Lets Talk About Personal Hygiene

I hope you find the humor in this post and hopefully you can relate. If you can’t then you need to get your ass down to the store and do some shopping, lol…because there is no need for someone to have a funky ass when they sell small toiletries everywhere….I felt the need to vent about this topic because, I see a lot of women judge me and think I’m uppity, because I care about cleaning my backside, lol. This has been going on for years. I personally don’t see whats the problem, because I think all females should be this way.

I’m a woman, who very OCD when it comes to personal hygiene. Whenever I’m out, whether its work, a friends house, anywhere where there is a public restroom and not my own. I carry a mini version of my bathroom with me. Let me explain, because it seems like some females, don’t even shop in the feminine hygiene section of any store, let alone household cleaning products.

I ALWAYS have air freshener on me, sanitary wipes, toilet paper, toilet seat covers, lotion, my own soap, lysol and disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, deodorant, detergent, fragrant body spritzer…you name it, I got it…even a toothbrush, toothpaste dental floss, bandaids, napkins, nail file, nail clipper, tweezers breath mints, pepper spray, extra panties,.. Yes, LOL…..LOL… all of this stuff is sold at the store. it may sound like a lot but it isn’t because it portable. I don’t play when it comes to personal hygiene. I like my private parts to be clean, regardless of what I do in the bathroom stall.

Whenever anyone walks into the bathroom after me, it always smells good. Even when they first walk in, because I always spray first then enter. I’ve heard so many times, it smells so good in here, after someone walks in after me. When I used to work at 7WTC, people knew I was in the building because they can smell my air freshener or my body spritzer. People loved coming up to my floor to use the bathroom and just to sit up there, because it smelled so good. The CEO of the company even complimented me on how good it smelled. He said it never smelled that good up there before and thanked me, LOL.

I love for things to smell good including my own place. If I smell something horrid I’m spraying, LOL…I can’t be in funky environments for nothing. The ladies room is  the most disgusting bathroom, when it comes to public restrooms. I’ve seen women walk in there. No bag, nothing, some will even go with no toilet paper and drip dry and not even wash their hands and touch the door right after. This is repulsive to me. Every time I walk in to the ladies room, it smells like someone died in there.

Lets face it, peoples bodies have smells, and I don’t want to inhale it, when I got into the bathroom and plus these toilets, don’t have any toilet lids, so when you flush, all of that goes into the air. You never thought about that, did you?? Yes… This is what you call airborne pathogens. It’s always wise to put the lid down in your own home then flush. Most people leave it up. I don’t want to inhale someone else’s, whatever they did in the bathroom in my lungs. I care about the air I breathe in.

Why do I have to be called uppity, because I take pride in my personal hygiene. Why is having excellent hygiene being judged?? I personally think these women should follow my example especially with their homes. I can’t help it if my mom instilled in me to be this way. Growing up, we didn’t have much, but my mom always made sure we were clean.

I really shouldn’t have to explain this to anyone. Having a clean friend should be a good thing. I was hanging out with a friend of mine years ago and he appreciated how hygienic I was, when he had to use the public restroom really bad, and he knew I had all my stuff with me, so he felt comfortable going. He said he never knew a clean female like me, LOL….

Plus when my niece and nephew were little, kids get dirty all the time, so I always kept these items on me, so that they would be clean and a change of clothes. Mothers do this all the time, they don’t leave the house, without diapers and wipes and sanitizer, so what is the problem when I do it?!…A friend of mine laughed at me and said, oh you got wipes in your bag? Because I wipe this child’s nose and her hands. No one else did.

When I was coming from the airport, this guy was with his son, he kept wiping his nose with his hands and touching the seat and I gave him a”wet one” and the guy thanked me. He asked me if I had kids and I said no, I’m an aunt. He shared with me, that he had custody of his son and had to learn these things, since his divorce. A friend of mine almost cancelled her date because she didn’t have time to freshen up and I came to the rescue, lol with my body wipes and body splash…..so she felt comfortable, to go out on her date after work when she couldn’t home.

I’m always coming to the rescue of some woman in need, LOL… I remember when I was in L.A, and the lady in the stall next to me, didn’t have tissue and I gave her a wipe and she thanked me, said I had no idea they sold these things, I have to buy these things. She looked so happy, lol…I said to myself, WOW!…..I know women who don’t carry purses, they just got to the bathroom and walk out…tissue don’t clean everything…But I carry these things on me regardless, germs are everywhere,

I’m a germaphobe. Even if I know you and I have to use your bathroom, I’m spraying and sanitizing if I have to sit down, lol. I hate using other peoples toilet and public restrooms, this is one the reasons why I don’t like to go out much. I like to be near my own bathroom. Sharing a bathroom with people you know, let alone don’t know, you don’t know what they have, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Every time when I spray air freshener in someones bathroom, they either say it smells nice or they get offended, LOL…

Hey you can’t please everybody. I’m not trying to appease you, I just like my private parts to be clean and fresh. At least the next guy I end up with, will know that I’m not a filthy female. If he decides he’s hungry, at least he’ll know, he’ll have a clean plate to eat off of, LOL…I’ll let that marinate, LOL.


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