If You Love Someone Tell Them And If You Love Someone Show Them


Love is the one thing, that all of us in the world, can give more abundantly of to one another. Love has the power to uplift someones spirit. When a person knows that they are loved, there soul is forever changed. They have a glow.and their heart is open.

Love makes getting through life’s difficulties just a little bit more easier.

Knowing that someone loves you, It can rejuvenate you. Knowing that someone loves you, “can make you feel like you can fly over the moon. “It brings a joy to your life, that you have never known”. –Allen McNeil

So many times we underestimate the power of telling someone we love them. We don’t tell them enough. We hold back. We even underestimate the power of demonstrating that love through our actions.

Sometimes we even forget to show ourselves love. We must tell ourselves that we love ourselves, by taking care of our heart and ourselves. Without love ones spirit can wither and die.

We must know that we are special and worth loving. We must know that our heavenly father, loves us and that we can always come to him, when our faith is wavering.

We must know that God loves us, even when we don’t love ourselves in any given moment. When we rise in the morning and take a breath and open our eyes, we must realize that, that is the love of God.

God shows us everyday that he loves us.

Love is all around us. The fact that we were all born is Gods demonstration of Love.

There are so many different kinds of love, love for family, friends, your significant other, love for animals, love for nature. But no matter what kind you have in your life. Always tell and show people you love them.

Don’t wait for a special occasion or holiday. That person needs your love now. Don’t wait until they have transcended and have regret, of how much love you could have shown them, while they were alive.

If you feel it say it.

Don’t wait for someone to walk out of your life, to show them that you love them. Never take advantage of someones love. Choose love over anger. Don’t worry about being right or who’s wrong just choose love.

Remember that some people have been hurt by that word love, so it’s going to take some action on your part to prove that you mean what you say. Don’t throw the word love away. Only say it when you truly mean it, to someone special.

Love should ascend you higher.

Whatever it is that you do, do it with love and passion. Love fearlessly as it its never going to hurt. Make love passionately as if your soul depended on it.

Don’t abuse the power of love or it will come back to bite you in the ass.

When someone shows you that they love you. Take it and nurture that love. Treat that love like a newborn baby with tender love and care.

When you cook for someone, do it with love. Infuse all that love into your meal. For they will surely taste it.

Be selfless with your love. Love on someone just because you want to. Theres nothing wrong with doing something nice for someone just because you want to.

Be a demonstration of love and always remember GOD IS LOVE!



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