Trusting God All The Time

Life happens to everybody. There are things in life that we may not like, or understand and we just have to trust God and have faith. A lot of things we take on, from others are really not ours to carry, even though we love them. When we don’t understand why certain things happen, we have to know that everything is going according to Gods plan.

Lately I have been hit with so much bad news, it’s enough to make anyone have a nervous breakdown, but why would I go there?? I’m not…but the one thing I know for sure, is that God is in control and he will see me through.

I have a choice in how I respond to life’s difficulties and I choose to trust in him. The things God has got me through, I have a lot to be grateful for and so do you.

You have to have resilience. We all have it. This may not work for everybody else, but whenever I’m face with something difficult. I think of the loss of my mother when I was 14. When you lose a parent at a very young age. You can get through anything.

So when things don’t go my way with anything or with anyone. I just do my best to brush it off, because losing my mom, was the most hardest thing I ever had to endure. So I can make it through anything. God has equipped me and all of us to be able to handle anything.

As much as we would like to be there, for our love ones (and even people we don’t know). We are not God and we are not everyones savior. If our physical presence can be there fine, but if not, we must pray and extend love from a distance. Stopping ones life is not the answer.

We must also make sure that we are good, before we can be good for anyone else. Sometimes we feel that if our physical presence is not there, for whomever we are trying to save and be there for. That they will not make it through. They will. We are not omnipresent, GOD IS!

This can be hard when we are so used to being there for others. But we have to trust God and surrender it to him. This can apply to any situation good or bad. People will not like it when you can’t be there. But that is not your burden to carry. We have to know and trust who is really in charge.

The way you honor God is by trusting him, even when you feel hopeless. Knowing God is your source, should give you great comfort and a sense of relief, knowing you do not have to bear, whatever you are going through alone and that you can release it.

When life is challenging there is always a lesson to be learned and also a blessing in disguised. As human beings, we have to stop trying to control the outcomes in life, when it comes to ourselves and with other people.

I know where human and we can’t help it, but one way to look at it, is that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience and to know that we are connected to the source.

Metaphorically speaking of course, you can’t always be in the drivers seat in your life, you have to know when to let the powers that be, take over the wheel and just surrender. The older I get the more I surrender. It gives me peace of mind. It’s not about letting God handle all your problems and you do nothing.

You do what you can, and what you can’t do God will. Not only that, together you and God can co-create miracles in your life. You work with God, and God works with you. God wants us to have anything that’s in alignment, with what we need and want in life. When something doesn’t work out, trust God, its for a reason.

One of my favorite quotes from Iyanla Vanzant, when she loss her daughter, and she kept asking why and how she got through it was.

I Don’t Get Into God’s Business

Some things are in our control, others just aren’t and we just need to really trust in him all the time. We must know that deep in our heart, with every fiber of our being, that God truly love us and wants what’s best for us.


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