8 Men Sound Off About The Qualities They Look For In A Woman

1. “I want a woman who is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. I’ve been with beautiful women but I’ll take a smart woman any day. Beautiful woman are everywhere, but she needs to be kind and spiritual. It wouldn’t hurt if she can cook because I can cook, so I want a woman who is willing to share the responsibilities with me. Some men want a woman to do everything. Hire a maid if you want someone to wait on you hand and foot. I want kids one day so I need to see how she acts around children too. I look for a woman with nurturing qualities, that’s always a plus.” -Mark 32

2. “Smart, sexy, who’s open mined. Has her own thing going on. I can’t stand needy and materialistic women. I’m looking for a woman who, sets herself apart from the average woman. A woman thats always ready for change. Independence is great, clingy women are unattractive. She’s gotta be able to throw down in the kitchen and in bed.” -William 35

3. “I can’t stand loud women who are ungrateful. I look for a woman who shows gratitude. Who acts like a lady. When I’m out with a woman. I have to see how she treats people. If she’s kind. How she responds to kids. How she talks. If she’s a good listener. I’m not looking for a woman to be like my mom, but I want a woman who knows how to cook or is willing to learn. I can’t see myself raising a family off of fast food, she also needs to be attractive and not let herself go. Fitness and health are very important to me. I’m a neat freak so I need a woman who’s equal to me in that department.” -Darrel 29

4. “One of the best qualities I seek in a woman is her relationship with God. God is first everything else we can work out. She also needs to be a clean woman. I’ve dated a woman who look good and smell good, but her home looked like a train wreck. We eventually broke up. Cooking is an attractive quality too because I cook. So being a modest woman would be great too. ” -Nicholas 38

5. “I need a woman that has my back and that supports me in my dreams. Is she can do that, than I’ll marry her. I can’t stand insecure woman who make everything about them. So she needs to be secure not a nag. I prefer for a woman to be nice, smart, attractive. Keep herself together. Cooking is not a priority but it would help.” -Sebastian 27

6. “I love a spontaneous woman. Someone who’s adventurous, who loves herself and loves life. I need a woman I can have a great conversation with. Beauty and brains is always a plus. She definitely has to know how to cook. I’m old school, my mom and dad cooked. My dad cooked more than my mom, but it would be great if she is good with kids as I have 2 of my own. So if she wants to be with me, she has to accept that I have kids and be able to cook for them.” Michael 43

7. “I’m a pretty simple guy, I’m  looking for a christian woman, she needs to be sweet, independent, smart, sexy, good heart, nurturing, as I have a little girl. Be great if she was traditional. Took pride in her home and domestic life, she needs to love animals. I love a woman who smiles and loves to laugh, doesn’t take herself so serious. I want a woman that we can build something together.”-Anthony 31

8. “I’m not trying to sound sexist but I’m looking for a woman thats submissive in a christian way, a christian woman. I want a woman that loves to be home, but she can still have her own life. My mom stayed home and my father provided so I’m looking for that. But todays modern woman, it’s hard to find that. I want a woman who loves me for me and that is not selfish.”David 37




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