Men…..This Is How You Impress A Woman

I was talking to a dear friend of mine, that inspired this post. Before I continue, I’m still shocked at what he told me. I’ll get to that in a minute. Before I continue, you remember that old AT&T commercial, when the jingle said “reach out and touch someone”?? Well, thats exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to reach through the phone and shake some sense into this man.

What he said to me, deserves a shake and a slap on both cheeks. He’s lucky he lives in another state, but when I see him, he’s gonna get it, lol.  I’m not letting that shit go, LOL. I know he’s going to read this and laugh but I don’t care, he inspired this post. And this is what friends do when they care :). So now I have to, lovingly indirectly, put him on blast to spark up a conversation :).

My mouth dropped open, after he told me, that he spent $200-300 on dinner to impress a woman.

Yeah.! You read right! You’re eyes are not deceiving you. I thought my ears were, when I asked him to repeat himself… it was actually a rhetorical question. And that didn’t even include theater or concert tickets. But anyway, and this is not the first time. I’m still baffled by this, that I had to write a post about it. I, as a woman can’t understand why a meal to impress a woman, would have to cost so much?! Oh excuse me a 3-4 course meal. Like dude, what are you ordering?!

I wonder if he took some of that food home??!!.Well that’s not the point, the point is, that he spent a ridiculous amount of money on food for one night. I hope he had sense to get a doggie bag. I can’t even eat food costing that amount of money. I get full off a salad, biscuits and the appetizers and I’m ready to go home before the main meal arrives. I don’t even like eating out to much, waiting for food, the crowded atmosphere. It’s to much. But some women do.

Which begs the question…. Do women really measure a man’s love by how much money he spends on her? Sadly enough, a lot of women do. They figure the more money he spends, the more he likes/loves me. They feel special and worth it, even if they never see the guy again. I’m not sure who started this trend, but it needs to stop. Measuring your own worth by a free meal, is that really all of who you are and worth? You can’t cook your own meal?!! Some women reading this, will probably have their own POV and say, “hey, if he got it like that and he wants to spend that amount of money on me, go right ahead.” I just don’t get?!

Some women require a man to spend money on them and take them to an expensive restaurant or buy them expensive things. Those jewelry commercials are not for men. They say, “diamonds are a girl best friend” Really?! Not this one. that money on jewelry could be a down payment on a house or condo or and investment. I don’t get the jewelry thing, but then again, I’m not your average woman. I know women who like to date, just to get free meals. They put a price tag on their worth. Even though you have these high maintenance women out there.

There are simple, low maintenance women out there, like me and a few others. It’s really the thought that counts, as long as you don’t take me to a fast food restaurant. We’re good! Shit, you can buy me a smoothie and a blueberry muffin or a  vanilla chai tea and you’ll be my best friend 🙂 It’s the fact that you thought about me and care about what I like.

I would appreciate more if a man cooked for me once I got to know him. Now that’s impressive! 

I told my friend I would really feel uncomfortable with a man, that I don’t love or may not even like, spending that amount of money on me. I just would. Food and sitting down to break bread with someone is a very intimate thing for me. I have to really like you, if I’m going to go out and have dinner with you. Good food, good company.

This is the reason why, when some men spend a lot of money on a woman, and if the date is going good, they would expect to get some type of action by the end of the night.  I’ll let your imagination wander….I’m not saying all men are pigs, just half of them, LOL… Jokes, LOL. oh man, I crack myself up! Anyway.

And I’m just going to keep it real, judge me if you want. I really don’t care :). If I was a guy, and I spent that amount of money on a woman. I would probably expect it too, even though I probably would not get it. I’m just being honest. She better at least kiss me, lol. But if the guy doesn’t get any thing or expect anything, then he’s just really being nice, then he really is a gentlemen, hoping his expensive gesture, will land him the woman of his dreams.

There’s nothing wrong with impressing a woman, but at least let that amount of money include something besides dinner. Take me to vegas! A concert, the theater. Shit, I could make whatever he wants to eat since I love to cook. Damn! That’s a grocery bill. When I splurge on food, sometimes I go over, close to $400 but that will last me for about a good 5-6 weeks, if not more.

I just feel like a man should not have to spend that amount of money, just to impress a woman, even if he is courting her. But some women require it… why I don’t know. The last guy that took me out spent $42 and I had a great time. I wind up taking the food home and desert. The problem with spending this amount of money on the wrong woman or a high maintenance woman, is that she will expect you to keep that up. When you finally do have the woman that you want and you stop, she’s going to wonder what happen.

