Why Men Love Women Who Can Cook

Cooking Family Meal

We’ve all heard the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Well this saying is very true, when a man is looking to settle down and raise a family. I hear a lot from men, that they meet women who don’t like cooking or even enjoy it.

I don’t understand this because I love it! A woman not being able to cook, is a deal breaker for most men. Regardless if he knows how to cook or not. Some women can’t understand this. Todays modern or “independent” woman, would like to debate on this topic. I hear all the time, “I’m not his mother” and “the man I marry needs to know how to cook too“. Ok… if that’s what you want, but this article is not about what you want. It’s about what he wants.

Ok if you say you’re not his mother. Well he’s not your father to be spoiling you, like a daddy’s girl. But yet he’s the man and you expect him to provide right and spend his hard money on you?? Hmmm….did I hit a soft spot?!! I think I did…. Let that marinate….

If you are a stay at home mom, and your husband is working. What is the problem with making sure he has a home cooked meal, when he comes home and even sitting down as a family and having dinner together?! If a man afforded me that privilege, I’d be in the kitchen everyday, Cooking up gourmet meals. I’d probably move my bed in there and sleep in there, LOL..

My mom said I was born at the hospital, but I honestly think she had me in the kitchen, LOL 🙂 oh back to what I was saying…..

I’m all for women being liberal and independent, but you have to draw the line somewhere. If you don’t like cooking or being domesticated in some sense, then don’t have kids and don’t get married. Cooking is a requirement when it comes to raising a family and being someones spouse.

Men love women who can cook, because it shows them that you are nurturing. If a woman plans to get married and have kids. Her mate would like to know, that she would be able to care for their child and for him as well. When a child is hungry, whose the first person they go to? Their mother. Women breastfeed for a reason.

It’s our responsibility to feed our family.

I’ve witness a lot of women at the market, committing shopping crimes, throwing microwaveable meals in their cart and I just feel sorry for the child and this lady’s significant other, if she even has one. No child should be subjected to microwave food. It’s very unhealthy.

When a woman says she doesn’t like cooking, that’s just a deal breaker. Just like when a man says he doesn’t have a job or he still lives at home with his momma, lol. Women don’t even give this type of man a chance. So don’t be surprised if he doesn’t give you a chance. If you don’t throw down in the kitchen, then you can’t really be looked at as “wife material”.

If you have time to get your nails done, time to do your make-up, go shopping, spend a lot of time getting your hair done, you have time to cook for your man and family. If you can put effort into making sure you look good. You can put effort into cooking or learning, if you don’t know how. In this age of technology we have you tube and pinterest.

Don’t throw stones at me, LOL…..Now I’m not saying that’s all a wife or women are. But it’s a big part of it. Just like it’s the man role to provide or you provide for each other. Nothing wrong with some extra money in the bank right?! As hard as men try to come off, they really want to be taken care of too and by you cooking for them, it’s showing your love for him. That you took the time to prepare a meal. It’s also a sign of gratitude. A man feels appreciated.

Your man has been out there, grinding, making that cheddar….Ladies you gotta feed a brotha, LOL. Don’t make him eat those hungry man microwaveable dinners lol. Who knows how long that frozen dinner, has been in the freezer. You should enjoy cooking for your man, especially the look and gratitude you receive, when he takes that first bite and cleans his plate, LOL :).

You know after dinner he’s coming for dessert and you will be the main course :)..

A woman recently asked me, should she fix her man a plate of food. I was quite baffled by this. I wrote about it, but it confused the hell out of me, LOL… but she was serious. That’s like asking should I feed my child or myself? I’ve said this several times and I’ll say it again. I’m old school, my mom cooked every day, so I don’t do fast food. I’m a woman who cooks and it’s so much healthier to prepare your own meals.

Not only for yourself, but for your family as well. This shouldn’t even be up for debate. It doesn’t matter how educated you are and that you make your own money, that’s nice (insert straight face emoji lol) what do you want an award?? But what the hell does that have to do with feeding your family?? Throw that independent B.S. out the window!

Unless your man is rich and you can hire a chef, your man is going to require, that you get you ass in the kitchen and cook a home cooked meal. I remember that episode when Martin came home and Gina was home all day and he she didn’t cook anything except for herself. The look on his face, like are you serious! He came through the door, he didn’t smell nothing cooking. So he opened the stove, nothing, not even left overs.

