Food Is An Intimate Thing

IMG_4587Food …..we all love to eat right? That first bite up until the last…is a very indulging moment for us. I don’t know about you, but food is a very intimate thing for me. It turns me on, all those savory flavors…It’s enough to put you in a sensual mood….I’m amazed at my skills when I make something and all the flavors marry together so well. Food is an art, its all about creation.

As a child, I thought my mom was a magician in the kitchen, the way she would make things from scratch, with whatever we had and make it taste so good. Aren’t moms the best!!… Well at least the ones that enjoy cooking because some don’t. I can’t wait to cook for my future love, as I miss cooking for someone. Watching him take that first bite is going to bring me so much Joy. I’m excited just thinking about it :)….Cooking shouldn’t feel like, you’re going to the electric chair, LOL. It shouldn’t be met with disdain. It’s meant to be enjoyed. It’s meant to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Food is a such an intimate thing. Food taste even better when you make it with love. I seriously think society needs to fall back in love and enjoy being in the kitchen again and eating at the table…Home economics needs to make a comeback as well. I enjoy watching people take their first bite of my food. The look in their eyes, priceless!!! I never knew my food was that good, until I saw people fighting over, who was going to eat the last empanadas I made and my lasagna.  I didn’t know it was that deep or serious that you wanna slap someone over it, LOL.

As some of you know from my previous article. I’m not the type to pay for a meal, I’m to frugal… some of us do but to each is own. When I’m hungry, my first thing to do is see what I have in the fridge, then go to the grocery store. Everything we want to eat, believe it or not, is at the market. There really is no need for us to pay for a meal, when we can make the same thing, if not better at home.

A friend of mine said he wanted to take me out to breakfast….I said to him, “you better make me breakfast,” lol or a smoothie. I was curious to know, what my friend is going to buy at breakfast, that we can’t go to the grocery store and make or that you don’t already have in your refrigerator. When he mentioned the things he eats, I don’t even eat that. I would be watching him eat lol, which is what usually happens when someone takes me out.

I never knew people bought breakfast….I remember when I first saw breakfast being offered in restaurants and fast food places…I was shocked especially at the prices. I thought everybody made breakfast at home, because that’s how I was raised. I said to myself, people actually pay for bacon and eggs?? Are these bacon and eggs that special that they cost this much?? What’s in it?? Judge me if you want, but I really thought that, that was just lazy, I just did. To get dressed, drive somewhere and waste gas for breakfast.

I’m a homebody, it’s hard for me to leave the house. 5 years ago, a friend of mine tricked me into eating out with her. I took my breakfast home. She thought I was crazy and called me weird, because I don’t like to eat out, let alone be around a whole bunch of strangers. How can I enjoy my meal around a whole bunch of strangers, when food to me is an intimate thing. It should be shared with someone that you actually want to break bread with. I didn’t want to eat with her, because she talks to much and I can never enjoy my food.

I remember when I was 17, after church a family friend took me to Ihop. Then at 32 (Yeah big time frame and age gap,) she did the same thing, except this time she picked it up to go. I woke up to store bought pancakes. SMDH!  They didn’t even taste that good, I can tell when something taste frozen and not fresh. Standing there, waiting to be seated, made me really frustrated. I couldn’t believe that we were waiting for pancakes, the look on my face, ( if only those straight face, confused emojis, were invented back then.) And not only that the place was packed.

All that time we waited, I could have made us both a meal. I wasn’t even hungry by the time the food came. I just wanted to go home. I just thought to myself, thank you mom for teaching me how to cook. I said to myself wow, this woman has not one domestic bone in her body. This woman does not cook, she’ll burn water. Her poor children. When I was in LA, I got spoiled going to my favorite store “fresh and easy”, that they recently shut down. When I saw I could buy avocados, a 4-pack for $2.50. I was like I gotta move here, LOL ..oh and the beaches, LOL A 4- pack of avocados on the east coast, is damn near almost $6.

That to me is ridiculous! I was spoiled for those 18 days I spent there knowing, I could have fresh food whenever I wanted it. My eyes lit up when my cousin told me, they had a farmers markets twice a week. She laughed at me. I spent $20 bucks one time and got a lot of stuff. I silently told myself. “LA, I’m relocating”..going to the market, I get all excited, it gives me a rush, like a kid in a candy store, just like some women get a rush to buy shoes, (sorry not my thing).

Gathering in the kitchen to cook and eat with love ones, listening to music and engaging in conversation, is what love and family should be all about. You just can’t have those precious moments at a restaurant or a fast food joint. I’m not saying one has to cook every day because I don’t (thats what food prep for the week is for) but when I do, I enjoy every minute of it it!! And you should too. If you are blessed to have loved ones in your life, open the fridge, put on some music and express your love through food and make sure its healthy..but it’s ok to indulge every now and then 🙂 Food should always be treated as an intimate thing.




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