The possibilities are endless on what you can do with $200-$300. Hmmm…that reminds me of this cookware set I saw, and this lovely dinnerware set I saw, great for entertaining, oh and a countertop convection oven I saw on QVC, that was on flex pay, I gotta get me one of those…(I hate turning on the big oven sometimes) and this kitchen aid stand mixer…..Oh I’m sorry, I got lost in my thoughts, LOL… my bad!. I really gotta stop doing that, LOL. I can’t help it! Talking about home goods for the kitchen just gets to me all excited, LOL. I feel like going to home depot right now…. there I go again, LOL….As I was saying before I drifted off to domestic heaven, LOL.

I’ll tell you what’s really impressive during the courting stage…… CONSISTENCY!!!

This is how you impress a woman, by being a gentlemen. Being PUNTCUAL! I can’t stand a man who’s late. Being a man of your word. Being a good listener. Being attentive. Being romantic. Finding out what kind of music she likes. Not rushing to get physical. Being chivalrous. Not texting to much. Calling when you say you will. Giving her your undivided attention. looking her in the eyes when you talk to her. Not making a woman feel insecure about your actions, directly or indirectly. Caring about her feelings. Being yourself, being spontaneous. Being a man of great character. Being kind. Making a woman laugh. All of this doesn’t cost money, let alone $300.

I believe a man can impress a woman by all of the above, if he stays consistent and genuine. I like a man who likes to save money. My ex ate out a lot and it bothered me, because he had a woman who cooked. I had to stop going out with him, because it was costing him and me and I didn’t even know I was paying..(thats a another story. I don’t even have time to go there.) I eventually dumped him, LOL haaa haaa…

I told my friend and he probably thought I was joking, but I told him to use a Groupon, LOL. I was serious, LOL. and told him to download the app and pay for that meal in advance or have the waiter scan his phone. Shit!, LOL! Go to a buffet. Pay one price and eat all you want. Share a meal, act like you’re in high school and you’re broke, lol. Buy something that you both can eat.

See if the woman, likes you for you and not the things you can buy her, that will come later. A first date doesn’t always have to involve going out to eat, unless you get hungry later. Find out what she likes to do before you take her out. That’s just my advice to men. I personally don’t like to eat out when I’m not hungry.

In conclusion…I hope he never spends that amount of money on food again for himself or a woman. If he does he better not tell me, because I will have a pile of shakes and slaps waiting for him :). LOL. But he knows he’s my friend and I love him 🙂 and I’m just looking out for him because a woman probably has never said this to him.

I would really like to know your thoughts on this article. Feel free to leave a comment! Hope you enjoyed!

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Do Women Really Want Men To Lead? 

IMG_4589Some women say they do, but I don’t think a lot of women have any idea, of what it really means for a man to truly lead under God’s supervision and his innate intuition. Women don’t trust men to really lead them in life, when it comes to certain areas and to make decisions. Some women feel like they are taking a step back into the 1950s. Some women feel if a man leads, they will be subservient to him. Or maybe even lose their independence. The fear of engulfment is a fear as well.

Letting a good man lead is not about being subservient, not having your own mind, or letting someone control your thoughts and every move.  Women who get upset at this notion clearly have it all wrong. There are some men who want to lead, JUST to control a woman but that’s not a good man. I’m talking about a REAL good man, which I’ll continue to reiterate.

I personally think that there is beauty and a certain kind of organic and sexy protectiveness, when it comes to masculine energy and letting a man lead and protect you. When a man is a MAN and he’s masculine at his core, its just sexy. A woman can be feminine at her core and submit, when her man is able to lead her.

“Comfort of a man” by Stephanie Mills is one my favorite songs and she clearly gets it.

Pay attention to the lyrics…

“Nothing understands, like the comfort of a man”… Oh! Back to what I was saying!

Women can learn a lot from that particular song.  Here’s my personal take on letting a man lead. Maybe you’ll agree, maybe you won’t. The only way you will be open, to this natural way of being, is if you take the time to really know yourself and know what it truly means to be feminine. Women by nature are feminine and nurturing.

We just are.

I feel like somewhere a long the way, women are losing touch with their femininity and nurturing side and morphing into men. There is a power struggle going on. Educated women think they have cojones. I’ve seen women throw their education in a man’s face. They’re very proud in an egotistical way. I’m very educated, I have my own mind, and I love being independent and making my own money. But at the end of the day, when I come home, I’m not bringing that masculine energy of being in control into my home. I’m not a man.

