought you did. And then you can meet someone and know them for a couple of months and ascend in love and feel like you’ve known them forever. They can open your mind to a whole new world. Yes I know.. guard your heart but don’t put your heart in prison. Do not hold your feelings captive. I know, I get it.. your emotions can be very scary, it can be quite overwhelming, but what if you just let go and just be…and just sit with it, it may not be that scary, it may actually feel good…

What you’re feeling just might be reciprocated.. but even if it isn’t, sometimes its just good to be present. Be in the moment…Don’t let your past pains steal your present joy.. don’t you want to be happy? God wants you to be happy? This person, for however length of time, came into your life for a reason. There are no accidents.. you may not know why this person appeared but god does….Is there something that you have been suppressing? Maybe this person needs to show you something, teach you something and open your heart again. You can’t love and live fully with a closed heart. thats just existing…we all want to give love and be loved, isn’t that why we’re here on this planet, to love one another??

When it comes to matters of the heart you just feel what you feel… Its also ok to keep your feelings to yourself for a little while, but don’t deny yourself how you feel or the other person. You also can’t get mad if the other person has no clue?….I know you don’t want to get hurt. nobody does… I get it, especially if you’re the type who loves hard, with every cell of your being. You have a lot of people who show up half ass, this is why I don’t believe in that 50/50 virus society spreads. I’m going to be myself and give you 100% of myself, I’m not coming in at 50 and you do the other 50. I want all of you or nothing at all. Its the same with yes or no, don’t tell me maybe, be direct, yes or no. It’s not rocket science.

With our feelings we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but thinking that way can actually put us behind ourselves and get lost in time, because if we don’t say how we feel and stand in our truth and be present and take a chance….., when that man or woman is long gone, we’ll be saying, damn I should have said something but we didn’t because of this time frame, we put on our feelings, insecurity and doubt. If one has to much doubt then that doubt is there to protect us… but if there is very little doubt or none at all and the feelings you feel are good? Go with it, you just might end up with what you want and need.

So the next time you feel something, just feel it and listen to that inner voice, trust yourself and most all trust god!


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