He said you been home all day and you didn’t cook anything?  She said oh I ate already. She had him eating down at Nipsey’s. Martin was starving, LOL. I been there, working for 12 hours or more, came home, tired, wanting a home cooked meal, my ex didn’t make nothing, he either ate or waited for me to cook something. But yet i cooked for him….. Notice I said ex.

Being able to throw down in the kitchen is just sexy to a man. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a hot home cooked meal after a long day. Take out is not the same thing, neither is cold cuts or microwaveable meals…so don’t go there.. I find it sexy when a man knows how to cook too and some men do enjoy being in the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you nourish your body. Men want women to understand this!

Men are quite simple creatures, lol… you cook for him, he’ll do anything you want, lol and you don’t even have to ask. Hell, cook naked while you’re at it, LOL, with an apron on of course, make it fun and sexy :). turn on some music…it will spice of your relationship… it will help you connect too..after dinner who doesn’t want to have dessert :). Be each others food…..Oh I went there….ok before this gets to spicy, lol…

Yes, it’s 2016 about to be 2017, no one is sending you back to the 1950s, so stop being so defensive…but men would like for more women to be more traditional, that’s not such a bad thing when you think about it… So ladies if you have a good man, who loves you and provides, show some appreciation and cook for him :)…Good food can lead to some sexy things 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Why Men Love Women Who Can Cook

  1. I am the only cook in this house. My husband can make sandwiches and pancakes and that’s about it. I used to feel really concerned about falling into stereotypical roles, but now, two kids later, I could give a shit. I’d rather cook than get up on the roof and patch it or shovel snow. Let him do the man jobs! This bitch likes to cook, and he loves me for it.

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    • I hear you girl !!! Thank you for the positive, humorous response :). More women need to feel this way…In my last relationship, I cooked but he would rather eat out, lol WTF??!! I know,… LOL don’t ask, now he misses my cooking. Ever heard of a woman getting pissed off from going out, well now you have, LOL.. I’m not pressed for a free meal like some women are, eating out is cool, probably once a month, lol if even… I haven’t ate out since 2014 and I dreaded going out with this family member. I was still hungry when I got home. $55 on what?? When I could have made the same thing at home. This woman can’t cook if her life depended on it. She never learned how and I blame her mother. She has kids too and they never knew what a home cooked meal was…damn shame!

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      • I am guilty of loving going out to eat once in a while. But most of the time when it’s been a long busy day or we just want a treat we either order in after the babes are sleeping, or I always make sure to have a frozen lasagna or pizza around in a pinch. I have found though that crockpot cheffing has saved my life as a working parent…toss in the stuff at 8 am, dinner is served at 6. It’s awesome.

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    • Hi Cookie, I know exactly what you mean, I have my lazy days too, where I will make a veggie burger and some fries, or I’ll make a pizza and freeze the rest.. As much as I love to cook, I’m not slaving over a hot stove everyday, lol….for me, meal prep is the key… cooking can be extremely time consuming, so I plan days in advance because when I’m hungry and I want to eat, …I want to eat….I don’t have time to wait for an hour or more, for it to be finished….it’s great when you can remix left overs..

      I need to get me a crock pot, I heard they are great!…I know single mothers and married women have to find time to cook…life gets busy…what I don’t like is women who don’t cook at all or women refuse to cook. I feel sorry for their child or significant other…I just don’t like to spend money on food, I’m to frugal, LOL. If I’m desperate, I’ll see if there is a coupon I can use, if I do have to eat out, LOL or I’ll get the cheapest thing, until I get home. I like to save money. This is why its great to have snacks in your bag, LOL like a granola bar or trail mix.

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  2. I have guy pals who can make some mean meals….so once in a while its good to let them spoil us…..lol

    but that’s not to make them permanent in the kitchen….Nooooooooo….just once in a very blue moon!…..with emphasis on a very blue mooon!

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    • Mutwoki, I totally agree!!!!…the day a man cooks for me, that would be so awesome and I’m not talking about eggs, lol…you have a lot of men that love to cook. Yeah I need a man to spoil me in the kitchen too! Thats going to have to be a requirement the next time I’m with someone…I love to cook but I need a man to be like, “baby I got this” and surprise me with dinner. This one guy I dated, his idea of feeding me, was taking me out and wasting money. When I saw those receipts, it really was a waste of money, especially when their was a fridge full of food..