Only a real man that is highly evolved will know how to lead a woman. A man of faith. A man Of God. Men are suppose to balance a woman in a loving way and women are suppose to balance men in a nurturing way. There is nothing wrong with letting a good man lead. Just because you let a man take the leading role, doesn’t mean that he will not seek your guidance, as well. Nowadays some women want to make all the decisions, be sassy and don’t give a man a say so, and they’re just like “hand me your ATM card!”

Just because you let a man lead, doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own life and do your own thing. This doesn’t mean you are giving up your all your independence. A good man will know how to nurture that side of you. A good man that wants to lead does not want a slave. This is not about being a “YES” woman at all.

This is not a religious POV. I don’t subscribe to that. Knowing your role in life, can only come with developing a strong relationship with God and knowing yourself. A lot of this is already innate. We just have to get back to it. I feel like a lot of people struggle in relationships because of this. I hear from so many men, that their woman is acting like a man. She’s trying to emasculate me in my own home. Women are trying to lead. A real man, that knows his role, is going to have a problem with that. Some women treat their man like a child. No man likes to be reprimanded in his own home.

Some people don’t know what their role is and how to complement someone else’s life. People go into a relationship with a list of wants and needs. Instead of looking at it like, what can I offer this person and how can we grow together and build something? When two people don’t look at it like this and their needs/wants are not met, we get mad at the other person. It starts with you. You have to give to get from both sides. You have to know why you’re there and what you can bring to the table.

When it comes to a man leading, I just innately know that it is his role in life. Men are supposed to provide and protect. Men are men for a reason. God built men a certain way for a reason. Men are supposed to be physically strong and exude masculinity. Men are supposed to work and make sure their family has a roof over their head. When a man is not evolved and not exuding masculinity, women sense this.

I think this is the reason why some women don’t like nice guys, because they feel that nice guys are not masculine enough and that they are a pushover. Some women will go as far as emasculating men when they feel he is being to “feminine”. I’m not saying nice guys are not masculine, but according to these women, they are not “rough or manly enough”. (I think this is total nonsense). These women that think this way need help!

I know several women, who have confessed that they want a man to lead them. They got married and had children for the wrong reasons because they thought this is what women are “supposed” to do. They had no clue who they were marrying. They didn’t even know who they were. Their spouses didn’t know who they were, either. So you have two people who are not fully cognizant of who they are and why they want to get married. Then when these women develop a relationship with God and get to know themselves. They’re like “Wait a minute! My husband is supposed to be leading me?!”

Some of these women might as well be single, because they do everything and kind of lose respect for their significant other.

If your single and independent then a man leading does not really apply, unless the two of you work that out on another level. Not everyone is religious. You have some men who want to be the head of the house and lead and they are not even married to you and don’t have any plans to marry you. Those type of men abuse their authority if they have a good woman. A man of God is suppose to consult with God and be the disciplinarian in the household. It’s a known fact that children fear their fathers in a way, more than their mothers.

I’ve seen a lot of my friends children, run all over their mother and listen to their father. A woman I know thats in a same sex relationship, with a very dominate masculine woman, said that she’s the disciplinarian, she brings that masculine energy into the home. She allows her to be “the man” and really thinks she is a man. She wanted a male presence in her home, and decided she couldn’t find a good man, so she was open to a butch female. That’s some confusing shit, LOL.. I’m sorry it is. It doesn’t matter how masculine a woman tries to act. She will never be a male, or disciplinarian or lead a household especially if she gave birth to several kids.

So even in a same sex relationship, there is a need for masculine energy and presence. Lesbian women know this. This woman plays more of the subservient role in her relationship, she’s a yes woman, she was this way with men, now she’s this way with a woman. Her lover confessed that she hates being a woman, because she see’s women as the weaker sex. So she wanted a docile woman so she could play the man and be in control. They actually had a conversation about who was going to be the man and the woman in the relationship, but they are both women. Alriiiiiiiighty then!!! Now I’m confused, LOL…It’s simply impossible. All of this to negate the male presence needed in life.

When it comes to equality, yes women can probably do the same things men can do or hold their positions, like when it comes to really demanding strenuous jobs. But why would you want to?? Why would you as a delicate feminine woman, want to be in control and masculine all the time?? To prove what?? That you can protect yourself. That you are strong, that you can do a man’s job? I personally don’t know why a woman would want to a police officer or a firefighter. To each is own but come on. Call me sexist if you want, but thats a man’s job. A woman shouldn’t be jumping into buildings, and chasing down the bad guys like a man. Women are not physically fit like men.

