Artist Spotlight: The legendary Karyn White, The Original Super Woman!

When I found out one of my favorite female vocalist, Karyn White was into interior design, renovation and acting. I had to shine the spotlight and show this legendary, sultry artist some love.

Karyn white came into the music scene in the late 1980s, and it didn’t take much for her to steal our hearts and have us singing and dancing. Karyn just had IT!! It was so organic. Karyn brought us hits like “The Way You Love Me“, “Secret Rendezvous” and “Love Saw It” a duet she did with Babyface. off her debut self titled Album “Karyn White”. But the song that Karyn White is most famous for, is her hit song “Superwoman“.

Karyn White had every woman, singing to the top of their lungs to “Superwoman“. This song resonated with women worldwide and still continues to do so to this day. I could never get tired of this song. It’s such a classic and anthem for women to let men know, that we are human beings and not robots.

We’re more than just someone who cooks, cleans and raises your child. We can’t do it all and a real man shouldn’t let us do it all. We need you to be men and love us and help us too! Let’s face it women do a lot!! We just do. It’s makes us weak when we have to pull so much of the weight in the relationship.

This song told a story that when a man has a good woman, he takes advantage of her and stops appreciating her. We all remember the part in the video, where her husband is sitting down, reading the paper and Karyn has to lift the 10 gallon, jug of water into the dispenser.

Her husband walks out and doesn’t even give her a kiss goodbye, so relatable. Karyn just celebrated her birthday last year and she is 50 years young.

She still beautiful as ever and still has remained true herself and humble. Karyn White is one of those amazing sultry artist, that only comes around, once in a lifetime. Karyn’s raw depth of emotion, when it comes to her music and voice is impeccable! Her vulnerability in her voice when she sings, you can feel every lyric.

Karyn-WhiteWhen Karyn sings, she sings. I wish Karyn White was at the recent tribute to Babyface, singing her hit “Superwoman” When Karyn’s presences was missing from the tribute, fans noticed it immediately and asked where was she??! The world really misses her and I hope she knows it!

I don’t care who covers this song and how many times. No one sings this song like Karyn White.  There’s only one SUPERWOMAN and her name is KARYN WHITE!! I must say I miss Karyn’s Whites presence in the music industry, you just don’t come across artist like Karyn now a days. Even though Karyn is not in the spotlight anymore, doesn’t mean that she has slowed down. Her last album was in 2012 called “Carpe Diem” but she is still touring and singing.. Karyn is still flexing and spreading her creative wings.

urlI love it when artist reinvent themselves and do something different. Karyn has an upcoming project series called “Finding Forever”  that she has produced with her own production company. I can not wait to see this series.

What I love about this new series, is that it’s talking about the one thing, that we all can relate to and want in our lives, which is love. We all want that one special person that we can spend forever with.

Heartache after heartache, her character Terri wonders if she will ever find love again. I love how brave her character is. Not everyone will just up and move and do something different, especially leaving the security of their job and their whole life.

To live somewhere different and start over, only single people make such a courageous move, not knowing what will happen. When I saw this clip, for some reason I just pictured Ralph Tresvant in this film. I think with how sensual they both are as artist that they would be perfect together. Maybe they’ll do a duet together or a play. Well, I’m speaking it into existence :).

This series is hitting a little bit to close to home for me, LOL…. I’m in the middle of relocating soon to California, making a brand new start but love, hmmmm…. I’m very reluctant to give it a try again. I’m wondering if I meet someone and take a chance, will it throw a monkey wrench in my plans, only time and God will tell. I’m looking forward to following Terri in Finding Forever , to see if she can find the love that she truly desires. Especially with a younger man. I’m not sure if I can do it, as I love older men, lol :).

13179105_780955662006534_4237330430828229139_nIn addition to acting, Karyn also has a love and passion for interior design and real estate. Check out her interior design website blog “My Southern Country Cottage”

There’s a certain peaceful energy about this site that I love. Maybe it’s the southern feel to it. There’s nothing like coming into a space and making it your own. I can’t wait to see what my favorite part of the house is going to look like, which is the kitchen.

Artist are not just singers, when you’re an artist, you innovate, you can do many creative things and it doesnt always have to be in the spotlight. I’m excited as a fan, to come a long on this journey with Karyn White, to see how her southern cottage turns out!

I can’t wait to see the final results as I love interior design. This show should be on HGTV. Maybe God will hear my prayer 🙂 This could lead to big things for Karyn White. I’m pretty sure we will be seeing much more of her soon, on a much broader scale who knows, she may start renovating your home :).

Make sure you sign up for updates if you love Karyn and love interior design, You don’t want to miss a thing!!! Until then …here’s a trip down memory lane with the lovely Karyn White singing her hit “Super Woman.”










4 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: The legendary Karyn White, The Original Super Woman!

    1. Hi Karyn, you are so very welcome! I grew up on your music and have so many fond memories of your music with my mom :). The 80s and 90s were the best times with music! I miss those times and wish the industry did not change. Artist from back then, that are still out now, need the love, loyalty and support from their fans. If we don’t support them who will?! Thank you for sharing your gift with us! We all love and miss you and so glad you’re returning to us 🙂 XoXo

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Karyn White, you are awesome! Not sure if you still live in the Sacramento/Placer area but hoping to run into you! A girl can dream. 🙂


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