I’m All For Female Empowerment But…

What does it really mean?? Well, here’s my take on it….

I think a lot of women have female empowerment twisted. I honestly believe and know that the real empowerment is in the ability to be vulnerable, to feel, to be feminine and to also recognize love that makes you feel empowered. Whether it’s love for yourself and love  from your significant other.

Real love from a genuine evolved man, can also make you feel empowered. Female empowerment is not about being hard, male bashing, acting like you don’t need a man and throwing shade at women or men.

A lot of people look up to Beyonce, because they feel she is the epitome of female empowerment and being strong when it comes to her music and anthems.

Well, I beg to differ. I’m sorry I just can’t get with this one.

For example I never really liked Beyonce’s song “Survivor” for several reasons. Everybody knew when they heard that song, she was throwing shade. That song was not about uplifting other women at all. That song was pure shade towards the other former members of the group. It may have amped up other women and been their anthem. But it did nothing for me.

If you wanna talk about real female empowerment, listen to “Body and Soul” By Anita Baker, “Comfort Of A Man” By Stephanie Mills, “Baby Come To Me” By Regina Belle, “Natural Woman” By Aretha Franklin and “Try” by Pink , (these three songs) “I Am Ready For Love”, Strength, Courage and Wisdom and ” He Heals me” By India.Arie & “Tell him” by Lauryn Hill.  Just to name a few…

These women are the epitome of empowerment and real strong, feminine women with beautiful souls who want the love and strength of a man.

If you pay attention to these women, to their lyrics, this is real female empowerment. Their ability to be vulnerable and to talk about love and their feelings. Their music is talking about love and trust and how they are comfortable in their own skin and how the love of a man, makes them feel good.

How much they want and need that love. (Even songs about heartbreak is empowering, because they survived). These women are standing in their truth as women and that’s very empowering. They are not afraid to admit how they feel and speak from their soul.

When Anita baker says in the bridge of “Body and Soul”

“Every day is getting better. The more I trust I feel stronger, stronger. Every kiss brings me closer. It feels good to let your inside.” 

Do you know how empowering those words are?? Let that marinate…

Even in “Natural woman” When Aretha says..

“Before the day I met you, life was so unkind. You’re the key to my peace of mind, you make me feel like a natural woman” 

She’s talking about the balance or masculine and feminine energy, complementing her and how beautiful and natural she feels being a woman.

When my soul was in the lost and found, You came along, to claim it,  I didn’t know just what was wrong with me, ‘Til your kiss helped me name it”

Aretha is talking about how the love of a man, how it breathed new life into her. How his love makes her feel so alive . She didn’t know what she was missing, until he came along and claimed her soul. How empowering is that!!!

A lot of women don’t understand how a man, can make them feel like a woman,.. and how a woman can make a man feel like a man. I’m not talking about what your father or mother can teach you. Let that marinate!

Y’all don’t hear me!….

There are so many levels of being empowered. Showing up for yourself and your life is empowering. Being a woman of your word. Loving yourself, Standing strong in your convictions. Following your heart. Being ambitious. Admiting when you are wrong and saying your sorry. Learning from the lessons life has taught you and growing from them.

Being nurturing and feminine. Not being afraid to be alone. Trusting. Being selfless. Knowing when to walk away from something, that does not serve your life in a healthy loving way. Letting your significant other know, how much you love him and letting him lead and be a man.

When you can love yourself, enough to know that you want love and to give love. It complements your soul. But knowing you are whole to begin with, is empowering.

Being a feminine evolved spiritual woman, is empowering, not being equal to men. Women are only equal to men, as far as us being human, but when you seek to be graceful and feminine and, not sameness with men, you are more empowered than you will ever know.

I don’t want to be equal to men. I’m a woman. I’m in a class all by myself, and that’s just fine with me!


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