Does It Really Take A Loss To Appreciate Someone?

I say no. For others the answer is yes.

For some reason, it seems like some people only appreciate others and what they do, when they walk out of their lives in some way, whether it’s by them leaving or even in death. I hear all the time, the regret people have for not showing others love when they have them.

You see it all the time, people asking and looking for a second chances.  Sometimes they’ll get it, sometimes they won’t. Why is it that when we ask God for someone and they appear, we don’t treat them with the love they deserve.

I’ve always wondered why the people I cut ties with, always seem to want to re-enter my life in some way.  Whether it’s an ex, a friend or family member. Why is it that they appreciate me and the things I said or did after I cut them off? Relationships are about give and take, which some people tend to forget.

Why does it take a loss to appreciate someone?? It shouldn’t. Maybe it’s because people think that you’re always going to be around. We think that they’ll always be our safety net.

As time passes people tend to take advantage, of the love you show them and they don’t know how to show the same love back. I understand people make mistakes, but how many times can you keep giving someone a chance, before you say enough is enough and walk away.

What some people fail to realize, is that they dug their own grave. People need to take full responsibility in the part they play, in having a relationship come to an end. I was recently contacted last year by a TV producer asking me, if I wanted to come on a talk show because someone wanted a second chance with me.

I automatically know who this was Ever since social media emerged, every year throughout the year, when this guy is  between girlfriends, he tries to contact me in some way. He keeps telling me about the things he appreciated that I did for him, how I was the best girlfriend he ever had, and how he’s thinking of me. He befriended all of my friends on one of my face books accounts. I mean the guy will not stop.

He still keeping hope alive. I just think it’s pathetic and sad. I simply ignore him. I declined this offer to be brought on national TV, as my past personal life will not be, put on public display for the whole world to see. My last relationship the same thing. Now you miss how I held you down, when you had nothing and believed in you? Now you miss my cooking?

Now you miss how simple I was? Now you want to tell me, how much of a good woman, I was and how sexy and beautiful I am? Really?? But the years you had me, you made me feel invisible and took advantage of my presence and the love I showed you.

Right!! An ex is an ex for a reason. The same with friendships, now you miss how I had your back and the talks I gave you and how I was always there no matter what I was doing.

Why do we fuck up genuine relationships with the people in our lives??

Why is it that we are unable to really appreciate, when someone takes the time out to call us, to text us back or email us to visit us. Why is it that we push genuine people away? I’ll never understand this as I am not this type of person. It really shouldn’t have to take a loss in any way to appreciate someone.

Life gets busy, but really how hard is it, for people to feel the presence of your love in some way. Is it really that hard to pick up the phone, for them to hear your voice? Is it really that hard to be thoughtful and kind, without wanting something in return?

Whatever happen to real love?! Real friendship?! Being a man or woman of your word?

I guess all these questions will always have big questions marks. If someone doesn’t appreciate you and all that you do, you have no choice but to walk away, for your own sanity.


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