Do People Respect Your Home? Are You An Easy Person To Live With?

Martin Lawrence” Respect my house” We all remember the fight episode on Martin when, he invited people over and he wanted them to respect him house. He wanted ‘Bruh man, from the fif flo’, lol to not touch his stuff, to not go through his refrigerator and to respect the rules of his house.

Thats how I feel about my space. As a domestic cancerian and spiritual person. I am very concerned about the energy that enters my home. I like a peaceful quiet home and most people, that when they come over, they can’t just be, any type of way in my house. Walls hold energy. I don’t like people cursing or being loud in my home. I don’t like loud TV’s either. I don’t like arguing in my house or anything that will disturb the energy in my house.

At the end of the day, when I get home and I’m relaxing, I like things to be clean and in order and smelling good. People when they visit me. It’s hard to get them to leave because it so peaceful, clean and quiet. And I want to keep it that way.

People have tried to treat my home, like they treat theres and that’s a big NO, NO! I rarely ever have company, because people tend to touch my shit or break it. Anyone who knows me, knows I hate an unkept home. I’m that person that I want you to use a coaster, a tray to eat off of and if you drop something on my carpet or couch, I’ll have a hand vac, ready to clean it.

Most people are annoyed when I do this, but this is my house and it needs to be respected. I also don’t like when people leave their shoes on, upon entering my house. There are several reasons for this. Well, for one it’s out of respect that when you come from outside, and enter someone’s home, you take off your shoes, just as if you would take off your hat. Also, you don’t want to bring outside dirt or debris into someones clean space. A lot of people fail to realize that this is how their carpet or floors end up dirty.

I have gotten in small quarrels with people, who refuse to respect the rules of my house.  I’m not a difficult person to live with, it’s other people I have to worry about. That’s another thing about co-habitating, that I just can not stand. People know that I’m a very clean person borderline OCD. I rather be that than a slob. I’m ALWAYS cleaning someone’s home in someway or else I can’t stay there. I just don’t see the purpose of a mess.

The one thing I CAN’T STAND is when I clean something, and someone comes in, right behind me and leaves my kitchen and bathroom a mess.

I feel like my head is going to spin around like Linda Blair in the exorcist, LOL…If I clean something, why is it dirty again?!. I feel like really?!! You can’t wash that cup or plate, right away?? I’m a clean as you go person. By the time, I finished with whatever it is I’m cooking, the kitchen is spotless. You can’t even tell I cooked in it. I don’t let dishes pile up.

I hear a lot of people complain that they hate cooking, because they don’t like to clean up after. Well, if you clean as the food is cooking, then you will not have a sink full of dishes. Theres your solution right there. You have to get the mess, before it gets you. It’s really not that hard, but people make it difficult.

When I see that someone’s house is a mess. I’m wondering how did they let it get that bad. I know people who let their dishes stay in the sink for weeks, maybe even months, out of pure laziness. I once had someone tell me I was stuck up and too clean. This woman’s house look like a bomb hit it, so of course my home seemed abnormal to her. She even said her kids father was a clean freak, so when they broke up, she called herself rebelling and leaving her house a mess, since there was nobody around to tell her what to do.

Just because I like a clean home, doesn’t mean I’m going to be cleaning up, every single day after someone. They say finances is one of the main reasons, why people divorce or break up. Well, that’s one but the other one is someone being lazy and being a slob. I’ll break up with someone or one of us is going to have to move out, because thats the one thing I refuse to deal with on a long term basis.

Any man that I marry, is going to have to respect the fact, that I like a clean home. I’m not arguing about it. There’s no compromising on it. I want my home kept clean, plain and simple! End of discussion.

I simply like for people to respect how I like to live especially in my own home or if i’m going to be in someone else’s home. When someone leaves any kind of mess, it’s shows me that you don’t respect my space and you don’t respect for your own space. For the most part, I’m calm and peaceful, it takes a lot to get me upset.

My mom taught me to clean my room,  to clean up after myself and where ever I go. Even when I’m at a hotel, I clean up and change my own sheets. I treat it as if it were my own. The only thing housekeeping has to do it clean the toilet and tub. I’ve gotten many compliments that I keep my room smelling good and bathroom, when most don’t in a hotel. I try to leave it the way it looked when I got there. I’ll make the bed too, lol. Thats because I make my own bed.

The way I am, about my dwelling is not a bad thing, but people make it seem like it is, because they don’t see the point as to why I’m annoyed, that my stove is dirty or sink has a fork or spoon in it. I’m the same way in the workplace. I’m not perfect but thats what my bosses loved about me, is that I was clean and organized. I organized the snack door and refrigerator, lol. The snack drawer was a mess and you couldn’t find anything. One day the CEO saw me one putting the snacks in and he said, “oh you’re the one that organized that drawer.” For 15 years the receptionist just always threw stuff in there.

I just always respect where I live and where I work and when I’m in other peoples homes. I feel everyone should be this way. The number one complaint I hear from men, is that they meet women who don’t know how to keep their house clean and I just feel like both sexes should be clean. But as women we should know how to keep house.

With me its pretty simple, respect my house and respect my space and we’ll get along just fine!



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