In light of the Storm-Always Be Grateful

Sometimes in life, some of us never stop, to just say thank you to God, for all that we have and for where we are. We’re always asking for something.

There is a storm outside and all I can think about, is the people who don’t have a home. Who don’t have a home cooked meal, shoes, socks, gloves, a coat or a bed to sleep in.

This truly breaks my heart.

A lot of the things that most people, take for granted it can be taken away at anytime. If you have family friends and loved ones that love you. Clothing, food a bed to sleep in, clean water.

A home, a car, just say thank you, because that person on the street can be you. Sometimes family and friends are not an option. People fall on hard times.

If you have clothes and things that you are not wearing or using, donate it. The more you give away, God will  bless you with more.

Don’t waste food. Some people fill their plates, with to much food and then when they are full they throw it away, save it. There’s someone out there wishing they had food to eat.

These human souls, need our help and they need our prayers. We live in one of the riches nations in the world and yet we still have people on the street and people not eating.

This needs to end. Let’s keep these people in our prayers and if there is anything you can do. Open your heart. Be selfless and do it!

God Bless!



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