Do All Special And Intimate Moments, Have To Be Shared On Social Media?


I know we live in the social media age, where people share everything, but do these special and intimate moments, really have to be shared with a whole bunch of strangers or our “Facebook friends”. If we tell someone who we met a “celebrity”, do we feel we have to prove it, just so they can believe us?

When we share an intimate moment with our significant other, a kiss, a warm embrace, do we have to share with the world, people who don’t know us? When one is in love… yes, you are elated and want the world to know, “I’m in love” and you want to share that energy, but is it really for the world to see?

Why can’t we keep these, once in a life time special moments to ourselves? I’ve met a few of my favorite actors and I don’t need to show social media that I met said actor. What for?? The one time I did share a picture by text, I ended up on my friends time line, with a whole bunch of likes and I was tagged in it too. I asked my friend to take it down as I was furious. She didn’t even ask me.

It’s not like she was in it.. It was me. I learned my lesson…you see…… when people have a photo in their possession, you literally have to tell them, not to share it or else they can do with the photo as they please. That’s when I had to put a filter on my Facebook settings and also scroll through my friends timelines, just to make sure photos of me wasn’t up online.

Then people I know got upset, that they couldn’t post anything on my wall or tag me unless, they get my approval. I’ve been told I’m to private. So!! What’s wrong with that? I like to keep things simple in my life. I value my privacy and respect others as well. I don’t like attention to begin with, that’s why my photo is not up. I get tired of people asking me to post pictures, for what??? Pay attention to what I say, not how I look.

The internet can be a crazy and an unsafe place and I have to protect myself. There are just people who share everything…you mind as well be in their bedroom. When I do share a story, there is a way for me to share without exposing anyone, like when I wrote the article “Men This Is How You Impress A Woman”  I was not about to mention the person who inspired that article.

I could talk about him, without mentioning his name. I consider him a great friend of mine and I was not about to expose him, because I respect his privacy and mine. I just wanted to write about it, because I notice a lot of men, spend a lot of money on women, when they don’t even love or like them. They try to make a good impression. That’s just way too much money on a meal. Men have been conditioned to think they have to buy a woman’s affection.

If you do verbally share, let your word be enough….I just think the next time one has a special moment, try being reserved..there’s no need to rush to social media and on every outlet. Keep those special moments for you and your significant other and loved ones.


2 thoughts on “Do All Special And Intimate Moments, Have To Be Shared On Social Media?

  1. It can be exhausting to say the least!
    A pal of mine is almost always short of posting her undies and other things…the five posts that pop up when I log in to instagram or facebook are all from one person. Being a mom of a new born I wonder where all that energy comes from and PRECIOUS TIME!…..DAMN! LOL
    There should be a limit when it comes to sharing stuff….

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    1. WOW!!! LOL… some people you can’t even get on the phone but they are on social media, updating all the time…some people share everything.. some stuff I’ve seen it’s just crazy. I didn’t know social media was for that. I thought people kept that type of intimacy behind closed doors and their personal business too.


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