Helpful Tips For Eating Out

Someone asked me for healthy tips when dining out.

Here is my number one helpful tip for dining out…. DON’T!!!!

Yup that’s it! LOL 🙂

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of much assistance here on this topic, because I do not eat out. I’m old school. My mom cooked everyday. I’m a woman who cooks. If I have a taste for something, I go to the store buy the items I need and I make the dish that I have a taste for. I really don’t trust strangers to make my food.

Eating out is to expensive, to many health hazards, it’s not clean all the time. They add fillers to food. It’s not fresh. The food is bland. Employees or customers don’t always wash their hands. They don’t always wear gloves. The bathrooms are dirty, It’s to crowded. It’s noisy. This is not a home environment nor is it intimate, to eat with a bunch of strangers.

There are a lot of food born illness in restaurants. Unless you go to a really expensive restaurant, the food is not freshly prepared. Who knows how long it’s been in the freezer. Some foods like meats are freezer burned and reheated. Don’t eat iceberg lettuce, its 98% water, no nutritional value. It’s cheap and that’s why restaurants buy it.

Don’t spend $10-$25 on a salad when you can buy your own and control what you put in it. Restaurants are only after your money and making things taste good, they could care less about your health, your caloric intake or your waistline.

Save your money, spend a little bit more and buy fresh and organic and get your ass in the kitchen and cook at home. It’s healtheir. Take your breakfast and lunch to work with you. Be frugal, eat your leftovers. You’ll save time and once again, you’ll save money.

Eating out everyday adds up, that money could go towards something else. If you don’t know how to cook, learn, stop being lazy, lol….. go on pinterest, youtube, watch the cooking channel or the food network, pick up a cookbook or take a cooking class.

In this day and age there is no reason why someone shouldn’t know how to cook. If you’re single find time. If you have kids or if you’re married, you definitely shouldn’t be eaten out. Children need home cooked nutritious meals, that they can’t get from a restaurant or fast food joint.

Stop buying frozen microwaveable meals. That sh*t is processed. If you want something frozen to eat real quick and pop in the oven, cook it and freeze it yourself. Read the labels, if you can’t pronounce it, neither will your body.

That’s all I got for you! Thanks for reading! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Helpful Tips For Eating Out

    1. LOL…yup that was my only tip. lol… Home cooked meals have a lot of love in it. So many creative things you can do with food. You should see my face when people try to take me out sometimes, I feel like I’m being sentenced, lol…I love it when people cancel on me, lol…I don’t want to spend money on food, when I can cook the same thing if not better.


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