Artist Deserve Privacy

We live in a world that if you are an artist or entertainer of some sort, that privacy is the one thing that artist, feel they have to fight to protect. Now with social media, it seems like it’s getting even more harder for artist to preserve their personal lives.

I logged on to facebook and in the timeline, there was news about this actors bankruptcy, by this magazine that I used to support years ago. This magazine used to be about music, now it seems like its all about drama and gossip, in digital and in print. The magazine wanted to know what people thought about this.

Being that I’m opinionated, I commented and said, “why is this even news? Why do we need to know about this? Actors are human beings too, they go through the same thing, regular people go through”. Shit happens! People fall on hard times. Life happens to everybody”. I felt this news was very disrespectful because this is these peoples personal lives and their finances, are put on display for society to have an opinion. Why do we need to know that they are going through hard times for??

Information like this is none of our business. Just so we can judge and make fun of them. We have no clue what really happened, but yet everyone has an opinion and wants to make fun and throw shade. This is a great actor. What a lot of people don’t know is, that bankruptcy can be used to protect you. But as soon as people hear it, they automatically think they are broke.

Viewers have this twisted misconception that just because someone is on TV that they have it made. That they are rolling in money. The media will even go as far, as to let the whole world know that said actor, gets paid x amount of money. Which makes them a target. I remember when someone saw me on tv and thought I was rich. This is another reason why I opted out of the spotlight.

Artist deserve privacy. Just because they share their gifts and talents with us, doesn’t mean that we have a right to know what goes on, in their personal lives and invade their privacy. Whatever happen to it just being about the art? Just because I buy a ticket to see an artist in a movie, or their album, doesn’t mean I deserve a free pass to their personal life.

The line has to be drawn somewhere. Now with social media, fans have access to find out anything they want. I was talking about this artist music and this person responded to me and said, “I want to know what the daughter of his mother looks like?” Why?? Why are you concerned with that? So based off of how she looks, thats going to determine whether or not, you buy this artist album?? She never responded. “Fans” are focused on the wrong thing when it comes to entertainment and respecting an artist.

Stupid shit like this and greedy record labels is the reason why artist can’t make a living off of their music anymore. There’s no loyalty with some fans anymore. Some fans could care less about the art. They want to know who you are dating and how much money you have and what you are wearing. I came across another post that said, do you find an artist sexy while they are single or taken? Do you still fantasize about them. Do they become less attractive?

I personally don’t care if an artist is single or taken. If I’m attracted to them, then I’m attracted to them and their art. If they have sex appeal, I’m still going to have a fantasy, if thats what my mind wants. Artist deserve to have love in their life, they can’t stay single because of their fans. But when some fans hear that their favorite artist, has a significant other, got hitched or had a baby, they immediately stop supporting them and throw shade. They become mad, as if they had a chance in the first place.

What some of us need to do is stop worshiping these “celebrities” as if they are perfect. Celebrities don’t have special blood. They are human beings. They have to leave this earth too one day. They don’t lay golden eggs. When it comes to privacy, some artist will even put their own personal lives on display, just to attract more attention. They feel like, if it will get the people interested in them, then why not. Then when people have an opinion they want to get upset.

It’s like if there is no drama aded to your life and career then you are not relevant or important. I just wish and long for the days, where it was all about the art. Where it was all about the talent. Do we even care about music anymore? Do we even care about creation and the craft? “Whats going on??” Media really needs to stay out the lives of artist, its just not fair nor is it right. Every creative, wether in the spotlight or not deserves the right to privacy.



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