God Is Always Faithful


faithful-hua_printAlways remember that no matter what you are going through. You can always surrender and hand your problems over to God.

God is always faithful…this I know and my spirit is filling with the confirmation. I’m going through a lot of stuff right now..way to much that I care to share…people judging me, saying mean things, uncalled for situations…

But one thing I know and where I find my solace is in God…. what I’m going through it’s between me and God., he’s got my back and will always keep me.

He’s always there, never judging, ready and willing to provide help at anytime. But I must be still. Remember when you hear a ‘NO’ or there is a delay….it’s for your protection… Just hold on and have faith.

A quote that I heard and from Steve Harvey….”If you woke up today, God is not through with you yet”. Just continue to have faith and trust in God always…and do the best that you can do no matter what.

I’m so grateful that I woke up today, took a breath, woke up in the most comfortable bed, that felt like a cloud, my surroundings are peaceful clean and quiet. I had clean water, fresh fruit,..

There are others in life who don’t have that and we must say thank you to GOD all the time, several times throughout the day everyday.

I’m working on my health, mind, body and spirit…never forget about yourself, it’s not selfish to take care of yourself no matter what others say…… you come first, you have to be good, before you can be good for others. It’s essential!

Please don’t neglect your needs for others…don’t be afraid to say no and be still.

The simple things in life brings me such joy, theres nothing wrong with wanting more out of life, but you MUST be grateful where you are right now…

God loves on me and I love on me… and when I’m done, I’m going to extend that love, and love on others, just because,.. be a light in someone else’s life and darkness, make someone else smile… you never know, they just might need it.

God is love and we all need more love and peace in the world.  Y’ashua was the epitome of love and peace. We need to be that for each other… for life is truly a gift!

We’re all fighting a battle and need people in life that genuinely love us, when we are at our best and when we are at our worst. Give someone your time a listening ear, a tender touch, your heart, a home cooked meal and love, not your piece of mind.

Whatever you want and need, always know God is your source and that he will provide, Amen!

Now go on and enjoy this beautiful rainy (or sunny day depending on where you live) and love life!

Remember, God is always faithful!



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