Confessions Of A Domesticated Woman, LOL

urlI thought the title of this should have been “Help I’m Too Domesticated LOL” because it sounded funny in my head, but I feel like this is more of a confession, that I can no longer keep inside,LOL…

That picture of Rachel Ray smiling in the kitchen while cooking, that’s exactly how I look when I cook :).

You ready? Here it goes…. I love to cook. I enjoy cooking, cleaning and being organized. I love having a clean home. Home is everything to me. It brings me joy!

Now I can take a deep breath,.. ok that wasn’t so bad. There I said it and I’m gonna say it again, LOL.

I love to cook. I enjoy cooking, cleaning and being organized. I love having a clean home. Home is everything to me. It brings me joy! I love to cook. I enjoy cooking, cleaning and being organized. I love having a clean home. Home is everything to me. It brings me joy! I love to cook. I enjoy cooking, cleaning and being organized. I love having a clean home. Home is everything to me. It brings me joy!

Ok that’s enough, LOL . Had to get that out my system Confessions are good for the soul, LOL.

urlI’ve been thinking about writing this post for quite some time, It’s been sitting in my draft folder for months…..but I put it off because I didn’t want the marriage proposals to come in, lol…(you’d be surprise when a man hears, that a woman likes to cook and clean, how fast they go ring shopping, lol) anyway over the weekend. I saw an updated clip about “The Queen Of CleanLinda Cobb on Oprah’s “Where Are They Now” and I just said to myself, you know what? I’m not going to be ashamed of this part of myself anymore. If Linda Cobb can be this way and enjoy it, so can I. (Be sure to sign up for tips and emails on Linda’s website) And subscribe to her youtube channel 🙂

I even confessed to a male friend of mine, but I know there are others out there just like me, who just may need a little help with their own domestic confessions :). Just like there are women out there who take pride in being a wife and mother.  Adele talked about her greatest accomplishment, not her music, or the money and things she had, but being a mom and this set feminist women off. They had a field day throwing her under the bus. When I heard Tia Mowry say on her show, that her husband is lucky, because she likes to cook and clean and she was all happy with tears in her eyes and smiling.

I was happy for her and got teary eyed too, lol. I realized in that moment I wanted someone who would appreciate all of me too, not just the fact that I can cook. But the love and warmth I would bring to our home. Tia’s husband appreciates her too and they cook together and prepare healthy meals for each other and their son. Her son loves quinoa and vegetables :). You gotta get them, while they are young. I hear from so many men that their woman does not cook, even for their kids and that hurts me.

I thought it was just a cancerian thing. Her twin sister Tamera also feels the same way. Cancers are like the mothers of the zodiac. We’re always feeding people. Our home is everything to us. but this is just who I am and not because I’m a woman but just because, I love to cook. I enjoy cooking, cleaning and being organized. I love having a clean home. Home is everything to me. It brings me joy! Yeah I said it again lol,…moving right along…

In the clip that with Linda, she just looked so happy and she enjoyed what she did and Oprah looked shocked, that she enjoyed cleaning and stain removal. Linda has made a fortune in doing what she loves as she truly enjoys doing it. No matter what one does in life, they should always enjoy it and it will not seem like work. ” Do what you love and Love what you do.”

I’m not the only one who feels this way about their home and cooking, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray, The Pioneer Woman, to name a few have all made a living, out of being domesticated in some sense. Even some men love to cook. There are a lot of home shows and cooking shows with people who care about their home. I just never wanted to fully admit how I felt, because of the negativity I would get from people. The way these people would come at me, you would think I committed a crime.

On any given day, when I have down time, I love window shopping on the web of course (before I got out) for anything that’s home related. Even thought I hate malls, I always gravitate towards the home stores, (The perfect date for me would be home depot or lowes, LOL) it’s empty a lot of the times but its peaceful. I go there and feel the fabric, touch the pillows, look at the colors. I wonder how it would feel on my skin once I’m in bed. It’s just pure bliss!

Don’t take me to a kitchen store, being there is like disneyland for me, LOL.. Good luck getting me out of there, lol. I envision having my own line of home goods and cookware, of course I’ll name it after my angel mom in heaven. I am the way I am because of her. Thank you mommy :). My mom never had to tell me to clean or cook. It was pretty much innate some of the things. The first thing my mom taught me how to make was rice. I always make the perfect rice, I love to see people enjoy my food. There’s never one grain of rice left in the pot, LOL.

If only you can see my bookmarks and pinterest boards with all the things, I’ve saved and searched for when it comes to home life, you would laugh at me. My inbox is filled with emails from home stores. My youtube searches are all food related. I especially love Onieda flatware. Mikasa is the best too and better homes and gardens. But this is what puts my mind at ease, I enjoy it! Home shopping is therapy to me, not shoes and make-up or frivolous things (no offense to anyone). Since I’m a homebody it would only make sense to have everything I need in my home especially when it comes to my dream kitchen and bathroom.

That is the one thing, I am not compromising on when I buy my dream home. As from my previous articles, I’m always mentioning something, that is considered domesticated, especially when it comes to women cooking and cleaning. I’m never going to waver from that. I’m not saying that’s all to a woman, but it’s a part of it, especially since we bare children. We have to be nurturing, its needed in our home. Your home should be your sanctuary. A place where you can relax and be at peace.

It shouldn’t be disorganized and filthy and dishes piled up for months, beds not made, floor not mopped and laundry not done. It shouldn’t smell either. When your home is clean, it should make you feel good. I know quite a few people, who don’t know how to keep house and nor do they care too, but I also see other areas of their life in turmoil. There’s no loving energy there…it doesn’t have that home feel to it. There’s no balance, no structure, no discipline and most importantly God is not there.

Someone once told me that I would make the “perfect housewife”  because of how I love home life, as if that’s all there is to me. I’m this way because I’m just this way, not for a man. I’m pretty sure one day how I am, a man would appreciate it, and If I had kids they would grow up in a nurturing environment, but I’m not grooming myself to be the perfect wife or mother. I took offense to that because that’s not all there is to a woman. What I love and enjoy some women don’t.

Seeing that clip of Linda Cobb just gave me the freedom, to express this side of me and not be ashamed about it. I love buying a new plates to put my food on. It makes my food look appealing since most people eat with their eyes first. I get excited when I see home appliances, LOL.. Ok, so what if I like to vacuum, LOL. I always have, since I was 11. So what if I like to do laundry. I love the way my microplush sheets smell and when they are up against my naked body. It helps me sleep better and that’s nothing to be ashamed about!

What are your thoughts, do you love a clean home. Do you enjoy cooking? What home goods do you love to shop for? Thank you for reading and remember the kitchen is the heart of the home 🙂


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    1. It is very much so therapeutic…. when my mom was alive and she used to cook in the middle of the night, she was so relaxed listening to music. I find myself doing the same thing. I can’t rest in a messy house. Dishes in the sink is a pet peeve of mine, I go crazy, LOL when dishes are left in the sink, it just annoys me, lol. I wrote about that in my article, “

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