      I remember the last time I was dating someone, came home after working for 14 hours, and this dude never cooked nothing..and he was home all day..I felt like a man that came home and his wife didnt cook, lol…..I plopped out on the bed, woke up, he still didn’t cook,… I showered came out, he still did not cook. but when he would come home there was something made or I would make something. I went on strike, lol. (only cooked for myself) .because he was just being lazy and spoiled…and he would order from subways, lol..or papa johns..Or I’d make something he didn’t like to eat, like veggie burgers and veggie tacos, LOL. Cooking has to go both ways, because when I don’t feel good. I want someone to cook for me, not see I’m not well and wait for me to cook. At least try to make something or learn what I like to eat or be creative.

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  3. Hahaha
    Nice one!!
    I remember when I had my son and I was just fresh from hospital. His daddy now my ex said he cannot cook. Apparently he claimed it’s trying to domesticate a man. I will not understand what that TRULLY means. But I had to muscle up and cook for both of us as weak as I was. It’s sad really.

    But thank God, that’s in the past. Cooking is fun. And to actually think if you have ground beef, bay leaves, garlic and onion well and Salt….how simple it can be and plain steamed rice..you have a fast edible Delish meal. And anyone can do it even my 5 year old son😂

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    • Thats a damn shame! See men who think like that, they gotta go…Some men will not cook on purpose or do any housework, my father is like that, he claims its “woman’s work”. He wanted to send me away when I was young, but then he was like wait a minute, who’s going to cook? When I was in H.S. He would wait until I got home from school to cook, for him and my two brothers, I was the only female in the house, taking care of 3 men.. I vowed to myself to stay away from men like him…when it came to my ex, it totally blindsided me, when he moved in me…when I would ask for his help with the smallest of things, like helping me chop some vegetables real quick, he would always find something else to do, like take out the trash or go get the mail or go to the bathroom, or answer an email or some dumb sh*t.

      I caught wind of what he was doing, thats why I went on strike…he saw me doing these things, before we dated so he figured it would be smooth sailing…one time I kept calling him for dinner, and he wouldn’t come out the bedroom, for like 10 minutes, he kept saying, I’m coming… so I walked over with our plates upset, and handed him his plate rudely on the bed, I was so frustrated…he was watching something, that he could have paused but his whole thing was he wanted me to serve him, he was tired…but he wasn’t going to say it….I really regret all the times I was nice to him and fed him….. so I took the computer and tv out my room.. then I sold the tv, LOL fix that problem right there, LOL…

      At first I didn’t mind serving him but then it got to the point where he never served me anything not even a glass of water…. I had to ask. He knew I was the type that knew I would do things for myself if I didn’t get help and I got impatient…some men like women who are independent and domesticated so they don’t have to do sh*t! When I wasn’t well, I had to make my own food, he never offered. Had no idea how selfish and lazy he was, until he moved in on me. He would see I was tired from work, and he wouldn’t even go grocery shopping or pay the rent, he waited until I got off to do it. He had to go!

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  4. I am a great cook! And I love to cook, and if i dont cook my husband gets annoyed and blurts it out when he’s angry. The thing is, i dont agree its the secret to a man’s stomach. I knw plenty of women who dont cook, eat out every day, or husband cooks and they are perfectly content and have doting husbands. I think the secret to a mans heart is a wife that does not nag! And this is my own experience. Me being a great cook is not able to hold this marriage together, tho my husband did say he wants me to cook for him until the last day we are together!

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    • I hear you Safiyya and thank you for reading, I know thats not al a woman is, its just that the majority of men that reach out to me, and based off my own experience, they are looking for that but thats not all there is to a woman. Some men are willing to forgo that there are other things that will capture a man heart. I think both of the parents should cook. When my mom passed, I was 14 and I’m 36 now but when i went to live with my father he would burn water, LOL. He can’t cook to save his life, LOL. Never wanted to learn or anything. He felt that was a woman’s job and he’s a muslim. But anyway good thing I love to cook and I’m good at it and its just a plus if I ever do get married and have kids, my family won’t have to eat microwaved meals. But yes, men are quite simple and they are looking for more than that but hey everybody likes to eat right :). Thanks for your comment!!!!


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