Why Some Men Prefer Simple And More Natural Women

urlFor the past few days the internet has been going crazy ever since Gwen Stefani, posted a bare face, no make-up selfie on her instagram page. I first saw a clip on youtube, with Wendy Williams talking about it, but now it’s getting more buzz. For some strange reason, It’s garnering more attention and here’s why… Because Blake Shelton said he prefers Gwen to be more natural. 

Before I continue, I’m not knocking anyone who likes to spend money on make up. If this is what you wear everyday. It’s just not my thing. I feel like make up should compliment your features just a bit, not turn you into a clown. Every one knows Gwen Stefani from her bold red lipstick, that she has been wearing for years. So when people saw her without any make up, they were quite surprised. Especially when she took off her eyelashes.

Blake said that he prefers his woman to be more natural. From Gwens make-up regimen, she pretty much doesn’t leave the house, without her face being made up in some way and it takes a very long time. Men don’t have time for that, when they are ready to go somewhere, they want to be dressed and out the door especially if they are just running out to the grocery store.

I know for a fact that men don’t like women who wear a lot of make, they just don’t. When they go to kiss you or touch your face, they don’t want your concealer on their clothes or on their lips. Some women don’t even want to kiss their man, because it will ruin their lipstick. I know ladies, you’re going to debate. “I wear this for myself” that can very much be true, but some of you wear it, because you want to seem, more appealing to the opposite sex. If that’s your thing fine, do you, but there should be a limit, as to how far one goes when making up their face every day.

A woman shouldn’t be so dependent on make up, that she can barely leave the house, for fear of how she might look without it. Some women are unrecognizable when they don’t have make up on. This habit can be very damaging to ones self-esteem. I’ve been at the grocery store and at Wal-Mart and I’ve seen women with a face full of make up, early in the morning as if they are going to the club. Dress to the T with heels on and everything. It’s clear they are looking for a man, who does that at 6 am?

I remember back in high school, my friend took forever to get ready, she wore contacts, concealer, blush, fake eyelashes, primer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, eyebrow color, she had to contour her face (what the hell is contouring??) lip liner, lip gloss and some finishing powder, I don’t even know the name. GOT DAMN!!!!! That sounds like a lot and it is. I got anxiety just writing that. Sounds like metamorphosis. First and foremost, that’s too much work, to do that everyday, not to mention too much money. Make up is expensive.

Who has time to do that every day?? I felt like a guy waiting for my friend to get ready. I thought we were going to be late for school at times. The 3 items I use cost me about $45 a year if even, I just found out what primer was, lol. I thought it was that stuff you use for paint and it is, to make it stay on longer, now they have that crap for your face?? Why would anyone want to make their makeup, last longer for 8 hours or more. Make up ruins your skin it clogs your pores, it just does.

I like to keep my life as simple as possible and I guess when it comes to men, this is a good thing. But I’m not a simple woman because of a man, I’m simple because this is just me. I happen to like who I am. I like my skin. I like being a plain jane at times. If I need to get dressed up, I can get dressed up and do the whole make up thing, but not every day. The upkeep of that will cost way to much money and I refuse to spend my money on make up to alter my appearance. I’m not going through metamorphosis, lol, just to go to the grocery store or run up the block.

Men like it when their woman can fix herself up, but this shouldn’t be an everyday thing, to the point where you’re late everywhere you go, because you have to apply makeup. Men prefer women to be, more simple and more natural. If you are going to wear make up, don’t over do it. Try to keep it as natural as possible. Go all out when you are going somewhere special, or save it for role-playing, LOL… but even then, don’t look like a clown. I’m not trying to sound like a Dove commercial (no pun intended) but “love the skin you’re in”  because you already beautiful, because God made you the way you are.



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