Love May Not Live Around The Corner

long_distance_love_cWe can not control how God will bless us with love or anything else that we truly desire.

I hear so many people talking about there are no good men/women out there. They resort to dating apps or FWB, feeling empty when what they really want is true unconditional LOVE!.. The funny thing is they are not open to where love might be.

I hear from both sexes that they can’t do long distance relationships or if someone lives a few hours away. But then you claim this person is everything you’ve ever wanted. Are you really open to love or you just want it how you want it?…

You want to control when and how it will happen, you want to tell God how to bless you and you have this long ass list and rules (like most women do) some call it standards… I call it BULLSHIT!! If you want a ready made man, go to a lab and make one. No man is that perfect.. get your head out of the clouds.

You may meet someone who is close, but then they might turn out to be a psycho… or they can’t love you the way you truly desire…Forget skeletons!!…THEY MAY HAVE A WHOLE CEMETERY IN THEIR CLOSET…. Or what about those people, that focus only on looks or just a feeling when it comes to sex… You’re not really trying to build anything because you go into it…. With I want this and that and you better be this way and all these expectations… No one likes a needy and clingy person.

You’re looking for someone to fix you or complete you or you’re looking to fix and possess someone else… THAT’S NOT LOVE.. And you don’t even love yourself, because if you did you wouldn’t have a long list or try to change the other person…You start thinking about, everything that you would have to give up…. you second guess if this person is worth it…but then at the end of the day you’re still alone, craving the love and attention that you desire.

Love may not live around the corner. The love of your life and the love that this person can complement you’re life with, may live in another state or country. Question is, are you open to take a chance regardless of the distance??

If you really want to be with this person, are you willing to leave your old life behind or invite someone into yours where you live? Even if it doesn’t last forever.. because nothing does.. at least you took a chance….

There are no guarantees in life with anything…. It’s all about being open and taking chances… wanting to experience something different…. having faith and just trusting the process.. you never know, it may work out and be the most fulfilling experience of your life!

No matter what material possessions or job you have or the house you live in, if there is no one there, to bare witness to it and share it with, then is it really worth it??!! These things can’t hold you at night or when you need a shoulder to cry on or listen to you…God created us to be with one another, masculine and feminine energy…. to love one another and to help us evolve into the best versions of ourselves…

Be open and have faith with love regardless of where love might live 🙂


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