Why Are Some Women So Materialistic?

I get emailed this question all the time. From men who are looking for a good quality woman. They want to know, the million dollar question. Why are some women so materialistic? And as a woman, I really do not understand this myself, but I will do my best to answer this question, because I would like to know too, LOL. I’ll do my best to offer some insight. I’m not this type of woman, so maybe we can get to the bottom of this together, lol :).

Somewhere a long the way, women were taught, whether it was by society, someone in their family, friends or books, who the hell knows, that the way to measure a man’s love for you, or to see if he is interested in you, is by getting him to buy you materialistic things. And somewhere along the way men responded. They figured the only way to receive a woman’s love and affection is to buy her an expensive dinner and to court her and buy her things, in order to keep her around.

Lets face it, women run the whole game of whether or not they want to be with a guy in the first place. It’s not fair but its true. Women use this to their advantage. When a woman offers her body up to a man. A man is happy, willing and able. He’s not gonna say no, come on!

This golden opportunity may not come again. Some women keep placing their self worth in a free expensive meal or a materialistic item of some sort. Women feel men are suppose to do these things and in reality and man is not suppose to do shit, for you unless you earn it, or simply because he wants to. These expectations that some women have are really ridiculous.

If you simply google, this title or any other title concerning materialistic women, you will see many searches, of men asking the same question.

My brother asked me this question and he said, I thought women were like you and mom. When he started to date. Especially when it came to working, cooking and keeping a clean house. I took it as a compliment because it showed that we were a good example, even though I’m younger than he is. I just assured him that the right woman would come a long and that she will love him for who he is, and not the things money can buy. The term gold-digger wasn’t invented for nothing. When Valentines day rolls around, who do they target?? Women. Those jewelry commercials are not of men.

They say “diamonds are a girl best friend”. Who the hell started that rumor?? Because it sure as hell ain’t mine. You see in todays world and it has gotten worse with worldly women being so vain and very much so into their looks. Most women care about a man’s money before they look to his heart to see what type of man he is. Some women will not date, let alone marry a man if he does not drive a certain type of car or make a certain amount of money. And I find if very sickening because you have good men out there, but women are blinded by the money and what they can get.

I was watching the Steve Harvey show a few months ago and Steve asked this woman, what type of man she was looking for and the first thing that came out her mouth, is that he has a to have a good job and that he has to be able to take care of her. She didn’t mention what type of quality man she wanted. Her main thing was, his wealth and what he has. And judging by her instagram profile, (which they showed pictures of ), you can tell that she only dates wealthy men. One of her photos was on a yacht.

Check out another clip of these materialistic twins I love how the last guy checked up. They have the audacity to want real men and they look like fake barbie dolls. Theres no pleasing women like this at all. They will never get a good man unless they change their attitudes.

Any man can have a job but the questions these women should be asking is, is he a God fearing man? Will he treat me good? Does he treat his mother and woman with respect? Is he the type of man that would deb a great husband and father and provider? A guy can make good money and treat a  woman like shit and be abusive, and I’ve seen woman in abusive relationships with these types of men, and then they will buy them something and all is forgiven. It’s sad!

For the life of me, I will never understand why women spend so much money on hair, shoes and make-up. It’s ok to want to look nice and polished but come on now, hundreds and even several thousands of dollars on shoes. I saw the price for a pair of Christion Louboutins and my jaw dropped, when I saw that one of their pairs of shoes was for $1,800. I would never in a million years spend $1,800 on a pair of shoes. I don’t see the point. The heel was so high and it just looked uncomfortable. I’m not fucking up my feet to draw attention to myself and be admired by other women for what?

The most I ever spent on shoes was $80. I keep it at $100 or less. It would be a cold day in hell before I spend $1,800 or more on a pair of shoes. I could see if it was many shoes and clothes included but one pair. Are ya crazy?!!! It would never happen. It really annoys me when I hear women talking about materialistic things and how much they can get from a guy and checking out his car and wondering how much he has in his bank account. That’s not going to determine the type of man, father or husband that he can be. I asked a friend of mine during christmas what was the point of a $900 iPad that she got for her 4 year old toddler.

I was really trying to understand why, she was measuring her or her daughters worth by the value of an electronic device. I wanted to know, how she became this way. And when she told me about her mother, the only thing she mentioned was the things her mother bought her, no other fond memories. I talked about music with my mom, conversations we had, things she taught me, fond memories of us cooking and all she spoke about were the things her mother bought her.

So now, she’s doing the same thing with her daughter. And I told her, “you can’t get mad when your daughter, constantly ask you to buy her toys and clothes and she doesn’t appreciate the value of a dollar . You’re raising her to be this way. A toddler should not know about shoe shopping and clothes and expensive toys but that’s all you do is shop and she’s picking up this behavior”. She told me, she will out grow it and she hasn’t. I seen her at her 5 year old birthday party and the girl is spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. She told me, she just wants to give her child the things she never had. A child needs love. Not a $900 iPad.

The little girl even asked me, if I could buy her something, because her mother said no. I’ve seen her walk up to people in her family and ask them, if they can buy her something, because her mom is exuding this behavior. There’s nothing wrong with giving your child the best, but it needs to be earned. Times are different now, when I was a child, if I wanted something I worked for it. I had a job. I had to do chores and keep my grades up. My mom taught me the true value of a dollar.

Now a days women are just spoil and they expect that if a man loves them, he will literally buy them the world. Women have been known to dump a good man, just because he can’t support her expensive shopping habits. I saw a woman on “divorce court” wanting her husband to get an extra college degree and work an extra job, just to keep up with her lifestyle. This woman started making more money and she wanted her husband to make more money. Never mind that he was a great husband and took care of his wife and kids. She wanted more, she wanted a bigger house and more cars and Judge lynn Toler, read that ungrateful woman her rights. She got no sympathy from her. There was no throw men under the bus bitch fest.

Women are always claiming they want a good man and when they get one, they try to change him emasculate him and treat him like shit, based off of money. Some women really do not appreciate a good man at all. Women claim they can’t find a good man, based off of their long list, but men don’t have that long list like women do. I personally don’t think any man should be spending a lot of money on a woman, unless it’s actually going somewhere. Gifts should be for someone you love, they should be for a friend or because you simply want to, if the guy feels the female is worth it.

It’s 2016 and some women will never stop being materialistic. They just won’t. I would never put my own self worth in the value of material things. That is not why I was born. That is not the woman, God intended for me to be. I know how men feel when it comes to women wanting them, for their money or material things because a man did this to me. I got rid of him, LOL. All I can say is hang in there men, the right woman will come along and love you for you.

I suggest you test a woman, if you bring her out on a date, don’t go to an expensive restaurant, ask her things about material possessions and money to see how she is. Pay attention to how she looks, if she wears a lot of make up, if all her clothes, hair and accessories are name brand. There’s ways to find out if you are dating a materialistic woman so you don’t get blindsided later on in life. If she looks like walking money, then she’ll expect to you keep up her habit. Until then good luck out there in the dating world!



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