Nothing Like A Home Cooked Meal

There is truly nothing like a home cooked meal. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner…All that love… all that flavor…the smell of fresh banana bread, home made cookies….Home cooked meals, we all loved them right? Especially when someone else makes them…..Isn’t that why we love our moms cooking, isn’t that why we go home for the holidays?

When I’m in the kitchen preparing a meal, I really do not understand why some people, do not enjoy the art of cooking. I’ve heard men say occasionally, that they do not like to cook or don’t know how, but are willing to learn. But I hear a lot of expressed hatred from some women, that they do not like to cook, because they just don’t like it and because of the dishes, so they avoid it and prefer take out and frozen dinners. A friend of mine takes her kids out for dinner at McDonalds several times a week. #SAD

I feel like microwave ovens should be banned. It’s making people lazy. It’s moving away from the whole family tradition. Back in the day you had to sit down and eat with your family. Now everyone eats in their room or in front of the tv or with their electronic device. When I hear that women do not like to cook, especially if they have children, this concerns me, because how are you going to feed your child?!

I always cooked for my niece and nephew. I never in my life gave them fast food. I recall when my nephew was 5, he wanted Mcdonalds. He wanted a burger and fries. I said I’ll make you a burger and fries. He cried. lol.. oh well, I wasn’t spending my hard earn money on fast food. His grandmother, always gave him McDonalds and so did my sister. That he didn’t know what a home cooked meal was. I didn’t give into this child. I made him what he wanted and he ate it and liked it. My thing was, eat it or starve. He chose to eat, LOL. Parents you’re the adult here.

I was at a friends house cooking, and her friends daughter came up to me and asked me what was I doing. And I said cooking, she said what’s that? I said what’s what? She said cooking? It took me a second to figure out that she was asking me about actually cooking. I thought she was asking me, what I was cooking, not what I was doing. I guess it threw her off because when I asked her, was she hungry and got up to cook, she thought I was going to use the microwave, but I pulled out some pans and turned on the stove.

She said to me, my mom doesn’t cook, she uses the microwave. Her mom said that she’s tired and that’s what microwaves are for but her kids eat and they are not starving. A six year child should know what a home cooked meal is. That pretty much hurt me, because whenever a child is in my presence, I always ask them if they are hungry and feed them and 10 times out of 10 they usually are.

Then I hear from their mothers that their child is being greedy. That’s not really my concern, but when I hear a child say they are hungry, my instinct is to immediately feed them. I know that crap they give them at school is not nutritious and healthy at all. When I fed that little girl, she came back for seconds and thanked me and gave me a hug. The smile on her face, priceless! Then when she left she ran over to me again and hugged me and said thank you again. I saw the look on her mothers face, she didn’t look happy.

Food is love. Food is what love taste like.

Children feel loved and cared for when you cook for them. Her mother joked that I should come to her house and cook everyday, because she doesn’t have the time. When they left, the little girl was on my mind. I wondered what she eats everyday. I know she’s eating crap at school and crap at home and that bothers me. I pray that her mother gets it together and cooks for her daughter. My friend told me her friend said thank you, but that she got this. I could only imagine how she said it. Apparently you don’t ”got this” because you’re not cooking for your child.

There are people without a home or without their mother, that can’t enjoy a home cooked meal. So when someone has the blessing of a job, to have money, to buy food, to have a home and they don’t cook, something is truly wrong with this picture. Because there are a lot of people wishing right now, that they can have a home cooked meal or go home and they are missing their mothers cooking. I know I miss mines.

I recall when I was looking for my first apartment, that I came across apartments, that didn’t have a kitchen. Yup, no kitchen. Not even a refrigerator, nothing. I asked how am I suppose to eat? I cook. The landlord said, we don’t allow cooking in here. But you are welcome to have a microwave and that there are alot eateries around here. I looked at that landlord as if she was on crack. I would not rent an apartment or stay anywhere unless there is a kitchen there and a gas stove.

A friend of mine offered to take me out to breakfast….hmmm not sure how thats going to happen, lol because I don’t go out for breakfast…unless its fresh fruit or a smoothie, then I can get with that.. but if its more than that. I’m going to be picky because I really don’t see the point, in going out for breakfast when I can make the same thing.

I recall a family friend woke me up and said “heres breakfast. It was in a box and not on a plate. It was from the damn Ihop. Not only that, she spent close to $50 on pancakes along with eggs and sausage. (insert straight face confused emoji). That to me is just pure laziness… to get dressed, waste gas for pre made heated breakfast. You mean to tell me, you couldn’t buy some flour, some eggs, blueberries, sausage and eggs?? You had to go pick it up. I honestly do not see how this family member of mine is married to a woman like that.

This is not the first time, she bought food, she did this back in 95 after coming from church. Sunday dinners everyone looks forward to that after church, this woman bought KFC and boston market. Calling me, talking about dinner is served. I looked at that woman like she was crazy. My mom when she was alive would have never done that. She had five mouthes to feed. But this woman never learned to cook. Her sons never knew what a home cooked meal was until I cooked.

I seriously wish that this generation, would get back to how our mothers and ancestors did it back in the day. There were no restaurants or fast food joints. It was grown on the land and fresh. Food was made from scratch. More and more people are getting sick and overweight because they are eating out. Food is everywhere but it’s the type of food, we’re eating.

Society really needs to get back to home cooked meals, because the kitchen is truly the heart of the home.


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