Television Spotlight: The Carmichael Show

THE CARMICHAEL SHOW -- Pictured: "The Carmichael Show" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)
THE CARMICHAEL SHOW — Pictured: “The Carmichael Show” Key Art — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

I really enjoyed yesterday’s, The Carmichael Show ,”Mans world” …. I missed the live tweet, as I’m not on twitter…. the topic was about a women’s role in society. This show is very thought provoking. I’m so glad they gave Jerrod a show to be creative, because they see where his mind is at. The way Jerrod and the other writers think.

I felt the need to write this article, because a lot of what Maxine said, I know women who said the same things Maxine said, about, not being taken seriously and because she’s nice and sweet and feminine and doesn’t want to be a pushover. So maxine felt like changing a tire would prove, she was equal to a man and can do anything a man can do…

There’s nothing wrong with knowing how to change a tire, but change it, because you have to and if you don’t have triple A and if there is no man around, and because it’s an emergency and you need to get to where you are going….not because you want to prove to society and to a man, that you can do the same thing he does. If a man see’s a woman changing a flat tire, he should immediately pull over and help her.

Women don’t have cojones, men do!! When my ex got a flat, I stood there and just assisted him and handed him what he needed. I didn’t try to do it myself. Women need to let men be men and stop trying to be the man themselves, that shit is not attractive. If God wanted women to be equal to men, he would have made them like men. I don’t know why some women, feel the need to step outside of their feminine grace.

A friend of mine, wanted to prove she could stomp with the big dogs, by getting a big SUV, because she’s not that tall. She wanted to be taken seriously and for men to take her serious and be a little intimidating. She wanted to prove that she can drive a big car like a man… I’m not sure if they took her serious, all I know is that in her attempt to be equal to man, she got hit with a huge car note, LOL. Well over $600.00… Yeah… $600.00 Was it worth it?! No….it was a very asinine financial regret, that she later admitted to. Now she doesn’t even want the car.

You see,… this is what happens when you have an ego and you try to be equal to men. I never understood why women wanted to be equal to men. I really don’t…I’ve express several times how I feel about not being equal to men, especially in a relationship…It’s the same way I feel about men leading in a relationship . No heterosexual male that loves women, wants to be with a woman who acts like a man. It’s not attractive. A lot of women have a problem with the things I say, but thats not my problem, lol..

I think more women should embrace more tradition roles, especially when it comes to marriage and raising kids. The day I decide to have kids, I will not be letting daycare, the babysitter or the tv raise my child. I had the child, I’m raising my own child. I’m not doing a maternity leave for 3 months and breaking that bond with my child, to go back into the workplace. More women should take pride in their homes, everything starts at home. Enjoy cooking, because you know you are feeding your family a nutritious meal.

I’m so glad Cynthia told Maxine, that if she wants to bake and cook for her husband and family and take care of them, it doesn’t make her less of a woman and that real feminism in knowing what you want and who you are in the world……I feel the same way, although I’m not a wife and mother yet, I’m very domesticated in a sense that people wonder why I’m not married of have kids….I’m not this way because I’m grooming myself for a man, but I felt like Cynthia, I enjoy being in the kitchen. I’m a woman, I’m suppose to be nurturing.

We have a problem in this society that to many women, have hatred towards men. They don’t trust men to lead or to provide. Look at how some women morph into men and they take on jobs like construction, being a firefighter and police officer. I notice how hard these women look and how they act. They have to much testosterone. I’m not saying a woman can’t be a police officer, but why would you want to?? I’d rather stay at the office or at home…It’s the same with the army…me personally I just couldn’t do it…to me, thats a place for a man, to protect…not a woman…but to each his/her own…. I wonder what are these women trying to prove….be a woman, for pete’s sake!

‘‘Jerrod likes to make people uncomfortable not for the sake of making them uncomfortable, but to shake them out of their regular way of seeing the world.’’ I totally agree!!!



3 thoughts on “Television Spotlight: The Carmichael Show

  1. People tend to take the fact that we live in a competitive world and that “equality” is everything and forget that a man should be left to be a man and a woman a woman!
    I agree. If you want to do a ‘manly’ thing as a woman, do it!But not to prove it to anybody!

    Well put!

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    1. Thank you! I just don’t know why women feel the need to be equal to men…I like when a man is masculine and helps me with something…When I can’t physically do something, I look for a man to do it…I was at market and couldn’t reach for something and I looked for a man to help me and the guy that helped me, was more than happy to, he said to me, “my wife doesn’t let me help her with anything”. A man needs to feel needed. I could have acted like a cat and climb up the shelves, LOL…but what for, they probably would have fell on me, lol, to prove what?? That I don’t need a man’s help with anything…please…when I know I do. You never hear men say they want to be be equal to women in any way… please women wouldn’t hear of it.

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