An Open Letter To The Next Man Who Chooses To Love Me

Please know that I am fiercely independent and I’m not used to anyone doing anything for me.

Please know that it’s vital for me to love myself first and that I must be happy first, before I can love and be happy with you.

Please know that there will be days where I am simply quiet and just want to be left alone and this has nothing to do with the fact that I do not love you.

Please know that my heart has been broken and it will take a minute for me to get used to the love you show me. And that I will do my best to not push you away and feel suffocated.

Please know that I am not used to letting anyone know, where I am and what I’m doing because I’ve been alone for so long. And not only that no one has ever cared.

Please know that when I am quiet, I am just in my head, reflecting, having a conversation with God.

Please know that my introversion is just who I am and that I need my space.

Please know that once I recharge, you have my full undivided attention.

Please know that I want to love and be loved.

Please know that my nurturing ways have been taken advantage of and that I hope that you will not take my love for granted.

Please know that I have a lot of love to give, I just need some time to slowly peel alway the layers of my broken heart.

Please know that it is not easy for me to let anyone in, as I am very careful with whom I give my heart to.

Please know that I am not argumentative and that I need a peaceful and quiet home.

Please know that some days, I may not want to go out. I may just want to stay home and do nothing.

Please know that music is everything to me and that I need it, like I need oxygen to breathe.

Please know that I am a simple woman, but although I’m simple I do have high standards.

Please know that I will expect you to be a man of your word, as I will be a woman of mine. If you can not do this then there is no need for you to be in my life.

Please know that if we choose to embark on this love, soul journey that love is meant to ascend us higher.

Please know that I need you to be romantic and affectionate. There will be days when I just want you to hold me and dance with me.

Please know that it will take time for us to make love to each others souls, as I do not share my heart, body an mind with anyone just easily.

Please know that I will never, ask you to choose me first and that we have to choose each other. That there is no right or wrong.

Please know that I need consistency. Please do not think that once you have me, that you do not have to show your love to me anymore.

Please know that I would rather you hurt me with the truth, than lie to me.

Please know that I am trusting you with my heart and that I hope you will take care of it. Not that you will never disappoint me, but because you know my love and who I am is totally worth it.

Please know that I am woman of faith. A daughter of God and that God has put me in your path, for you to guide me, to help me grow and to complement my life. But in order to do this, you must be a man of God also.

Please know it is your duty to honor, love and respect me. As I will do the same.

Please know that you must appreciate me, while I’m here and never ever take me for granted as I will do the same.


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Next Man Who Chooses To Love Me

    1. Thank you :). I know and believe we all want love and love can be a beautiful thing and yet scary at the same time. Some of us wear our heart on our sleeves and are waiting for true love.


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