Why Do Some Women Care About, Their Relationships Status On Social Media?

Now I know I’m going to hit a nerve with this topic, It’s no secret that some women care more about their relationship status on social media, than men do. People I know have gotten into arguments with their significant other, over their relationship status on social media. They’ve also broke up. Men are very reluctant to post their status on social media. Men do not want other people in their business. Women should take heed to that. But they feel their significant other does not love them if he’s not willing to say he’s taken on social media.

One woman said she was dating a guy for 3 months and she noticed that he never changed his relationship status to “In a relationship” and she did. Not only did he not change it, he never took down his dating profile. She took hers down. She expected him to do the same thing. Having expectations, ruins a lot of things. No one told this women it was that serious, for her to put all her eggs in one basket, but she did, then got mad because he never felt the same way. They stopped talking.

One woman was pressured to show the world she was dating a woman, she caved in and posted to the world, “I’m with said woman now, men I’m off the market” to make her girlfriend happy, but she never wanted to let the world know or her family know just yet, since this was new to he and she didn’t know where this was going or if it was just a phase.

If you are with someone, they shouldn’t pressure you to share intimate moments, with a whole bunch of strangers on social media. Back in the day their was no social media. Your relationship was private to a degree. This woman did not respect the fact that she wanted to keep her relationship private, she wanted to show the world and brag, “look who I got, I’m in love” and everything they do is on social media, they have kids too, such graphic pictures, they mind as well invite everyone in their bedroom.

Some women do not care about anonymity. They just don’t. They are like, if you love me, prove it to the world. Why though? For likes? For comments?  For your ego? Does anyone value privacy anymore? Why does changing your relationship status to single to “In a relationship or engage” matter to women especially on social media? I saw these women on the Steve Harvey show, talking about, women liking their significant others page and their pictures, with him by himself and not with them as a couple and how these women need to know that he’s taken.

That to me, smells like insecurity it just does. You’re afraid another woman is going to come after your man or he’s going to find another woman attractive……Newsflash he already does! When you’re in a relationship, it doesn’t mean you man is blind and he no longer finds other women attractive. If a man wants to cheat, he will and he doesn’t need social media to do it. A man will cheat if he wants to with or without a relationship status. These women are worried about their man having options now.

Social media wasn’t invented, for your personal relationship status to have validation in your relationships.

A relationship status on social media shouldn’t define your relationship. If a woman is worried that her man is not letting other women know, he’s taken and displaying it to the world. If she feels insecure then maybe she shouldn’t be with him. This can lead to other problems, way bigger than social media. I’ve heard women talk about cyber stalking their ex’s and significant others social media pages, to see who they are talking to. That’s insane! You got to much time on your hand.

If you go looking for something you will find it. You’re attracting negative energy and putting it out there. Remember….What you fear will appear.

Social media should just ban people from talking about their relationship status, who cares?? I feel the same way about selfies… have something to say, who wants to keep looking at peoples pictures?? And hitting the like button…what’s on your mind, have something to say. I would never talk about my personal life on social media, to give strangers and opportunity to comment or have an opinion about my personal life. That’s between me and whoever I’m with.

I just think its nonsense. I’ve seen some status’s say “In a relationship” and then a couple of days and weeks later, its back to single again? LOL. What’s the rush to tell the world, “I have somebody”? This social media pressure has got to stop. I would really like to know how you guys feel, about why women care more about their relationship status on social media.


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