When I was younger, I thought about going to the army but not to fight. I thought about school and to be a nurse and to help the wounded. To heal and nurture these men post war. To offer my support. To be a listening ear. Not be in the battlefield. We’ve all seen women who take on that masculine role and act manly and that is not attractive. Tapping too much into masculine energy is not good for several reasons. It makes you look hard. It throws your hormones off too, BIG TIME! Women, when we step outside of our feminine grace, it makes us look unattractive. Not just to a man, but to ourselves.

If you have kids its even more confusing. I seen my mother be both mom and dad, even with my father in the house. This taught me to have less respect for my father as a man and to not need him, EVER. This taught me to never depend on a man to provide and protect. I had to unlearn this and learn to trust the male presence in life. People used to tell me I looked intimidating and I never saw it, men told me this a lot. I had my guard up, before they even opened up their mouth. My answers were always short and curt. I was always ready to defend myself in anyway, because of how my father treated me. My tone and look alone would make a man bleed.

Take for example when we raise our voice, our voice is soft for a reason. Our soft tone is suppose to calm a man down. Our voice is meant to soothe. When we raise our pitch it makes us look like men. Men need us to be graceful and act like a lady. Not curse like a sailor. I’m not the arguing type, I can remain calm when I have something to say. It’s not in my nature to argue, if I find myself feeling like I’m about to raise my voice, I’ll just take a deep breath, it’s not to say that I don’t get upset, but I’m not going to raise my voice, unless I feel threatened to do so. Men have deep voices for a reason, women don’t.

There is a stern and calmness in a man’s voice that he uses in everyday life to be a man, make decisions, and how he handles his woman when it comes to being romantic. Women think that some men can’t handle a strong woman with her own mind. Some can, the ones that can’t are insecure. But the reason why men are attracted to you as a woman in the first place, is because you exude femininity. When a woman acts like a man, that is a huge turn-off. If a guy wants to do guy things, then he will do it with the guys, not with his woman. Men need feminine energy just as much as women need masculine energy.

Men for the most part, do not mind giving a woman what she desires, but women have to stop demanding it. That’s where the problem comes in. When a woman is feminine at her core, nurturing, and stands by her man, helps him, he in return wants to give her what she wants and needs. In a relationship (marriage if that’s what you choose), a man wants his wife to trust and believe in him. When men feel like you trust them, it gives them a sense of empowerment to be the best, that they can be for you and if you have a family.

When it comes to making decisions, I for one, trust men’s logical way of thinking, when I want my own logic challenged. If I feel I’m going to make an emotional decision. I will seek a man’s guidance at times. I’m not saying women can’t make sound decisions, but for the most part, they’re emotionally based. Men don’t make decisions based off their emotions, women do!

I feel like, If I’m in a healthy relationship with a good man who loves me, provides, protects me, makes sure I’m secure, takes care of me on an emotional level, and he’s a spiritual man of God. Why wouldn’t I shower him back with that same love that’s nurturing? Why wouldn’t I cook for him (and our family) and make sure he has something to eat every day and that our home is clean and peaceful?

I just think that it’s selfish when a woman doesn’t cook or show her appreciation towards a good man, but she will show her appreciation towards a bad one that’s not doing anything for her. This is not about being docile at all. I just happen to love cooking and having a clean home. It’s makes me feel good at the end of the day. Our nurturing energy is needed in our home.

I can’t function in a house that’s out of order. It’s not because it would make me “wife material”. It’s just in my nature. It should be in all women’s nature too, especially since we bear children. Women who don’t cook and take care of their home, shows how they will raise their children. I used to know several women who didn’t cook and clean and I really don’t have any respect for that. Their kids picked up these same bad habits. I like a man who can cook too, but that’s not really a man’s thing all the time.

But in the same token, men should share some of the responsibility too when it comes to chores. I feel like some women just want the ring, baby, and that lifestyle and then after that, they don’t even cater to their husbands anymore. If he’s busting his ass every day, so that you can live a comfortable life and stay home, if you choose, why wouldn’t you take care of your home?! That’s you’re way of contributing and showing your appreciation.

In conclusion, I just prefer a man to lead and I trust his guidance. Submission and letting a man lead is not subservient at all. It shouldn’t be looked at that way. It’s takes a strong woman to submit to a man to relinquish control, since we are taught to not need a man. By a man leading I get to be a feminine woman. It shouldn’t make me feel less of a woman because I prefer to stand beside my man, support him, and be his anchor when he needs me. If he’s nurturing my independence and doesn’t see it as a threat, why not?? Men, (the good ones) deal with a lot of crap every day and women really make it hard on them. At the end of the day, he just wants to relax and be in your graceful feminine energy.

