NEWS FLASH!!! “Celebrities” Are Human Beings Too

Ok, so the title of this blog was suppose to be funny and sarcastic, at least I found it to be 🙂 LOL

We live in a world, where we think that people on TV are super human beings, just because we watch them. People on TV or if you choose to call them “celebrities” are human beings too. Which some of us forget. They go through the same thing, that people that are not on TV go through. They are not any more special than you and I, just because they have money or they are on television.

People in the public eye, just choose to share their talent in a public way on a broader scale, but never the less, they are human beings too. It’s ok to love your favorite artist and to love what they do and learn form them and draw some inspiration. But they are not perfect and should not be worshipped. I’ve met some artist that try to use who they are to their advantage, and think they should get special treatment. I had to give them a slice of humble pie and check them.

You have a lot of people that just want to be attached to a celebrity, just to say they know them or met them. I’ve met a few of my favorite actors, and I was very careful in my approach to them, especially when I asked to take a picture. Some artist don’t like to take pictures and fans need to respect that. Look how Prince was so adamant about picture taking and his personal life.

Once you take a picture with someone, in this age of social media and the internet, nothing is safe. You take a picture with someone and next thing you know, you are linked to them. You’re sleeping with them, based off an innocent photo. It’s always out there. Artist that want a private personal life, their significant other can’t take them being in pictures, with other people all the time because they are not secure.

I learned a lesson, when I told one of my friends I met one of our favorite soap stars. I had no idea she would post it on social media. As soon as I saw it I asked her to take it down., She shared it with a whole bunch of strangers. What did posting that photo do for her? She wanted to say that she knew someone who met someone famous, thats what it did for her. I don’t care about likes and comments. It’s not like she was in it. It was me.

The few actors that I have met people always want to know, why I never posted their photos on social media or why I have never shown them the photos. Well, there are several reasons…not that I owe anyone a reason but for….

1. That was my moment. 2. I don’t feel the need to show the world, especially social media, me in a picture with someone on TV. What is that going to do? 3. I value my privacy and the privacy of the artist, yeah I’m pretty sure, they take pictures with a lot of people, but it’s a personal thing with me 4. because I simply did not want to share. 5. I’m not start struck.

I enjoy artist for their art and I’m grateful that they chose to share their gifts and talents with the world, but at the end of the day, it’s just entertainment and artist are still human beings.




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