Selfless And Genuine People are Hard To Come By

We live in a world, where its hard to find genuine selfless people. A lot of people say things, but their actions don’t follow. Some people may have good intentions when they say something but to follow through, takes to much of their time. It’s nice when others recognize your selfless love acts. When you care about others, whether you know them or not, should not be overlooked. A lot of people take for granted, when they have a loving kind person in their life who cares and shows that they care. They think that this type of love will always be around.

When you give of your love, time and self. Its a godly sacrifice, not so much so, to please others, but to please god. There are so many ways to show that you love and care about someone. Sometimes people are taken aback by words or kind gestures that are extended to them from strangers. These people have been hurt and taken for granted in the past, that they just have their guard up with everyone. Love has worked against them, instead of for them…. Its hard to know who you can really trust. When you let someone get close to you, regardless of the length of time, they do have the power to hurt you, but your intuition will guide you and let you know, if this person is genuine or not. You just have to be yourself, a persons true intentions, whether good or bad, will be revealed in time.

A childhood friend of mine, called me out, with love, on my selfless ways….when I do something for someone or say something, I do it because its a reflection of myself and love. A person can give away as much love as they want to…. I treat people the way I want to be treated. The things that I was told is no surprise to me, because I know me :)… it was just nice to hear it…because I don’t do or say anything to impress people.. I was told that I am fiercely loyal, thoughtful and trustworthy and that no matter how many years have gone by, I always keep in touch.. I’m cancer what can I say, lol… Its hard to find people like that in life. If you come across them, keep them, don’t do anything to ruin that relationship.

My friend pointed out to me, that no matter what I’m doing or what I’m going through, I’m always there with my undivded attention and listening ear and advice. And I was just thanked for helping in anyway. I just feel like if your a good friend, like really a good friend and you don’t abuse that title, you can asses when someone needs something or if they need you. Sometimes its not always easy for someone to come out and ask for something or to let others know they are hurting. If you pay attention and listen with your heart… you will be able to tell, when someone needs something and bless them with your act of love.

People just want to know if you care. if you know people that go out of their way to show and tell you how much they care, if they haven’t heard from you, don’t neglect that, because what you deflect, someone else will be there to receive, what you don’t want or feel you deserve…I realize that a lot of people have a hard time recognizing genuine , selfless people, because you have a lot of opportunist and selfish people in the world. Their main objective is to see what they can get.

On some level, we all have our guard up at some point. As much as we hate to admit it, everyone that comes into our life, is going to have to pay for what someone else did or didn’t do….someone is going to put you through months, maybe even years to prove to them, that you are who you say you are…Time with a person can be elusive,…. you can know someone for years and they can change on you and their intentions can be malicious. Then you can meet someone and know them for a few hours or days and they can just be an angel passing by and change your life forever…..People tend to hold love, time, trust and their heart captive out of fear…..Even from the people they want to get to know and want to eventually love.

A closed heart can never receive love from a selfless act of love. It will be blocked and questioned from all angles. Isn’t it funny that when you say and do something from your heart people question it…..instead of just saying thank you….they are quick to question and delve deeper and wonder, why is this person being so nice?? but if you act mean, thats acceptable???!! WTF!!!……Men have flat out said to me, “yeah you seem nice and your beautiful and have a nice personality…., but I don’t know if I can trust you”?!!!! When I hear that, I don’t know it I can trust you…Red flag- trust issues and inconsistency….you want to trust a woman, but you don’t want to give and be open to have them trust you… why is this one sided??? some stuff, you just shouldn’t say out loud.

People like that, are hard to get through, and it doesn’t matter how much, love you show them, they will always be on the defense. At some point this will become exhausting….. it’s draining when you give to much love and do not receive….there needs to be a balance…You really have to have an open heart and mind, when it comes to love and people doing things for you. Consistency is tested on their behalf, but not given. Some people need so much love, that they are expecting you to fill them up with it, they are love deprived but it is not being reciprocated… at some point you will have to slow down and love them, from afar and eventually stop.

When that person is ready to receive your love, only time will tell if it will be available..sometimes love is only available for a limited time only…its like a special you have to hurry up and catch.


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