When You Stop looking

I was looking for an earring, that I dropped and I knew it was in the house somewhere, I got a bit annoyed because I couldn’t find it. I looked for it, for almost an hour, as it was my favorite pair of earrings, that I spent a lot of money on. I looked everywhere. No sign of it. As soon as I stopped looking for it, it was right in front of my face.

Isn’t that a lot like love? Or anything else that we want in life? When we stop looking for it, it comes to us. We find it. A lot of people are so confused and think its weird that I don’t date. I’m simply not a dater. Never have been, never will be. If I meet someone and we become friends, and it spontaneously develops into something more, I’m open to that.

I’m very big on friendship, as it means a lot to me and I believe its the foundation for any relationship, especially close intimate ones. Some people do not like the friendship phase, they want out of the friend zone. I like being in the friend zone, because I get to learn more about a person. I get to asses whether or not I want to share any part of myself with this person. I’m not the type of woman who just jumps into things, like most people I know.

Society says, you have to date around, maybe even have a few lovers to see what you like and want. You can date, if you choose to, but that doesn’t mean you have to have sex with everyone and make soul ties. It’s nice to meet new people, don’t get me wrong, but you just can’t share your heart and body with everyone. Not everyone is meant to know the real you.

I remember a friend of mine set me up on a blind double date. I wasn’t pleased by this kind of gesture at all. I wish she would have told me. The evening started off nice but the guy thought, just because we had things in common, that we should date. He was a bit aggressive and I just wanted to go home. I gave my friend that death stare, like get me outta here, please!!!! It was an epic fail. I didn’t even enjoy dinner as the place was loud and not intimate.

People think I have a problem with meeting men, I don’t. I can put a stop to my single life anytime if I choose to. But I’m not, until I’m ready. I am a firm believer that when you stop looking for love, it will find you and the person you are meant to meet, will find you as well. All you have to do is get and be clear about what you want and why you want it and sprinkle that with a dash of faith and Gods timing.

What you seek is seeking you- Rumi

When you meet people, its not by accident. Every soul you come in contact with is part of the journey. I don’t believe in one soul mate. I believe you meet people where you are in life, that are meant to change you and you are meant to change them and evolve. Some people in this lifetime, are blessed to find their one true love, but before that I’m sure they dated.

When you evolve in life, and outgrow someone it’s time to move one, doesn’t mean that you don’t still love each other. Sometimes relationships don’t always work out. There are no guarantees in life with anyone or anything. All that matters is that you loved while you had the chance, with no regrets.

I personally don’t like dating, I can’t share my mind with that many men. I don’t want to go out on dates, kiss men and sleep with men, that I have no interest in being with long term, just for a quick release. I don’t use people for my own personal gain and sexual satisfaction.

Why should I have to date and conform, to society’s rules?! Whose american dream is that?, It’s not mine…I simply don’t have to, I write my own script, I follow my own rules. I’m not missing out on anything, trust me. One will say the world is full of men/women, have fun. Sorry but that’s not my idea of fun.

I don’t want to do a test drive. If the sex isn’t good, one can be taught to be a better lover. I don’t have to go through multiple people. I don’t need to download dating apps and do online dating. I keep a close circle of people I meet.

I believe that the person I am meant to be with, will show up in Gods timing. Until then, my mind, my heart, my body and my spirit is guarded, kept under lock and key for the one who truly deserves it….. and that to me is a great feeling!

Life Is Happening As It Should

Many times in life when something goes wrong or even when something goes right or our way, we tend to say, “Damn! I wish this would have happened at this time, or why didn’t I meet you earlier and shoulda, coulda, woulda…

Some of us seriously need to stop this. If it was meant to happen it would have. Whatever happen to saying thank you and being in the moment?!

What about the lessons one has learned? The people they have met. How one has evolved? Theres are ebbs and flow in life and yes, one can always want more and to wish things into existence but life doesn’t work that way.

I’ve been growing through a lot of sh*t in my life lately, more than I care to mention and I’m like, ok God, what’s up, LOL?? But as quick as that pops up in my head, is as quick as it leaves and I just have to be still and be silent and listen.

We all want answers but sometimes there is none at the moment. Just lessons and sometimes the answers and lessons comes as a package deal, and it’s meant to be redeemed later on in life.

