Should I Fix My Man A Plate Of Food?? Really?!!! WTF!!!

Ok, I have got to put my two cents in on this topic….because this sh*t right here, is utterly ridiculous!!! The only reason why I’m taking the time, to write about this asinine subject, because apparently a lot of women of a particular race, seem to have a problem with fixing their man a plate of food.

If you google “fixing your man a plate of food” a whole bunch of links come up. This is crazy, lol.

Women like this, make women like me look bad and this is why, a lot of women of my race are still single, because of their views on how to treat a men. Women want a man to be chivalrous, but then they have a problem with fixing a man a plate of food. Women want men to pay for dining out all the time, but then you have a problem fixing your man a plate of food.

I can’t believe this topic even exist and was trending on the internet. You don’t see men asking stupid questions like, should I serve my wife a plate of food? Or should I buy my girlfriend a gift on Valentine’s day or her birthday or christmas?? Women will have their mans head on a platter and start divorce proceedings, if they don’t get a gift from their man.

We all know how materialistic some women are, especially with the holidays.

I receive an email from a woman asking my advice, on fixing her significant other a plate of food during the holidays. This woman told me, that her man is grown, he can fix his own plate. She’s not his mother and that he’s going to expect it, all the time when they get married. She’s afraid of becoming his slave.

I kept it real… newsflash honey, you are not becoming anybody’s wife or mother with that mentality. I referred her to my article on men leading.

I’m really at a lost for words when I received that email. but ok…. First of all, what is the problem with fixing your man a plate of food? When I cook, I serve people, male or female. It’s called being hospitable, courteous. I’m always serving people. When I had a man, I served him food, even though he would rather eat out, (don’t ask)…any way

The next man I’m with, I wouldn’t mind fixing us both a plate of food. As I know he would do the same for me. What is the problem here?? If you have a good man who loves you and takes care of you and you guys are out or spending the holidays together or whatever, what’s wrong with serving him a plate of food?

Apparently some women do have a problem fixing their man a plate of food. There is a video circulating on youtube about a woman, who fixed another woman’s man, a plate of food and she got mad. What you won’t do another woman will. She should of got her ass up and fixed his plate.

I don’t understand what is the problem here…this is crazy! Women who think like this, will stay single, never marry, and never have kids. What next, you’re going to have a problem with feeding your kids?? Wait a minute, I spoke to soon..there are already women out there, who don’t like to cook or clean and think, take out and microwaveable meals are home cooked meals.

I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with some women, in this day and age. Because this is ridiculous!!! I would love to hear what you guys think about this topic. Share your opinion, if not I understand, LOL.

I’ve already spent enough time on this bullsh*t!!!



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