Men…..This Is How You Impress A Woman

I was talking to a dear friend of mine, that inspired this post. Before I continue, I’m still shocked at what he told me. I’ll get to that in a minute. Before I continue, you remember that old AT&T commercial, when the jingle said “reach out and touch someone”?? Well, thats exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to reach through the phone and shake some sense into this man.

What he said to me, deserves a shake and a slap on both cheeks. He’s lucky he lives in another state, but when I see him, he’s gonna get it, lol.  I’m not letting that shit go, LOL. I know he’s going to read this and laugh but I don’t care, he inspired this post. And this is what friends do when they care :). So now I have to, lovingly indirectly, put him on blast to spark up a conversation :).

My mouth dropped open, after he told me, that he spent $200-300 on dinner to impress a woman.

Yeah.! You read right! You’re eyes are not deceiving you. I thought my ears were, when I asked him to repeat himself… it was actually a rhetorical question. And that didn’t even include theater or concert tickets. But anyway, and this is not the first time. I’m still baffled by this, that I had to write a post about it. I, as a woman can’t understand why a meal to impress a woman, would have to cost so much?! Oh excuse me a 3-4 course meal. Like dude, what are you ordering?!

I wonder if he took some of that food home??!!.Well that’s not the point, the point is, that he spent a ridiculous amount of money on food for one night. I hope he had sense to get a doggie bag. I can’t even eat food costing that amount of money. I get full off a salad, biscuits and the appetizers and I’m ready to go home before the main meal arrives. I don’t even like eating out to much, waiting for food, the crowded atmosphere. It’s to much. But some women do.

Which begs the question…. Do women really measure a man’s love by how much money he spends on her? Sadly enough, a lot of women do. They figure the more money he spends, the more he likes/loves me. They feel special and worth it, even if they never see the guy again. I’m not sure who started this trend, but it needs to stop. Measuring your own worth by a free meal, is that really all of who you are and worth? You can’t cook your own meal?!! Some women reading this, will probably have their own POV and say, “hey, if he got it like that and he wants to spend that amount of money on me, go right ahead.” I just don’t get?!

Some women require a man to spend money on them and take them to an expensive restaurant or buy them expensive things. Those jewelry commercials are not for men. They say, “diamonds are a girl best friend” Really?! Not this one. that money on jewelry could be a down payment on a house or condo or and investment. I don’t get the jewelry thing, but then again, I’m not your average woman. I know women who like to date, just to get free meals. They put a price tag on their worth. Even though you have these high maintenance women out there.

There are simple, low maintenance women out there, like me and a few others. It’s really the thought that counts, as long as you don’t take me to a fast food restaurant. We’re good! Shit, you can buy me a smoothie and a blueberry muffin or a  vanilla chai tea and you’ll be my best friend 🙂 It’s the fact that you thought about me and care about what I like.

I would appreciate more if a man cooked for me once I got to know him. Now that’s impressive! 

I told my friend I would really feel uncomfortable with a man, that I don’t love or may not even like, spending that amount of money on me. I just would. Food and sitting down to break bread with someone is a very intimate thing for me. I have to really like you, if I’m going to go out and have dinner with you. Good food, good company.

This is the reason why, when some men spend a lot of money on a woman, and if the date is going good, they would expect to get some type of action by the end of the night.  I’ll let your imagination wander….I’m not saying all men are pigs, just half of them, LOL… Jokes, LOL. oh man, I crack myself up! Anyway.

And I’m just going to keep it real, judge me if you want. I really don’t care :). If I was a guy, and I spent that amount of money on a woman. I would probably expect it too, even though I probably would not get it. I’m just being honest. She better at least kiss me, lol. But if the guy doesn’t get any thing or expect anything, then he’s just really being nice, then he really is a gentlemen, hoping his expensive gesture, will land him the woman of his dreams.

There’s nothing wrong with impressing a woman, but at least let that amount of money include something besides dinner. Take me to vegas! A concert, the theater. Shit, I could make whatever he wants to eat since I love to cook. Damn! That’s a grocery bill. When I splurge on food, sometimes I go over, close to $400 but that will last me for about a good 5-6 weeks, if not more.

I just feel like a man should not have to spend that amount of money, just to impress a woman, even if he is courting her. But some women require it… why I don’t know. The last guy that took me out spent $42 and I had a great time. I wind up taking the food home and desert. The problem with spending this amount of money on the wrong woman or a high maintenance woman, is that she will expect you to keep that up. When you finally do have the woman that you want and you stop, she’s going to wonder what happen.

The possibilities are endless on what you can do with $200-$300. Hmmm…that reminds me of this cookware set I saw, and this lovely dinnerware set I saw, great for entertaining, oh and a countertop convection oven I saw on QVC, that was on flex pay, I gotta get me one of those…(I hate turning on the big oven sometimes) and this kitchen aid stand mixer…..Oh I’m sorry, I got lost in my thoughts, LOL… my bad!. I really gotta stop doing that, LOL. I can’t help it! Talking about home goods for the kitchen just gets to me all excited, LOL. I feel like going to home depot right now…. there I go again, LOL….As I was saying before I drifted off to domestic heaven, LOL.

I’ll tell you what’s really impressive during the courting stage…… CONSISTENCY!!!

This is how you impress a woman, by being a gentlemen. Being PUNTCUAL! I can’t stand a man who’s late. Being a man of your word. Being a good listener. Being attentive. Being romantic. Finding out what kind of music she likes. Not rushing to get physical. Being chivalrous. Not texting to much. Calling when you say you will. Giving her your undivided attention. looking her in the eyes when you talk to her. Not making a woman feel insecure about your actions, directly or indirectly. Caring about her feelings. Being yourself, being spontaneous. Being a man of great character. Being kind. Making a woman laugh. All of this doesn’t cost money, let alone $300.

I believe a man can impress a woman by all of the above, if he stays consistent and genuine. I like a man who likes to save money. My ex ate out a lot and it bothered me, because he had a woman who cooked. I had to stop going out with him, because it was costing him and me and I didn’t even know I was paying..(thats a another story. I don’t even have time to go there.) I eventually dumped him, LOL haaa haaa…

I told my friend and he probably thought I was joking, but I told him to use a Groupon, LOL. I was serious, LOL. and told him to download the app and pay for that meal in advance or have the waiter scan his phone. Shit!, LOL! Go to a buffet. Pay one price and eat all you want. Share a meal, act like you’re in high school and you’re broke, lol. Buy something that you both can eat.

See if the woman, likes you for you and not the things you can buy her, that will come later. A first date doesn’t always have to involve going out to eat, unless you get hungry later. Find out what she likes to do before you take her out. That’s just my advice to men. I personally don’t like to eat out when I’m not hungry.

In conclusion…I hope he never spends that amount of money on food again for himself or a woman. If he does he better not tell me, because I will have a pile of shakes and slaps waiting for him :). LOL. But he knows he’s my friend and I love him 🙂 and I’m just looking out for him because a woman probably has never said this to him.

I would really like to know your thoughts on this article. Feel free to leave a comment! Hope you enjoyed!

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