When the answer finally does come and you reflect and think back you can say, “ok, now I get it, I see what happened, now I understand” and you’ll know for next time.

Despite everything I’m going through, I have evolved in so many ways and discovered my love and passion for writing again, just by meeting someone new. When I turned 35 something just changed in me, I can’t really explain it but I felt born again.

I could exhale, surrender and didn’t have to be strong all the time. I could let down my guard a little and not be so stern.

Boy did It feel good to take off that protective armor. It was weighing me down. I was probably scaring off a lot of people and didn’t even know it, especially with my death stare or the way I cut my eyes, when I don’t want to be bothered.

People, men in particular, have always told me I look intimidating, until they talk to me and realize I’m not stuck up but I’m a sweet, calm, peaceful person, at least I think so :). But when I’m tired, I’m tired. I just don’t feel like talking, I feel like I have nothing to give.

I need to recharge, then I will be good to listen and respond and I can admit, yes I didn’t want to be bothered. Especially when it came to men. As soon as they look at me or say something, I’m like don’t even think about it.

I probably could have scared off a good guy, but I just wasn’t open to it. Not with all the stuff I’m going through. How could I add someone to my chaotic life, it wasn’t happening and to deal with their wants and needs. Who knows maybe by me taking the focus off myself, the help, the answers, and lessons I needed, could have come from someone I met.

It just takes a minute for me to open up and let someone get that close to me.

But overall, I knew that just because I was dealing with some things, that I was going to be ok. If something different would have happened in my life or if I would have been somewhere else, I would have never met the people that I met.

I’ve met people online that I feel I have known my whole life, that I feel very much close to and its all because, I let go of toxic relationships and asked God to bring new genuine souls in my life.

I was open to change and wanted to evolve and wanted to be seen and understood, because the people in my life were draining me, on all levels and it was time to do some spring, winter cleaning before the new year came in and to change my number.

I wanted to be around and connect with like minds. Other creative souls who had more to talk about than just materialistic things. I needed to connect with other HSPs other Introverts. More people who had more depth and wanted to express themselves and I got more than what I bargained for.

When I met Brenda Knowles I felt like I finally found another kindred spirit, my soul sister, who finally understood me as an HSP and Introvert. I read her words and I’m like are you in my head, LOL… Brenda and her blog has truly been a blessing to me. Words can not express, the gratitude I feel to have found her site and to befriend her.

Purely God sent! I honestly feel like the next guy I decide to be with, is going to need to refer to her blog in order to understand me, lol and introversion because to men (even female friends) take it personal when I want to be alone.

I recall my ex thinking I was cheating and he was following me, when I was simply sitting in the park listening to music. If I was cheating, it was with myself for some much needed solitude. It wasn’t another man. I wanted to hear my own thoughts. I remembered when I checked myself into a hotel for one night, just to be able to sleep alone and for some silence I was craving and he showed up.

I had a big WTF moment. I got tired of being awakened when I kept weird hours and his snoring was keeping me up. I never wanted to live with this guy and he just moved in on me. But anyway

Brenda always takes time, when she has time, to answer me back and others because she genuinely cares. She doesn’t have to, she wants to. And as much as I write, I genuinely appreciate when anyone reads what I write because some don’t. Its hard to find people like that…If you are not following her, you need to.

Yes! God does answer prayers. Because I recognized when they are answered, especially if it was something that I asked for, that was brought to me in the right timing. As humans we want what we want but no need to fret.

Life is happening as it should.

There’s no need to rush anything or try to control the outcome. Gods got this! Relax, breathe! Know that whatever you want will come to you, maybe even more than you expected.

Miracles happen all the time. Life has many blessings all the time, with people, with things you need and may even want and positions you want to be placed in. Waking up everyday is a blessing in itself.

Sometimes trying to control an outcome, you end up not getting what you wanted and things become even more complicated. I don’t have all the answers and no one does but I know that I have to have faith and just hold on to it.

Nothing bad last forever.

We tend to believe in things we see and not what we can’t see, but the best things that happen in our lives, is when we have faith. When we wish our lives away and have doubts, we are saying we don’t have faith, that we don’t believe.

We must know that words are powerful and so is our vibration.

I’m grateful for the ups and downs, the different turns in life, what I thought I wanted that I didn’t get, bullets that have been dodged… because it was truly for my greater good. It has led me to new experiences, it has helped me evolve and it has led me to new people and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

My life will never be the same, with the new souls that have stepped into my life to help me along my journey. I hope they never leave.

For that I say thank you God!