What I Took Away From The Movie “Titanic”.

I remember when the movie “Titanic” first came out, when I heard it was over 3 hours, I was like. Oh hell no, lol…there is no way I can sit through that. But I endured it and what I like about the movie is that, Jack and Rose REALLY SAW each other. They fell in love. Rose was engaged to a man, who only cared about her, being subservient to him and he also wanted to marry into her money and good fortune.

Rose’s family also wanted her to marry him because he was rich as well. They were grooming her to be a wife. Nothing more. Her fiancé only cared about what she could do for him and wanted to control her. He even put his hands on her, when he felt she disobeyed him. When she met Jack, he was a free spirit, he didn’t have much, but he made her feel wanted.

Jack made Rose remember that she was a human spirit, that she was more than just someone to cook and clean and to be subservient to an insecure man. He made her feel alive. He made her feel loved and like the sensual woman, that she knew she could be. Jack peeled back all her layers. I love the chemistry in their eyes. It was so believable.

From the short amount of time that they knew each other, they both brought out the best in one another, they both had passion. They trusted each other. Rose knew in her heart that if she married her fiancé, she would be miserable forever. All she wanted to do was be free and not have her life or love have any restrictions. Jack was picked and won a lottery to board the titanic, but the real lottery was when he met  Rose. They both hit the lottery that night, they both took a chance on love.

Jack allowed her to be herself, he saw who she really was and did not judge her. He wanted her to be with him and to return his affections, and the only way she could do that was to let down her guard, surrender and be free, the same as Jack was. Jack was an artist, she fell in love with his free spirit and imagination and she wanted him to see her and paint her. She wanted to feel beautiful, like a woman.


Jack wanted Rose to have more faith. To trust. He wanted her to feel like she could fly. He wanted her to trust him, that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Being surrounded by water was very metaphorically symbolic. Water flows… you either move with it or go against the tides, you either float or you sink. Everything that happened between Jack and Rose was spontaneous, even when they first kissed up until they made love. They first made love to each others heart and spirit first. That’s how making love should be, it should be a build up.

It should be spontaneous and with passion. Delayed gratification can be so intense. It causes you to be in the moment and to be present. Jack didn’t have much, he was pretty much poor but she fell in love with him, because his love made her feel rich, she saw the possibility of their future together, towards the end she told him, that when the ship docks, she’s going with him. And he said, “this is crazy, this doesn’t make any sense and she said I know, thats why I trust it” and when the ship was going down.

Rose got on the rescue boat and then got off because she knew, right then and there that she couldn’t leave him behind, if it was going to be her last day, she wanted it to be with him. She felt more alive with him in her whole life, than she did with her finance. Rose knew with a man like Jack, her life would be fulfilled with love.

Time meant nothing when it came to the passion they felt for each other. In life, sometimes you can be with someone, for years and not even know them, and then you can meet someone and ascend in love in short amount of time, it’s even better when it’s mutual. Rose and Jack never measured time, they were just in the moment.

urlThey loved, they laughed, they danced!

Yes, this was a movie, but isn’t this what we all want in life, for someone to fall in love with our beautiful soul? To believe in us, to trust us, to love us past our imperfections, to love us past our pain, to make us a better person? The main themes in this movie was about trust, faith, love, spontaneity and simplicity.

That’s how life should be, sometimes in life, we plan and plan and we try to control every facet of our lives and even others… and all of that planning we end up, feeling empty inside, disappointed that we didn’t get what we wanted, at the time we wanted it. I’m all for making plans and having short term goals, but sometimes in life, you just gotta let go, have faith, let God and just be.




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