Patience Is A Virtue

“Stress makes you believe that everything has to happen right now. Faith reassures you that everything will happen in Gods timing.”

Patience is truly a virtue.

As human beings, we get caught up in timing, dates and our age. We’ve all made a hasty decision in our life, at some point that did not go the way we planned. Goals and being driven is great, but we must also be realistic and be patient.

I learned my patience from my mom. It took her years to finally put herself first and to pursue her dreams.

When we are working towards a goal, we must also be patient and trust Gods timing. When there is a delay in our plans, we must embrace it and have faith, that we will get to where we are going and eventually end up with what we want. I know it’s hard to wait.

A delay is not a denial, nor is it a NO from GOD.

I was planning my relocation last year, during my planning, things were just not going right according to my own time frame…a lot of things just kept falling…boy was I frustrated…but during that time some important matters came up that I needed to attend to… that threw a monkey wrench in my plans… and of course like a human being I asked why?

I’m like ok God, whats up? LOL. Am I suppose to be moving?? Because every time I want to make a move to improve my life in some way, I get hit with something that delays my plans.

Then I said to myself damn, if only I would have left sooner. But I had to stop thinking that way, because these important matters needed my attention, especially when it came to my health. If I made a hasty move, I would have had to find a way to fly back and forth, which would have been extremely expensive.

And that was just not part of the move, I already lost money on one ticket and that will not be happening again. It started to make me feel like I had a dark cloud over me. Even my cousin said to me, that every time you try to move to L.A. Things keep popping up and we laughed about it. L.A. is not going anywhere. It will always be there.

But even when I was in L.A. for 18 days, things still didn’t happen as quick, as I thought they should. I still didn’t find a job or a place to live, while I was out there. But thank God I still had my apartment to come back to. Relocating takes time, especially when you are doing it by yourself.

I remember when I wanted to move into this particular building when I first moved to NJ, when I was 20 and it didn’t happen until 5 years later. But I still got what I wanted. If God would have blessed me to moved into that building before I was ready, with the money I was making, (I was only working part time). I probably would have lost my apartment.

When I got a full time job, making better money, everything lined up perfectly. God gave me what I wanted. All I saw at the time was a better way of living, I figured I’d make it work, because I wanted out of my old environment so bad. But I had to be patient.

I had faith but I didn’t have the money.  It may have taken 5 years but I just kept my faith, that that’s where I want to live. I didn’t even entertain any other places to live. I held my vision in mind and God blessed me with a lovely place to live, where I felt safe and the area was beautiful and had great amenities that made my life so much simpler.

All because I was patient and trusted.

Once I leave the east coast. I’m done! I’ve been here for 35 years and it’s time to make a brand new start. I’ve been wanting this for a long time. I know what I want, God knows what I want and I know that when he says ok, the time is now. I will know. Until then, I just have to keep my vision in mind, trust the journey and continue planning.

When life throws a monkey wrench in your plans try to find the lesson in it and trust Gods timing and just say thank you.

The same goes for love. That special man or woman is waiting for you, just like you are waiting for them but in God timing.

Whatever it is that we want, we have to be patient and have faith. But while we wait, we must hold onto what we want and just work towards it. We must do what we can do and let God do what we can’t do. Because God truly wants us to be happy in every area of our lives.

He wants us to live abundantly. But patience is truly a virtue. What we want in life, regardless of what it is, is truly worth waiting for and when we get it, we will appreciate it so much more.



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